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As mentioned in the previous article on acne, skin problems are not just seen in teenagers, but even more in adults these days.   This is due to factors such as: stress, hormonal changes, excessive sebum, production, oxidative stress, low nutrient levels, and inflammation.  

Hormonal changes can be from puberty, pregnancy and menopause.   Other components that affect hormones are certain medications as well as the foods we eat.   For example, dairy products can cause hormonal fluxes which elevates sebum thus resulting in breakouts.   There is some controversy over whether diet has an impact on your skin and some people say it doesn’t, but it certainly does play a crucial part according to Dr. Alan Logan and Valor Treloar, MD Holistic Dermatologist.   They are writters of a fantastic scientic book on skin and it is entitled, “The Clear Skin Diet”.   It is the most comprehensive way to look at what you should be eating as well as the supplements that will benefit you inside and out.   When your skin is breaking out it means that there is an underlying problem.   Eating well seems easy, but it takes will power in the beginning and gets easier with time.   After awhile cravings for the bad things disappear and you will find yourself litterally craving vegetables and deep coloured fruits such as blueberries.   It just takes a strong mind and organization.

Eating is obviously number one, but Perfect Skin is a fabulous formulation from Genuine Health and leading dermatologists, that will assist you and your skin on a healthy road to recovery.

What is in Perfect Skin?

  • Omega 3 EPA concentrate: Derived from wild fish oils, omega 3 fatty acids are well-documented for their amazing natural anti-inflammatory properties and their ability to inhibit sebum production.
  • EGCG from green tea extract: A natural antioxidant with proven anti-inflammatory properties.   It also decreases oxidative stress and works together with zinc and selenium which are most beneficial for the skin.
  • Zinc: An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient.   People with acne are often deficient in this nutrient.
  • Vitamin E and Selenium: Required for proper glutithione peroxidase activity (antioxidant enzyme). Studies show levels are often low in people who suffer from acne.
  • Chromium: Controls blood sugar levels, which is often a problem in people who suffer from acne.   Research shows improvement in acne with oral chromium supplementation.

When can you see results?

Remember everyone is different, but on average results are seen anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks.   Also remember you are what you eat so stick to a healthy diet, and if you need help grab a copy of the “Clear Skin Diet”.

Other Suggestions:

  1. If you  really struggle with  hormone imbalances, look at your diet and consider the amount of food that you may be consuming that has hormones in it.   Again you are what you eat, therefore, you may want to cutt  down on red meat, or dairy.   Also if you are going to consume those products rememeber to look for non genetically modified or free range beef or chicken for example.   An excellent protein supplement is Harmonized Protein by the company Body Plus Interactive.   They use free range cattle from New Zealand.
  2. Hormone Balancing:   If you need more assitance in balancing your hormones, you can try: Troubled Skin by DermaMed, there is evening primrose oil, zinc, vitamin A and many more excellent  nutrients to help your skin.   The evening primrose  will assist you in balancing your hormones.   EstroSmart, by Lorna Vanderhaeghe is fantastic for hormone balancing and this means it will also help with PMS.
  3. Balance you PH if you are inflammed with too much acidity, this can show up through acne.   Use a  Greens + supplement, or  Vega Meal Replacements from Sequal.    Vega is an awesome source of  vegatarian protein that also has the added benefit of probiotics,  greens, colostrum and more.
  4. Do a cleanse by either Renew Life or Wild Rose that provides a meal plan.   A meal plan is a great idea if you are hopeless with making good food choices.   It is crucial to get rid of you bodies toxins and this can be the result of acne.

Lastly, just breath, relax and don’t worry.    This is a lot of information and remember you do not have to do everything at once.   We can help you at Alive  Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus to derive a plan that works for you.   It is important to note that Perfect Skin is for both men and women.   There is a blue packaging for men  and the contents inside  are identical.   Look forward to helping even more people reach their goal of beauty inside and out.   See you  soon!

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  1. I am truly self conscious about my pimple problem and usually looking for the greatest remedy. I’ve got quite decent success with Proactive. It is quite excellent for only $20 or so. Great write-up !!!

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