What’s In Your Cosmetics? Try Burt’s Bee’s

Posted on March 21, 2017

Phthalates, found in lotions, body creams, shampoos and nail polish, have been linked to disrupting your body’s hormones. So why do companies still use them? Phthalates help fragrances linger on the body. Unfortunately, they mimic estrogen. Endocrine disruptors are detrimental in two ways: 1. First, they block our hormones from acting as they normally would, and 2. Secondly, they can act like hormones, triggering effects that may include the early onset of puberty. Often, phthalates are not listed as ingredientsRead More

Raccine Cosmetics – Ultimate Aqua Blanc Concentrate

Posted on June 6, 2014

FIX Hyper-pigmentation & Skin Tone! Tired of hiding behind mounds of liquid foundation? You can finally avoid heavy make-up with Racinne!  This product will make you feel comfortable in your own skin again as it: Reduces dark spots, Evens skin tone, Balances oil production, Reduces inflammation, Prevents and minimizes formation of brown spots. Racinne is loved by Asian skin as it helps to lighten up and even out your skin. Not only does it use the revolutionary “Callus Cultivation ExtractRead More