A Healthy & Lasting Approach to Losing Weight

Posted on January 10, 2020

Out of all the blog articles I have ever written, this one regarding my weight loss journey certainly takes the cake for being the most difficult to write by far.  Perhaps it is because I am not writing about a single natural supplement.  This article is more personal, a little bit about me and how I feel regarding my weight. It is my greatest intention to not just write about what I have done to lose 20 pounds since September;Read More

Best Supplement of 2019 – Super Collagen 90 Joint & Beauty Builder 450mg

Posted on October 29, 2019

Did you know that Collagen fibres make up 79% of your skin and are responsible for maintaining its structure, hydration and daily repair to your skin. It also functions as a building block for tendons, joints, connective tissues and bones. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin wrinkle reduction, due to loss of elasticity, is one of the possible benefits of taking collagen supplements. Helps: Source of the Essential Amino Acid Lysine to help in collagen formation, Shown to reduceRead More

ASK Alice Chung Featuring Bryce Wylde – MyStatus Testing Kits: Canada’s Natural Health Leaders!

Posted on April 3, 2013

ASK Alice Explanation Featuring Bryce Wylde 2013 Spring FLYER – My Status™ Testing There is only so much room for the ASK Alice Column.  Here is more explanation as well as answers to questions you may have.  For example: Who is Bryce Wylde? What are MY Status Test Kits? How do I purchase test kits so I know my vitamin levels? WHO is Bryce Wylde Bryce Wylde is a worldwide expert in complementary alternative medicine, respected natural healthcare clinician, and regularRead More

Angela Sasso: Vancouver Personal Fitness and Wellness Trainer!

Posted on June 13, 2012

Angela Sasso is one of Vancouvers finest personal fitness trainers.  I have shared her interview with Dr. Likey, her background and experience in the fitness world as well as her Weight Loss Cook book and now I want to let you know about her latest promotion as it is so important to get active.  A lot of times we do not exercise because we think it isn’t fun or because we feel silly doing it and do not know how.  Angela Sasso makesRead More

Dr Oz Recommends: White Kidney Bean as your Carb Blocker (Phase 2)

Posted on April 30, 2011

Are you trying to lose weight, but instead find yourself losing the battle against carbohydrates?  Carbohydrates are loved by many of us especially in North America!  We love pizza’s, breads, pasta’s, potatoes and pretty much anything starchy!  It is almost impossible for someone to cut them out completely because life has to be somewhat enjoyable and let’s face it, a freshly baked Italian loaf of bread with some butter on it is to die for.  There is a healthy wayRead More

Dr Oz Tips on Preventing Heart Disease

Posted on January 21, 2011

We are always trying to help our customers achieve the best possible health they can.  Genetics play a factor, but what is even more powerful, is what we can do with our genetics by how we live, the choices we make, and of course the more knowledge we have on how to look after ourselves, the better off we will be.  Dr. Oz is all about prevention, and this has been our goal as well at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun andRead More

Guest on the Beat 94.5 Kid Carson Show: Dr Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.

Posted on January 12, 2010

This morning on The Beat 94.5, the Kid Carson Show had a wonderful guest, Dr Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.  She is a well known Naturopathic Doctor in the Vancouver area and she was on the morning show to discuss the small changes we can make that will make a big difference.  Part of the problem with New Year resolutions is we make them too large and we become overwhelmed and often times we cannot follow through.  This is what Dr. TasreenRead More

The Natural Viagra: Male Enhancer Extra LHT

Posted on December 4, 2009

Sometimes age and health obsticles can get in the way of your sex life.  Many of us are aware of Viagra, but there are alternatives to Viagra and the natural way that works is with the product called Extra LHT.  Many men are affected by erectile dysfunction, even young men who are in their 30’s.  Erectile dysfunction happens when there is a decrease in testosterone production.  Testosterone is a very important hormone that creates energy, maintains muscle mass and keeps a healthy sex drive. Read More

PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome

Posted on October 26, 2009

Does this sound familiar? Bloating of the abdomen Breast tenderness Cramps Cravings for certain foods Depression Difficulty concentrating Fatigue Headaches Tension and irritability Acne breakouts The above are some of the symptoms that most women experience every month.  Some women do not experience everything listed above, but even having one of the symptoms can create havoc.   Women often wonder why all of these terrible symptoms happen to us each and every month?  There are reasons for them, but there areRead More

Natural Breast Enhancement: Firm N’ Gro

Posted on October 25, 2009

Firm N’ Gro is the natural and safe way to go if you wish to have larger and firmer breasts.  According to the American Surgens of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) in 2008 more than 350,000 thousand woman had breast implants.  Many people feel we should be happy with what we have, but people always want what they do not have or what is thought to be what the opposite sex desires.   Since this is the nature of people, woman should know about Firm N’ Gro,Read More