On today’s edition of “Spreading Love and Kindness – One Small Business at a Time” we are featuring one of our favourite companies Herbaland. For a little more background on how these series of articles came to be, see POST 1, POST 2, POST 3 and POST 4. Thank you so much as the response has been amazing! We are happy you are loving these posts because we love making them for you.

Herbaland has set out to create their Community for Immunity Project, here is their idea…

How has the response been?

At Herbaland, they believe that small actions can make a huge impact. That’s why they are on a mission to spread support and appreciation to those on the front-line   – our hardworking Healthcare Workers! They have donated over 15,000 bottles in their first week!

Words from Herbaland

As a member of the global family, we want to do our part to help our community during this trying time.⁠

We are grateful we have the opportunity to donate over 10,000 Bottles of Immune Plus Gummies to front-line health care groups to help support them in this stressful and tumultuous time.⁠

UPDATE: We have reached and surpassed our goal, donating over 15,000 Bottles of Immune Plus Gummies to the West Coast alone! We deeply appreciate the flood of love from our community and we thank each and every one of you for making our goal a reality! We will be producing more Immune Gummies to spread this love to the East Coast of Canada. We are directing our focus to the East but of course not forgetting about our West Coast roots!

While we practice social distancing we hope you will  visit us online at  www.shopalive.ca

Did you know that by shopping with ShopAlive, you are helping to support local food banks across Greater Vancouver? We are donating 1% of our sales to:Foodbank Greater Vancouver Alive Health Blog

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