Alive GABA – 100% Natural Helps with Insomnia and Anxiety

Posted on August 25, 2014

Mental Health is a passion for me, in terms of helping people heal.  I have many friends and family who are affected by Mental Illness and it is always a hard battle for both the sufferer and their loved ones watching them carry on.  Most readers know that I am Shannon Chung, editor of the Alive Health Blog, but I wanted to let those who don’t know … that I wish to do what I can to help spread the awareness thatRead More

Love Life Again With NEW Veeva!

Posted on March 24, 2011

Just a quick post here to help focus on the “Bright Side Of Life!”  With so many worries in the world, it is difficult to conquer stress and it is very hard for a lot of us to find happiness.  Sometimes we need a little help and we don’t want to necessarily reach for an anti-depressant.  There is a NEW product called Veeva, which is there to help you rise ABOVE Stress, Mood Disorders, OCD + More!  There are manyRead More

True Hope EMP: Mental & Physical Well-Being

Posted on March 3, 2011

Depression and mood disorders are more and more prevalent these days.  With so much negativity that occurs in this world, it is no wonder people become unhappy.  Some of the most lovely people get affected and their only answer is to take an anti-depressant.  This is not necessarily the case anymore.  You may have heard about this product called Truehope EMP in the news over the last few years.  If you haven’t, this product is quite unique, with an interestingRead More