Veeva 60 Capsules "The Bright Side of Life"

Just a quick post here to help focus on the “Bright Side Of Life!”   With so many worries in the world, it is difficult to conquer stress and it is very hard for a lot of us to find happiness.   Sometimes we need a little help and we don’t want to necessarily reach for an anti-depressant.   There is a NEW product called Veeva, which is there to help you rise ABOVE Stress, Mood Disorders, OCD + More!

 There are many “Stress” supplements, but the all natural no side effects Veeva takes it a step further to OVERCOME: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD, agitation, emotional instability, mental confusion and even speech impediments!  Keep Veeva handy, all you need is 2 vegetarian capsules per day and improvements are usually seen within 15 days!! After 10 years of research, Veeva emerged as the most complete stress and mood enhancement formula.  The secret is in the complete formula of herbs, amino acids and their proprietary Cyracos Lemon Balm.    Don’t live in fear of mood disorders, or with the potential side effects of Depression Medications when Veeva can help YOU find the brighter side of life naturally!

The scientifically proven ingredients of  Veeva include ancient herbs as well as newly discovered nutrients and powerful spices. Together they do more than just temporarily mask symptoms or boost energy – they support the whole body in its quest for balance.

For more information on the product i.e. ingredients here is the Veeva brochure!

As always, thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you with what ever your health care needs are.   Come see us at a location near you!   Mail orders are also available: 1866 499 9546

6 thoughts on “Love Life Again With NEW Veeva!

  1. Hi,

    I am wondering if you could let me know if veeva supplement contains “Siberian” many rhodiola supplements are from Asia and I want to ensure it is the Siberian one. Nothing is said as to it;s origin on the web site. Also are there side effects or contraindications to using it.

  2. Hi I was wondering which ingredient in Veeva causes a pounding rapid heart rate. I can only take one capsule twice a week…if I take more I get a very rapid heart rate. I am hypothyroid. Somewhere on the internet I read it can be used cautiously with Hypothyroidism. I was just wondering what ingredient in Veeva caused this?

  3. Hello Valerie. I was able to get a response from one of the formulators of Veeva themselves. This is the response: “There’s nothing in Veeva that should cause a rapid pounding heart rate. Quite the contrary, Veeva has a decompressing, deeply relaxing sort of effect (but won’t make you drowsy), with no stimulation of the kind described in this person’s email. Plus, if this person only takes 1 capsule twice per week, it is unlikely that Veeva is doing anything at all for him/her. The recommended dose, which is what we have research to support, is one capsule in the morning and one at night, every day. 2 capsules per week has not been studied but it’s probably fair to assume that this dosage would not work at all. So this person should discontinue the use of Veeva unless she/he would take it as recommended.” Therefore, it is best for you to not take Veeva, sometimes in very rare cases there is one in a million who will not experience the same reaction. Therefore it is best to stay away. Hope this helps.

  4. Hi i’ve been taking veeva twice a day and by coincidence suffering from heartburn.Should we take this product with a meal? Also i noticed in the ingredients it contains this particular pepper maybe that also can cause heartburn?

  5. Hello Rosa, Veeva is not supposed to cause heartburn, but yes taking with a meal is recommended. Our manager at the New West location has seen amazing results with Veeva. If you would like to you can call 604-526-6317 New West Alive for more information, testimonials.

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