Today is a quick tip on how to get people to stop suffering with Candida.   We have many customers come in with Candida problems and they just don’t know where to start!   Diet changes are essential and  takingthe CandiGone Cleanse is a beautiful beginning to creating change in your body.   Often times people get an overgrowth of yeast when the diet is not balanced.   When  people eat too many simple carbohydrates: sugars, white breads and pastas we feed the yeast and let it proliferate!   Women often know  they have Candida  issues more easily  then men because they will get chronic vaginal yeast infections.   Some women think yeast infections are just another annoying part of being a woman…this is false, there is a lot a woman can do.

YEAST Overgrowth?   What is that?   Yeast or also known an Candida can take over your gut.   When this happens both  women and men can really suffer.   Some signs of Candida problems would be to ask yourself if you experience:

  • Yeast Infections,
  • Sugar Cravings,
  • Fuzzy feeling, can’t focus,  
  • Bloating or
  • Itchy Skin (eczema).

 If you identify with uncontrollable BLOATING or above symptoms STOP living with poor digestion and try CanadiGONE by Renew Life!   Again Candida simply means an overgrowth of yeast (Candida Albicans) resulting in an unbalanced gut. When Candida becomes systemic (meaning released in the blood stream) we suffer from digestive problems that then spread to other parts of the body: like the skin (eczema), fingernails/toenails (fungal), the head (haziness), weight gain, for women vaginal yeast and mouth!  

The other essential way to create a balance in your body is to take PROBIOTICS (Good Bacteria).   Yogurt will not cut it; there is just not enough of the good bacteria to correct an issue such as yeast overgrowth.   A good one to take would be the Ultimate Flora Probiotic by Renew Life.

As always thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you further with lifestyle changes, health challenges or just to talk about health!   Find us at a location near you, or you can call us toll free 1866 499 9546.   We are there to do mail orders, or just answer questions.

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