About Shannon Chung

I always had a passion for health, music, visual arts and physical education.  Where ever I have lived I always made sure that I incorporated these interests of mine into my life.  While growing up I went to an outdoor education school that focussed on leadership and creativity.  Then I moved with my family to the Middle East where I experienced many different cultures.  I always took advantage of travelling to the surrounding countries to see how they live healthy and happy lives. 

About Shannon Chung

Shannon Chung in Venice, Italy

When it came time to deciding which University to attend, I knew that I needed to be somewhere with family close by, a small community and where I could fulfill my passions of health and the arts.  I found the place that fulfilled all of my needs and I chose to go to Vancouver Island University.  I completed my undergrad in the Faculty of Physical Education as well at their Faculty of Visual Arts.  Initially my goal was to become a High School teacher. 

I love people and with my experience of different cultures I wanted to work with people.  Then when I moved to Vancouver I got to know Alice Chung (my mother in law and owner of Alive Health Centre) and my goals of becoming a teacher were starting to change.  I could see that I could help people in other ways.  The more we got to know each other, the more we realized that we got a long with so much in common.  We decided that I would be very fitting for the company and to give Alive a try.  I have never looked back since.  I too enjoy the health industry very much.  I would not want to do anything else. 

Like Alice, I was not considered to be the healthiest child.  I used to get sick often and my hair, skin and nails were never as healthy as they could be.  I also was worried about my family history and I wanted to be able to prevent these diseases from being something that I could potentially have to face such as: arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  Since my education at University as well as working with Alice at Alive, I too have been able to turn my life around tremendously.  I have always been active, and I have always eaten a healthy diet, but there were some deficiencies that I have been able to solve.  Now my hair is thick, my energy is tremendous and my skin is great!  The best part of what I do is being able to help people each and every day.  The reward is having people come back to show you how you have helped them.  Some people come back pain free, cleared arteries, lowered blood pressure or have had their hair grow back after they have made a few changes that I have suggested. It is one thing to help people in the stores, but I wanted to reach out more so I created this blog.  You can now take the time to read about supplements that may help you! 

Remember to keep everything in moderation and to keep an open mind about different approaches to how you can heal.  Most importantly even if you have already tried a supplement in the past perhaps it was not getting absorbed or you were not aware of how to take it properly.  This is why while the internet can be a great source of information, it is important to go to a reputable store with knowledgeable natural health associates. Therefore, not only am I available online, I am also available at the Oakridge location Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Look forward to seeing you there and I hope you enjoy the read!

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