Healthy Weight Loss Solutions with Alive Vitamins Relora™

Posted on April 16, 2019

Alice Chung, our founder, has been in the industry for over 30 years.  She is now in her 70’s and proud of it! Customers and friends come far and wide to see what tips and secrets she can share.  This Spring Sale, customers are asking more than ever, “How do I keep slim like you Alice? How is your tummy so flat?”  The first place to start is, to look at the causes of your weight gain.  Are you eatingRead More

Sleep Easy Tonight with Alive Vitamins Calm Sleep

Posted on April 15, 2019

When was the last time, you had a full nights rest?  We are not ourselves without quality sleep.  There are many reasons why we may not be sleeping.  Sometimes, it can be due to stress, and sometimes it is due to shift-work or other reasons.  The wonderful thing about Calm Sleep, by Alive Vitamins, is that it works so well and it is a natural solution that helps with stress as well. Hope you enjoy the information below on CalmRead More

Brad King Ultimate ANTI-STRESS + Happy Sense BONUS

Posted on October 3, 2012

Living with chronic stress at work or at home is an all-too familiar scenario for many of us these days. Excess stress can create hormonal imbalances that lead to premature aging and an obesity-like condition.  Chronic daily stress (i.e. work, school or constant worrying) can rapidly deplete the brain’s serotonin reserves, causing depression, low stress adaptation, sleep disturbances and excessive cravings for sweet and starchy foods. A few common signs of weak adrenal function are; overeating and weight gain, lowRead More

Ultimate Natural Supplement Line by Brad King (Preferred Nutrition)-Anti-Stress

Posted on June 19, 2012

The Ultimate line is about improving lives, one body at a time, by correcting and maintaining metabolism. Effective nutrient supplementation can often be the missing piece to your metabolic puzzle.  Our supplements and lifestyle recommendations are designed to support  and optimize metabolism at the cellular level, resulting in abundant  Energy, Health and Longevity. Ultimate Anti-Stress Main Benefits: Reduce abdominal fat Reduce cortisol levels Improve sleep Reduce fatigue Detailed Product Info Sheet Living with chronic stress at work or at homeRead More

Dr. Oz Talks About Bach Flower Remedies to Relieve Stress!

Posted on June 6, 2012

Bach Flower remedies are fantastic for those moments when you do not feel at ease.  I use the spray myself right before I need to make a presentation, do a talk, run a meeting or even when I know I have a big day ahead of me.  Rescue Remedy is truly to your rescue.  We have been carrying this product at Alive Health Centre Morning Sun and Supplements Plus for years and now Dr. Oz has shed some light onRead More

Lorna Vanderhaeghe on Breakfast Television Friday March 9th – Battling Menopause? Conquer it with the Smart Line

Posted on March 8, 2012

Friday March 9th at 8:20am Lorna Vanderhaeghe will appear on Breakfast Television Vancouver discussing Menopause. Did you know? 50% of women in Canada are in menopause or post menopause this year! Lorna Vanderhaeghe products related to symptoms of Menopause: – Menosmart Plus – Sleepsmart – Sexsmart and LOVE personal lubricant – Celadrin Cream – Collagen Plus Symptoms Hot flashes and night sweats are the symptoms most people think about, but there are more…. Common, but less known symptoms at Menopause:Read More

Sleep Deprived? Marilyn Denis Show Answers!

Posted on February 28, 2012

At Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus, we are always stressing the importance of sleep.  We want to help everyone get a good nights sleep and one way we try to help is by spreading awareness.  I was delighted to see Marilyn Denis shed some light on this huge problem as 74% of Canadians suffer from some sort of sleep disturbance. Here is a little recap of what happened today on the Marilyn Denis show: Marilyn talked toRead More

Genuine Health SLEEP+

Posted on September 21, 2011

Do you suffer from Crappy Sleepless Nights?  You are not alone.  Sleeplessness is one of the most common concerns among our customers.  Life today has become so stressful and busy that our minds never slow down nor know how to relax.  Sleep patterns may change with age and stress levels, but with sleep+ you can maintain optimum quantity and quality of sleep, safely and naturally.  Containing a synergistic blend of all-natural herbal ingredients, sleep+promotes healthy, better quality sleep, while strengtheningRead More

Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate

Posted on July 16, 2011

Your body goes through a lot of changes and physical stress when going through labour: tense muscles, bowel movements are difficult because you can’t push, back pain, irregular sleep and much more.  Even when we are not going through labour or a healing process, we are all constantly dealing with stress, sore muscles, injuries, anxiety and sleepless nights.  Lastly, Natural Clams Magnesium is also safe for your kids.  Sometimes parents come in looking for a solution for their kids constipation. Read More

Vitamin D

Posted on December 9, 2010

We all have heard a lot about Vitamin D and how important it is to have adequate amounts especially during the winter.  This article is a reminder to take your Vitamin D this winter.  Most of you know about Vitamin D, but sometimes it sits on the counter and we forget to take it.  Below will remind you of the reasons you shouldn’t forget. Research states that Vitamin D deficiency in adults can lead to osteopenia, osteoporosis, depressed moods, sleeping problems, muscleRead More