When was the last time, you had a full nights rest?   We are not ourselves without quality sleep.   There are many reasons why we may not be sleeping.   Sometimes, it can be due to stress, and sometimes it is due to shift-work or other reasons.   The wonderful thing about Calm Sleep, by Alive Vitamins, is that it works so well and it is a natural solution that helps with stress as well.

Hope you enjoy the information below on Calm Sleep, which is on sale now until April 21st, 2019.

Fall Asleep Easily & Wake Up Refreshed!

  • Assist with falling asleep and staying asleep.
  • Support prolonged sleep.
  • Reduce restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress.
  • Relieve nervousness
  • Wake up refreshed without grogginess, normally associated with prescription drugs.

Available in 7/8 hour and 4/5 hour formulas. The 7/8 formula is designed to help keep you asleep, whereas the 4/5 hour formula helps put you back to bed upon waking up in the middle of the night.


Calming, sleep-inducing and muscle spasm relieving effects.

Lion’s Mane:
Lowers the levels of depression, anxiety and irritation.

Treatment of sleep problems (insomnia), tiredness and irritability associated with emotional disturbance.

A mild nerve sedative or nerve herb.

Widely used in China as a good remedy for insomnia. The calming nature of the organic compounds contained in this beneficial fruit can calm the body and mind to let you fall and stay asleep.

For mood enhancing, sleep disorders like insomnia and jet lag. Helps to regulate the levels of Serotonin and Melatonin in the brain naturally, increasing levels of these neurotransmitters has been associated with improved ability to induce sleep as well as more restful, deeper sleep throughout the night.

Fleeceflower Caulis (also known as Knotweed):
One of its many benefits is relieving anxiety to relax and fall asleep.

Rehmannia (also known as Chinese Foxglove):
It has many benefits and one is specific to the adrenals glands and has been used to help in cases of adrenal fatigue, which helps to reduce stress, and nervousness.

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6 thoughts on “Sleep Easy Tonight with Alive Vitamins Calm Sleep

  1. I don’t use Calm-Sleep nightly but when I have trouble it really helps alot and there is no problem getting up in the morning. I have found that it only works well when I use two capsules. Could you let me know if this is alright? I am happy and grateful to have found this item.

  2. Is it alright to use two capsules for sleep as one doesn’t do anything for me? Also, why does the company use larger bottles than needed as plastic is such a concern for the environment?
    Perhaps we could buy more capsules within both sized bottles. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for your comments and feedback. You are correct that the label specifies the dosage as 1 capsule. This is the therapeutic dose for most people. We always do recommend consulting with your health care team (Physician or ND) when changing the dosage from the label. We do understand that at this time it is hard to get in-person medical advise, therefore, the short answer is, some people do increase the dosage safely as we are all different. Size of a person can can make a difference (height or weight) as well as how well our bodies absorb nutrients. The other thing I can also mention is, 5 HTP for example, is 30mg in Calm sleep and we have 5 HTP on its own as a single ingredient, and the dosage is 2 capsules thus meaning your intake is 200mg.

    There should not be any issues with taking 2 capsules of Calm Sleep if you are healthy individual and do not have any other underlying conditions, but we do recommend as always having a chat with a health care provider. I hope this is of some help and peace of mind. If you have any more questions, please do reach out to shannon@ahopalive.ca

  4. Hi Jan! Sorry I didn’t see the second part of your question for the size of the bottle. This is such a good question! Ok, so the reason for the size of the bottle has to do with the size of the label… this is the smallest bottle option we have for the bottles that are available to us. And we then have the label that has to fit all the required information set by Health Canada in order to have our NPN (Natural Product Number). Therefore, the French English, Dosage, cautions, ingredients. Hope this helps… as for having more capsules within the bottle, for example, increasing to 40 caps or 60 caps, we are looking into this, but the price would obviously be higher and not all can make that jump… so we are just working through the process. Thank you for your comments as they help us know what is important to the customer.

    Lastly, I hope you are signed up to our Alive Blog as well as eNewsletters because we are going to be sending out more and more promo codes and exclusive offers, and Calm Sleep is on the list… Have a great sleep tonight.

    Shannon Chung

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