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Depression and mood disorders are more and more prevalent these days.   With so much negativity that occurs in this world, it is no wonder people become unhappy.   Some of the most lovely people get affected and their only answer is to take an anti-depressant.   This is not necessarily the case anymore.   You may have heard about this product called Truehope EMP in the news over the last few years.   If you haven’t, this product is quite unique, with an interesting story and even if you yourself do not have trouble with anxiety, or extreme cases  of mood disorders such as  Bipolar, you may know someone that can benefit from this product, or even the information.   Remember “Sharing is Caring.”

Many families have skeletons, or secrets that they are embarrassed to talk about.   Everyday families often feel alone when they are dealing with a loved one that has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Bipolar Disorder, or suffer from Addiction.   Truehope’s story came about because Anthony Stephan (one of the co-founders of TrueHope) was desperately trying to save his bipolar disorder children, Autumn and Joseph.   Their family had a history of bipolar disease, in fact their mother Deborah and their grandfather Gordon were both victims of suicide as they were swallowed up by their bipolar disorder.    Both Autumn and Joseph were becoming hopeless to try and save.   Their anger and  intense emotional outbursts were becoming unbearable.   They were in great danger of hurting themselves, and their family.

Relief At Last!

Anthony Stephan found his answer when he met David Hardy (other co-founder of Truehope).   David is an animal feed formulator and he noticed that the bipolar behaviour of Joseph sounded identical to “ear and tail biting syndrome in pigs”, which is successfully treated through nutritional supplementation.   Together David and Anthony designed a nutritional  formula that would support the physical and mental well-being…. Autumn and Joseph became well and have remained so to this day.  

What is Truehope EMP?

It is a broad spectrum Micro-nutrient Supplement containing: 15 minerals, 14 vitamins, 3 amino acids, and 3 antioxidants.   What makes Truehope specific to Physical and Mental well-being lies in its superior formulation, careful combination, balance and most importantly its unmatched proprietary 4 step process and delivery system.    

Why is True Hope’s 4 step Process and Delivery System Important?

First of all, this means each mineral is chelated (bonded) to an organic ligand in a unique way. (They can’t tell you everything because this is their secret and patent to the product).   This process allows each nutrient to:

  • Cross the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream.
  • Cross cell walls, to work at the cellular level.
  • Cross the blood brain barrier to help correct deficiencies in the brain.

At first glance when looking at the ingredients, the formula doesn’t appear to be ground breaking, there are vitamins minerals etc.  Again, the key to this formula is the 4 step delivery process, and the fact that the nutrients are carefully selected for their compatibility to maximize the effects of the nutrients on your body.   Your body is also able to absorb the nutrients, and the nutrients are able to go where they are needed!  

Research on Truehope EMP?

There have been extraordinary results found in individuals in over 50 countries!!   Doctors and Researchers worldwide have integrated the use of the Truehope formulation into their practices and research.   As a result there are to date 12 peer reviewed medical journal publishing’s proving the effectiveness of the Truehope formulation and there are many, many more on there way.   Universities Contributing to the Independent 3rd party Research, studying the Truehope formulation: Harvard University, Ohio State University, University of Canterbury, New York State University, University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, University of Alberta, University of Hawaii, University of Lethbridge and more…

Side Effects and who Should Take Truehope EMP?

Anyone can take Truehope EMP to optimize their mental and physical well-being.   However, those taking psychiatric medications must consult with their health care physician prior to use.   NOTE: Health Canada has awarded Truehope EMP a Natural Product Number (NPN) and has authorized the claim “Nutritional Support for Mental and Physical Well-Being.”  

Other tips:

Not everything is in a pill.   Mental disorders are not simple.   Therapy and other natural avenues work well along side natural supplements such as Truehope.   The benefit of trying Truehope is that there is no harm, it is also fixing the root of the problem, not masking it.   People ask well how long will I have to take it?   The answer is unknown, everybody is different, but the key is it is healthy to take this for life and it can benefit you in sooo many other areas of your health as well.  

As always, thank you all for reading.   Today is a long article, but I am very passionate about Truehope EMP.   I am a very positive person no matter what trials and tribulations I am personally dealing with.   I find that protecting your mental state, keeping it healthy is one of the most vital things you can do.   In helping myself, I am able to help others and again I have said this before, but I truly feel for parents that are not sure where to turn next with children that are autistic, or have bipolar or other mental problems.   The  truth is that you are not alone and that there is hope!!  Our team at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus are there to help you even if you just need to talk.   Thank you again, and we look forward to helping you at a location near you!  

Additional info: Truehope & Doctors Guide explain Mental Disorders

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2 thoughts on “True Hope EMP: Mental & Physical Well-Being

  1. I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for two years now. I’m currently taking ativan alot. What products should I be taking to help this and now am feeling depressed because of the anxiety. I do take gotocola for depression sometimes but it doesn’t seem to work. Any help is appreciated Kerrie

  2. Hello Kerrie, I would really suggest that you take a look at True Hope EMP with your doctor. We have had amazing testimonials of this product truly helping those with severe anxiety, depression and even things as serious as bipolar disorders. Again, it is best to talk to your health care provider first before taking anything since you already are taking other things.

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