ucubes_2_20115463910413145650056Kids are back to school and they have everything they need… but wait what about their nutrients!   I know as a parent I try to give my kids the best nutrition possible through their food.   We garden as well so they know where their food comes from.   Sometimes it is a battle to find that balance of making food fun, something they will like as well as healthy.   They know that healthy tastes good and feels good, but sometimes we cannot always get the freshest veges, or the BEST wholefood options and for the best performance in school we all know that consistency is key!   Therefore incorporating a quality multivitamin is paramount for top performance in school.   There are also other important nutrients such as Kids DHA by Alive Vitamins and Flora BEAR Probiotics by Renew Life.   For now we will focus on U-Cubes TM by Sisu.

Why choose Sisu U-Cubes?

SISU U-CubesTM gummies provide the important vitamins and minerals children need daily, in a formula specially designed for kids. Other gummies are often made with animal gelatin, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial colours and preservatives – but not SISU U-CubesTM. Sisu stands behind giving your kids the best: pectin-based, naturally-flavoured multi vitamin and mineral to help bridge nutritional gaps and provide extra nutrients for growing bodies and minds.

Product Information

  • Daily vitamin and mineral supplement in a chewy gummy
  • Pectin-based cubes
  • Kids’ favourite flavours in each bottle: grape, cherry, and orange
  • Naturally sweetened with sugarcane juice and tapioca syrup
  • Natural vegetable colours: maqui berry, black carrot, and turmeric
  • Frosted with GMO-free tapioca sugar crystals

SISU Advantages

  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • All-natural flavours, sweeteners, and colours
  • Free of beef or pork gelatin
  • No high-fructose corn syrup
  • Kid-friendly, lightweight, plant-based bottle
  • Tested for guaranteed purity and potency

In Summary:

Despite our best attempts, children’s diets can experience nutritional gaps. Fruits, veggies, proteins, good fats…are all elements we strive to provide but can be a challenge to deliver. Supplementing a child’s diet with a high-quality, pure and safe multivitamin will help you provide your kids with the essential building blocks of a fully complemented diet.

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