This morning on The Beat 94.5, the Kid Carson Show had a wonderful guest, Dr Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.   She is

Dr. Tasreen Alabhai N.D. guest on The Beat shares some easy steps to change your life in a big way.

a well known Naturopathic Doctor in the Vancouver area and she was on the morning show to discuss the small changes we can make that will make a big difference.   Part of the problem with New Year resolutions is we make them too large and we become overwhelmed and often times we cannot follow through.  

This is what Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, N.D. had to say about:

  • Key Nutrients, supplements
  • A suggestion for a detox
  • Easy exercise
  • Smoking
  • Getting rid of Belly Fat
  • The importance of Routine
  • Lastly, her most important tip!

If you have never taken any supplement before and you have no idea where to start these were her suggestions, (Note she was not brand specific, because Naturopaths will often have their own lines, if you are not ready to see a Naturopath yet I put a few different brands.   They are excellent quality.

  1. Good quality Multivitamin.   This is your foundation and it will help you with your energy levels, and your exercise program. If you want a one a day try Alive Super One Plus, or if you need a smaller pill try Platinum Multivitamins.
  2. Good quality fish oil with no toxins, they should have IFOS testing.   Alive Wild Salmon Fish Oil with the small fish i.e. sardines is excellent, if you need a higher concentration of EPA and DHA the omega 3 essential fatty acids then you can try Renew Lifes Fish Oils, or Nutrasea.
  3. B-Complex will help you combat stress.   B vitamins are good for so many functions in the body and a good one to try is the Alive B-Complex 100.   There is also a B-50 available in capsule if you have trouble swallowing.   Lastly, Prairie Naturals has an excellenet B-Complex in liquid form.

Next she talked about DETOXING:

She suggested to try letting your organs naturally detoxify themselves.   How do you do this?   This is where you need to truly cutt out sugar, cutt out coffee, fatty foods, alcohol  etc.   This gives your body a rest particularily your liver.   This is common sense, but of course you need to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in dark colours.   She also recommended that you eat veges that are root veges, such as: yams.   Also it is great to consume onions and garlic.   Lastly, rather than drinking juice, coffee and caffinated teas, try having water with lemon.   It is recommended to have the water at room temperature.

Exercise you can handle:

Most of us cannot fit in an intense exercise and if we can we can never stick to it unless we were born to do it and absolutely love it.   Therefore, like many other Doctors and Naturopaths, include moderate exercise of 30 minutes a day.   A brisk walk even counts and it is something that everyone can afford.   Also little lifestyle changes that can make a big difference: park further away from the door, walk to places if possible, take the stairs etc.   All of these things can really add up.

Quitting Smoking?

If you are trying to quit, you need all the help you can get.   Her two suggestions were: load up on antioxidants to help you detox, secondly, you can use the herb Avena Sativa to help reduce nicotene cravings.   She does note that with herbs you should always check with a health care professional to make sure you can take it.

Belly Fat?

Are you doing everything you can to loose stubborn belly fat?   This is nothing new and we have been helping customers with this at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus for years and there has been lots of success.   However there are still people who do not know about the correlation between stress and belly fat.   Everytime we get stressed, Cortisol is a hormone that releases and when we have too much circulating around in our system, belly fat gets produced.   We have a great supplement called Relora that balances Cortisol and reduces your belly fat.   People often combine Relora with CLA which is Conjugated, Linoleic Acid and this is a natural fat burner.  

Her last two important tips were stressing how important routine is for your body and drinking water.   Most of us walk around dehydrated and our bodies are 60 to 70% water.   Also routine gets your body in balance.   When you sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time Melatonin releases properly.   This hormone is not only what allows you to sleep but it also replenishes your body.

As always thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at Alive Health Centre, Supplements Plus, and Morning Sun to help you reach your health potential!   Make 2010 your best year yet!

2 thoughts on “Guest on the Beat 94.5 Kid Carson Show: Dr Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.

  1. I thought you mentioned there were 5 essentioal supplements you recommended and there are only three listed. What were the others? Milk Thistle was one wasn’t it?

  2. Hello,
    I am not sure what it is that you are referring to? The article is just a summary of what Dr. Tasreen Alibhai ND discussed on the Kid Carson show (94.5). As for Milk Thistle, this is an excellent herb to help detoxify a fatty liver.

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