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12 Days of Christmas Deals Start Today! DAY 1: Sierra Sil BONUS!

Posted on December 13, 2013

Give the Gift of Health! Don’t know what to get for someone you know who is suffering from joint pain?  SierraSil is your answer!! SierraSil Benefits: SierraSil ® out of all of the Joint Pain formulas out there, the Vancouver Canucks pick SierraSil ®.  Want a supplement that relieves joint pain but also does so much more? SierraSil is what you have been waiting for! This amazing product supplies the body with numerous essential minerals, which are required for 1000’sRead More

Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent 100 Billion Probiotic by Renew Life

Posted on November 18, 2013

Next to your Multivitamin and Fish Oil, probiotics are right up there on your must have list regarding your supplements!  Renew Life’s newest probiotic is their Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent 100 Billion.  An unhealthy gut causes all kinds of health problems so protect yourself with Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent 100 Billion. Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent 100 Billion Information Ultimate Flora Ultra Potent is a 100 billion culture, 10 strain probiotic formula designed for those with severe digestive issues, those whoRead More

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Fish Oil: Pure, Fresh and Sustainable

Posted on February 8, 2013

Why Nordic Naturals Fish Oil? There are countless fish oil brands out there, but Nordic Naturals stands out from the rest.  Why?  Because making fish oils is not an extension of their line, but instead the only supplement they make.  They are passionate about their fish oil and they are about quality, purity, freshness and delivering the cleanest fish oils.  They have the research to prove it too! Fish Oil Standards/Testing Limits from leading organizations & experts What fish doRead More

Progressive PhytoBerry® The Whole Body Antioxidant

Posted on January 18, 2013

The Whole Body Antioxidant® PhytoBerry is a highly concentrated berry based whole food supplement that is loaded with natural antioxidants. Featuring over 40 high ORAC value fruit concentrates, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and herbal extracts, PhytoBerry is specifically designed to offer whole body antioxidant® protection. A single serving has the equivalent nutrient content of 6 to 8 servings of fresh fruit. Available In: Format: Powder Sizes: 450g (30 day) & 900g (60 day) Features: Highly concentrated whole food supplement OverRead More

Clear 60 Minute Skin Care – Solutions for Stressed Out Skin

Posted on January 16, 2013

This is a longer article than usual, but please bare with me.  If you have skin troubles whether it be acne, eczema, psoriasis, or extremely dry skin with wrinkles, this article may be just for you.  I have used the products myself, along with our team at Alive and chains as well as our customers love it too.  They are clean, organic, not tested on animals and are what skin care should be.  I hope you can find a solutionRead More

Pure Red Fruit Palm Oil: Dr Oz Show Jan 3, 2013

Posted on January 11, 2013

Ever since the Dr Oz Show from Jan 3, 2013 everyone has had Red Fruit Palm Oil on their minds. Why? Red Palm Fruit Oil Deemed the Miracle and most Desirable Saturated Fat – presented by Bryce Wylde It is a Miracle oil for longevity, and it is loaded with carotene, tocotrienols, lycopene, among many other antioxidants.  Many are on the look out for this amazing product, and Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus have it!  If you want it, grab it fast…Read More

Alive L-Carnitine 500mg – Fat Burning Booster!

Posted on October 18, 2012

The primary function of L-Carnitine is to regulate fat oxidation (burning). L-Carnitine is responsible for transporting fat to the “fat furnace” in our cells called mitochondria. Unless fat makes it to the mitochondria, it cannot be oxidized, no matter how much you exercise or diet. The body can make small amounts of L-Carnitine, however you need the amino acids: L-Lysine and Methionine and vitamins such as Niacin, B6 and Vitamin C. A shortage of any of these nutrients can lowerRead More

Today Tuesday September 4th 2012 is Customer Appreciation DAY!

Posted on September 4, 2012

Today Tuesday September 4th is your oppportunity to score some deals because it is the 1st Tuesday of the month and is therefore Customer Appreciation Day! Customer Appreciation Day (CAD) is always the 1st Tuesday of every month! This means that Tuesday September 4th 2012, is your chance to save on EVERYTHING in the store! Vitamins, food, cosmetics; it ALL applies. Come into Alive Health Centre and Morning Sun for details. Customer Appreciation Day discounts are as follows: 15% OFFRead More

Nature’s Harmony – Moducare is Cliniclly PROVEN to restore, strengthen and balance the immune system

Posted on August 15, 2012

Do you suffer from AUTO-IMMUNE disorders, allergies, frequent common colds and chronic illness? If so, Moducare is for you.  Nature’s Harmony® is a patented blend of the plant nutrients sterols and sterolins in a clinically proven ratio of 100:1. This formulation has been found to be effective at balancing the immune system—enhancing an underactive immune system and/or modulating an overactive one. Taken daily, it helps to prevent bacterial and viral infections, improves allergy symptoms and is a strong anti-inflammatory. Moducare®Read More

Why Take L-Carnitine?

Posted on June 29, 2012

L-Carnitine is one of the key powerful supplements when it comes to keeping trim.  Alive L-Carnitine can helps you to lose those stubborn pounds among many other benefits.  L-Carnitine is a natural compound that can be found in dairy products, beef and poultry and in lesser amounts in vegetables like asparagus and avocado. L-Carnitine is found in most cells of the body, particularly the heart, brain, and muscles, and generally produced by the body in a sufficient amount. Many non-vegetarians may consume enoughRead More