Sometimes we have a hard day because of a specific event or encounter that happens in our life. When we know what triggered us it can be a blessing, because as humans, we like to find solutions to our problems. We tend to gravitate to moving past the uncomfortable feelings and just go straight to solution mode: cause, effect, and here is the solution. When we know the source of the issue we can just deal with it, and move on. Maybe you had an argument with someone or your kids are struggling. Maybe there was a misunderstanding with your spouse, boyfriend, partner, friend, or girlfriend. Sometimes it can be as simple as something not working out the way you thought it would in your mind, but when you know what it is, often you can do what you need to do to acknowledge it and move along.

Now I want to ask a rhetorical question, what happens for you when you are having a hard day, but can’t decipher why? In some ways, I personally find it harder when I cannot figure out why I am feeling down. Today I want to be very honest; I had a strange day, I felt off and not like “me” (optimistic, positive, happy go lucky). The worst part of it was that I did not know what was triggering me… I am all for accepting things that I cannot control, because like anyone else I am human, and sometimes it is hard to let things go or react perfectly to uncomfortable feelings.

Since I do not know what is bothering me, I thought a sincere post on mental health may not only be helpful for me but also for others. When I am struggling I always battle with, “do I keep this to myself, or share?”  I find if I stuff feelings way deep inside, it only comes back stronger; it also makes me feel alone when I keep it inside. Thus, today I chose to share.

I will struggle to hit the post button on this one because I worry that my good intentions might get lost. I always strive to be thankful and positive, but being positive is only valuable if it is genuine. Occasionally there is pain is behind my vibrancy.   Showing vulnerability was frowned upon while I was growing up.

I really resonated with Brené Brown’s research on shame, courage and vulnerability. As she talks about how when many of us grew up we were taught to be courageous and brave. But, yet, it was not considered a brave act to be vulnerable. She illustrates through her research that the bravest among us are actually those that dare to stand in the arena and do the uncomfortable “stuff”, thus be vulnerable.

What she writes about makes complete sense, yet applying it to your own life is really hard. I think deep down I am ashamed of feeling a bit blue, but why is that? I think it is because I am in the health industry and I feel as though I am supposed to stand on 2 feet, at all times, and not fall down. I feel the need to not let anyone down. I put the pressure on myself to be a great role model (always) and to exude living a healthy lifestyle. However, when I took a moment to listen to my “self-talk”, I took a step back and realized…

Wow being me and sharing all of me is actually the healthiest thing I can do.  

I started to think about my January 10th post of my weight loss journey; what I always want to come through with each post is that health is not about perfection.

Health is more about the journey and embracing the process to get to whenever you are going.

Here are some closing thoughts:

  1. If we always focus on being perfect and never let our guard down on social media, that isn’t necessarily the best thing for us in the long run. Yes, we need to be positive, but we also need to be authentic, especially when social media is one of the world’s only ways to connect. Start with a small challenge, perhaps post a selfie without using a filter! I felt we were in need of some comic relief at this point in the post… BUT in all seriousness, I hope that my intention is not lost. I only wish to continue to spread love and kindness, and one of the ways I want to do this is by just saying,  â€œWe all have hard days, and that is ok – so let’s talk about it.”
  2. We have all heard the saying that “Time heals all wounds.” There is much debate as to whether that is true. Some argue that time can heal wounds but not scars. I am not here to change anyone’s perception on whether time is a perfect solution to all of our problems, but I can share with you how time helps me. I find that time is very therapeutic for me. I strive to use it to my advantage and I use it to sit in my feelings. I use it as a time to process whatever is bothering me. Sometimes what and how we feel at the beginning of the day can change drastically by the end of the day. For example, today I was able to have some great conversations with people I trust and then I had some alone time to just process. I was able to realize that I do not need to “fix” anything. I just need to know that it is ok to not be ok.
  3. Another part of the equation is that I know that I have a lot to be grateful for and it seems silly to be feeling sad. There is so much kindness that has stemmed from the unprecedented times we are experiencing however, I had a bit of a vulnerable day despite my best efforts to stay on the positive side of the pendulum.
  4. If you need a boost, reach out and call a friend or face-time a loved one. Enjoy some relaxing tea, have a bath, work out (I personally love skipping) and if you want to try some supplements to help alleviate stress I have a lot of recommendations:

    Alive Vitamins Relora conquers belly fat and stress!

As always, if you have any questions or want to discuss any of the topics above with me, feel free to email me at:

Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health!  Get excited  and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor/health care professional to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with whatever your health concerns are.

2 thoughts on “We All Have Hard Days – So Let’s Talk About It

  1. Well written Shannon. Thank you for writing about such an important topic. And offering wholistic options.

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