Healthy Approach To Sustainable Weight Loss In 2021

I really think that we need to change our mindset of focusing on the scale. We are human and I know it will always be natural to use the language of “weight loss” and “losing weight”.

January 2020 article…/a-healthy-lasting…/

Above is the link to my first article about my weight loss story. Below is me in September 2019.

Below is my updated article a year and half later and 30 lbs. lighter.

PRE – COVID – This is me (Shannon Chung Vice President of Alive, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus in September 2019)

In September 2019 I made a commitment to me. I wanted to not just “lose weight”. I was ready to make sustainable lifestyle changes that I could stick to. I wanted to:

Feel better,

Eat healthier,

Find physical activity/exercise I would enjoy,

I knew if I did above, then I would lose weight and gain more energy and stamina.

I really think that we need to change our mindset of focusing on the scale. We are human and I know it will always be natural to use the language of “weight loss” and “losing weight”. Being in this industry, the number one thing people come in for is low energy, lack of sleep and wanting to lose weight. I think if we approach weight loss from the idea of making “lifestyle changes” you can commit to, the rest will follow.

For ME I did not want it to be in a power struggle with the scale, but work on lifestyle changes that I could be consistent about. In turn the scale would work out by finding a diet that would work for me long term and fun exercise that I could stick to.
Healthy mindset, positive self talk and wanting to have the energy for my kiddos was the goal. I also wanted to be a positive role model for my kids and not stand on the scale focused on everything that’s “wrong with me”. But instead work on being happy with myself as I am, but also show what it is to take care of yourself by getting exercise, pumping that heart and eating a balanced diet.

It came down to adopting a healthy mindset and taking control of my “self-talk”. Being my own cheerleader. Yes I can do it! I always say… it is NOT about the scale. It is about how you feel. This article I wrote in January of 2019, talking about my health journey from September 2019 to January 2020, I wanted to re-share it because the whole purpose of that January 2020 article was to share the message of how to have a healthy approach to losing weight or being your version of healthy, because we are all different.

For some of us plant based works well – for others, high protein/low carb diets work. Perhaps HIIT training works for some, while Spinning works for others. Keto diets are a favourite among some of my friends, while Intermittent Fasting works for others, etc. The one thing I have noticed is that the common denominator for success was CONSISTENCY.

When people ask me what is the secret diet I used and what should they choose, it really comes down to what can you live with and commit to long term because whatever you choose to do, being consistent about your plan is how you achieve your goals. For me, I was tired of being tired. This is the list of things I came up with that worked for me:

  • 80/20 rule – eat right 80% of the time and allow myself to be able to have some treats along the way.
  • Be mindful and keep a journal to help you be accountable. Write out 2 to 3 major SMART goals so you can have greater success in following through. For me is was 1. Exercise plan. 2. Eating well. 3. Taking supplements – Progressive Harmonized protein, Progressive Vegegreens, Platinum Activ-X multi, Renew Life Ultimate 50 Billion probiotic, Alive Vitamins AminoSlim, AppleSlim, Alive Relora. (I started with a few and built up over time)
  • I wrote what foods I wanted to eat more of, but didn’t know how to make all that well. For me I wanted to cook more fish and I wanted better tasting shakes – I wanted to look forward to it like I did with coffee. Instead of saying to myself “I do not like Greens or Shakes”, I said “I need to find a protein that I like.” So that’s what I did – I highly recommend Harmonized Protein.
  • Exercise – I found that spinning and skipping were my cardio favourites. I started at Soul Cycle and then have also been using Peloton for over a year. I highly recommend getting the Peloton App even for their Yoga, Strength, Cardio and other body weight classes. You do not have to be into Spinning to use the App.


  • Eat almonds when you need a snack. They are filling and very healthy.
  • Start off with the Wild Rose Cleanse to help guide you in what to buy for food. HIGHLY recommend you start with their 12 day program.
  • NutraCleanse is a great addition to cereal lovers and helps to kickstart your weight loss and cleanses you mildly. Use it a few times a week in the morning or when hungry and you need a snack.
  • When watching TV at night and you want to grab a snack because you are just used to eating, grab your supplements and TAKE YOUR VITAMINS while watching TV! This way you get in that glass of water you should be drinking and you will attach a good habit to watching TV.
  • Brush your teeth after dinner – also helps stop you from snacking at night.
  • Add Green Tea to your morning routine. Keep the coffee or tea if you love it! But also add in Green tea. It is filled with anti-oxidants and you will get that boost in energy.
  • Those are just a few tips to start with.

Now is it January 2021 and I have lost 30 pounds on my journey and I have maintained that since September of 2020. I found a healthy approach and I have been able to maintain my results. Sometimes maintenance is almost as hard as achieving your target weight – or target “feeling just right” BUT it isn’t hard if you choose a realistic plan that you can stick to. Crash diets do not work. You need some discipline in the beginning for sure, and once you start feeling better you will succeed.

Lastly, losing weight is hard, but eventually you get to a point where it is harder to be winded when playing with your kids. Or harder to ignore how your body is feeling – tired, sluggish and while process foods in abundance are easier in the moment, they become the harder choice when you feel like your body is not performing in a way that it should. Balance, my friends is the key!


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