Sometimes you stumble upon an herb or spice that has been used for so many years, throughout many groups of people all around the world. It has stood the test of time and still reigns supreme! Turmeric is one of those special ones.

Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric plant. You may have turmeric powder in your pantry and think to use it for Indian dishes. It offers a wonderful taste and a strong yellow colouring to food. This vibrant yellow colour comes from curcumin, an antioxidant pigment found within the turmeric root. Medicinally, the root is also used for many conditions, all listed below:

  • Studies have shown that turmeric can help significantly with arsenic overload on the body and even help with DNA repair. Please read the study in-depth for yourself:

The “curcumin had an effective role in [the] regression of DNA damage.” Yes, it’s “an excellent antioxidant agent,” but what they found subsequently is that the curcumin  undid  the arsenic crippling of our DNA repair enzymes. So, it both helped prevent the damage and facilitate repair. Thus curcumin may have some protective role against the DNA damage caused by arsenic.”

Turmeric - Alive Vitamins - PostI could go on and continue to link what turmeric is good for and how it can be used, however, the list would just continue on. Turmeric is such a potent spice that many would find benefit from adding into their lives. Recently, I have gotten creative and even dehydrated the root and used it to flavour water, add to cooking, and even crush up and swallow with some warm water.

I take a turmeric supplement daily in addition to my cooked and dehydrated turmeric. Here is a link to our AliveVitamins Turmeric Extract that you can buy off of ShopAlive if you are interested. Our turmeric is made here in Canada and contains 500mg of turmeric root extract and 100mg of ginger root extract which is also a wonderful natural anti-inflammatory!

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