Fungal Free Nails

 Approximately 30 to 35 million people in the United States have nail fungus.   Nail fungus, while it may not hurt, it looks awful and we often feel uncomfortable wearing certain shoes, or having to expose our feet.   Until now there has not been any real solution for nail fungus at the topical level.   Fungal FREE Nails is an excellent product that will actual penetrate into the nail bed killing the fungus.   Once the old fungal nail grows out, your new healthy nail will grow in!   If you give this product time it delivers.    What are the active ingredients?

 Juglans regia 8x, Sepia 8x, Mucor mucedo 8x, Palmarosa 8x, Malaleuca alternofolia, Camphor, Eucalyptus globulus, Anise, Cinnemonum, Mentha piperatum, Salvia sclarae, Juniper virginus, Mystira fragans, Lavandula latifolia, Terebinthinia oleum, Vitis vinifera.

 Fungal  FREE Nails explains  while there are similar products out there, it is the penetration that is missing. Fungal Free Nails PENETRATES the nail because it isn’t a water soluble solution. Fungal Free Nails incorporates a naturally occurring, non-toxic, lipid, non-polar, organic solvent that carries with it the necessary lipid soluble fungicidal essential oils to the nail bed in order to kill the fungus that is living, growing, and spreading there.

 Fungal Free Nails has many success stories, it is all natural, no side effects and perfectly safe.   I am actually using it myself, it has been 3 or 4 months now and I see my new nail growing in!   It is very exciting.   Remember it takes patients and diligence; you must do it every day morning and night.   As I say  applying Fungal Free Nails  has become as important as remembering to brush my teeth!   Also Alice Chung the owner of Alive Health Centre and Chains used it herself and her toe nail is completely fungus free!  

 As always we look forward to assisting you with your health concerns.   Come and see us at a location near you at either,  Alive health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus.   Take care!

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