Banish those HOT Flashes!

Fight hot flashes, night sweats, disturbed sleep, forgetfulness, irritability and other menopause symptoms with Nutri Meno and you will win!   Nutri Meno is in liquid form providing you with the highest absorption!   If you hate swallowing pills, this tasty berry flavor has come to your rescue.   There is no need to suffer any longer: red clover, black cohosh, gamma-oryzanol, maca, sage, chaste tree berry and schizandra is your natural formula that will set yourself free from menopause.      

How the ingredients work: the red clover contains isoflavones, which get rid of hot flashes, gamma-oryzanol supports the adrenals and reduces anxiety and maca is one of women’s favourites, it is excellent in providing energy and a healthy libido.

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An estimated 3 million Canadian women (1 in 6) will reach menopause over the next decade. In fact, these women will spend half of their adult lives in menopause. Whether this time of great change in a woman’s life is experienced as a welcome transition into deep maturity, or dreaded as a slippery slope towards old age, depends on how well she avails herself of the tools available in nature’s pharmacy…  

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7 thoughts on “Naka Brand: Nutri-Meno, Banish those Hot Flashes!

  1. I started taking Naka Nutri Meno and it did stop the hot flashes and sweats. Problem!!! I have pain in all my joints and can hardly walk some mornings.

  2. If you like taking liquids, the Naka brand also has a liquid Nutri Flex. Its excellent for joint pain, and actually re-building the joint. The absorption is excellent and the formula is very complete giving you glucosamine, msn, chondroitin amoung other natural ingreedients. Visit one of the Alive Health Centres, Morning Suns, or Supplements Plus near you to see the product.

  3. I Started Taking This June 18,2012. I Can’t Sleep and Hot Flash’s Real Bad Last night.

  4. In this case, I wouldn’t give up yet. Be sure to take the dosage correctly and take it consistently for at least a month.

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