We are all in this together! Make your exercise routine interesting enjoyable and fun! If you need extra help to get you started there are natural supplements to get you in the right frame of mind!

Weight loss can be an overwhelming subject.   Most of us are unhappy and frustrated with some part of our body.  Women are famous for saying things like, “I just want to loose weight in my legs or my bum.” Just remember there is no such thing as spot reducing.       The fact is you must eat healthy and have regular exercise!   We all know this, but we are always looking for some miracle.   When loosing weight, you loose fat all over the body.   Therefore, it is important to have a total body workout so that you can obtain  your desired  results.  Doing crunches will strengthen your core and tighten your abs, but it will not burn fat just in the abdomen.   The more muscle you have the easier it is to loose weight and burn calories; even while your body is at rest.  Once you start to see results and give exercise a chance, that is when the ball gets rolling.   You will no longer say, “I am not cutt out for exercise.”   You will say, “Why didn’t I start this earlier!”  

Above are just some general concepts  about weight loss to help you get started.    Now you need  some more specific ideas,  recommendations and tips so you can see the big picture of weight loss.   When you make a plan, and  set your  goals, you are more likely to achieve results!

  1. If you need help ask!   Seek someone that you feel comfortable with.   You can go to a health store such as us, or a personal trainer or your doctor.  
  2. If you need some supplements to get you started and in the right frame of mind this is what I did: Cleansmart 30 days by Renew Life, Alive Brand Relora, Alive Brand  CLA, Protein Shake (Brand varies), and Genuine Health Brand Greens +.   This is just an example of what I did.   Keep in mind each of us are different and your supplements may need tweaking.   For example, if you have some serious sugar cravings, you may need PGX by Natural Factors, and some Alive Brand Chromium Picolinate.   Everyone can benefit from a good greens as well as a  protein supplement.
  3. Once you have a goal, let your friends and family know.   Having a support group will help you in the end.    We never want to let ouselves down,  and we are even less willing to let our friends and family down.   Your loved ones care about you and want to see you succeed!   There is a healthy pressure associated with a support group.
  4. The word “diet” is somewhat negative.   Most people associate diet as something “temporary”.   Diet also has the connotation of having to cutt out all  your favourite foods, thus the word diet sometimes feel like torture for some people.   Instead, try to think of it as, “eating right for life” and a chance to explore new foods.   A crash diet is unrealistic.   You will always struggle with weight if you cutt out absolutely everything bad all the time.   Find a balance in your “eating right for life” plan.   Some simple adjustments you can make,  which are also sustainable include: reducing the intake of dairy, wheat and refined carbs and sugar, decrease red meat consumption, drink plenty of water, drink green tea to help your metabolism, avoid preservatives and replace sugar with stevia a natural sweetener so you still have something sweet to look forward to.      Eat lots of fibre, this will stabilize your blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings and ultimately poor food choices.   Eat plenty of vegetables and lastly, learn how to make healthy food taste good.   Many people think they do not like vegetables, but sometimes they forget to try new ones, or they overcook them.   Make it your goal to learn how to make veges taste great!  
  5. The 80/20 rule is great too!   The Japanese are famous for   maintaining a healthy waisteline and one of the ways they do this is, they do not eat until they are stuffed meaning 100% full.   They eat until they are 80% full which is comfortable.   You can still move after!   Western society is notorious for over eating.   Also, as mentioned it is impossible to eat a perfect balanced healthy meal 100% of the time.   Therefore, 80% of the time try to eat the the best you can! Say no to the food court, or take a healthy lunch with you to work.   Then, 20% of the time you can take your grandma’s offer and eat a piece of her famous blueberry pie, or you eat your neighbours fresh baked cookie or indulge in the family Thanks Giving dinner.  
  6. Getting yourself active in activities you like!   There truly is something for everyone.   If you do not like the treadmill, there is sports.   If sports are not your forte, there is always a scenic brisk walk.   If you are not one for the outdoors, there are lifestyle activities such as ballroom dancing.   If you are single or you are not interested in meeting anybody, there are also solo activities such as Karate, Tai Chi, or Yoga.   In all seriousness, even if none of those activities  are something you like, there is surely something that you can enjoy while benefiting from the elements of physical activity.

Lastly, don’t let loosing weight be a drag or a dark cloud that is constantly hanging over your head.   I remember feeling this way at one point.   I  was 30  pounds overweight  and I thought it was impossible for me to get back on track.   It took an attitude adjustment, support, a plan, some eating habit changes, incorportating excercise into my daily routine, and some supplements to help me along the way, none of which were stimulants!   It is possible!   Remember you can always come visit us at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus.   You don’t have to do this alone, look forward to seeing you!

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