Relora helps you shrink your belly fat naturally

Many customers that come into Alive Health Centre, Supplements Plus and Morning Sun describe their belly fat as, “Stubborn” belly fat.   The people that call the belly fat “Stubborn”  have: cutt out the sweets, do moderate exercise regularly, and try to do all the right things in order to loose weight but still manage to hold onto the little extra around the middle.   First of all you are not alone!   There are ways you can help yourself get on the right track.   One of the ways  is with a safe supplement that contains no stimulants and it is called Relora.   If you are being honest with yourself; meaning you are eating right and exercising, then the little extra around the middle is most likely due to stress.   This is where we have helped customers  for  years with the use of  Relora.

How does Relora work?

Belly fat is a protection mechanism.   When we are in danger or stressed, the hormone cortisol increases and when there is  an abundance of cortisol  due to too much stress, belly fat deposits itself  around the mid-section.   Normal amounts of cortisol are a good thing.   All hormones play a role and cortisol is there to decrease inflammation in the body and help protect the immune system.   The problem lies when we are over worked and over stressed.   Too much stress causes a large increase in cortisol and also will decrease the hormone DHEA.   This hormone, when severely lowered can lead to the depression of the immune system, an increase in insulin levels, bone loss, and depression. Relora naturally brings the body back into balance using two ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine: Phellodendron Amurense and Magnolia Officinalus.  

Ultimately Relora helps you with stress related eating a drinking.   Often times when we are stressed we eat more comfort foods that are high in calories as well as fat and sugar!   We know it is bad, but it seems to help at the time.   Chronic stress can cause sugar cravings, which leads to insulin problems and then possibly diabetes.   It is important to take hold of the situation before it gets out of hand.   If you put your mind to it, get the support  you need, have a healthy diet, do regular exercise and deal with your stress with the help of Relora weight loss is attainable.   Results vary, but when you are doing all the right things, on average people see results in four weeks.   The key is to not give up, if you make a mistake keep on going.   Do not loose site of your goal.  

As always we look forward to helping you further.   Come and see us at a location near you at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus.   See you soon!

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