Both men and women experience hair loss for many different reasons. It can be from a lack of nutrients, hormonal changes, stress or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Of course it can be from a combination of the items listed as well. There are safe and natural ways we can fix the problem of hair loss.

Hair LossFirst of all diet and physical activity is the place to start. Take a look at what your typical day looks like. Are you starting out with a healthy breakfast? Furthermore are you making sure you wake up in time to even have your breakfast? Almost 50% of people in North America skip their breakfast. Not only is this contributing to hair loss, it also creates problems for your metabolism and achieving weight loss. Your body will go into starvation mode and want to hold onto your body fat. A healthy breakfast would consist of the following choices: whole grain cereal, sprouted grain toast, green tea, eggs, oatmeal, or better yet a smoothie. A smoothie is one of the better choices because you can get a good quality isolate protein (PVL brand), greens such as chlorella and spirulina (Progressive, or Sequal Brand), soluble and insoluble fibre (Fibre Smart Renew Life Brand), B vitamins (B-Complex Alive or  Prairie Naturals Brand) and your omega oils (3-6-9 Udo’s Brand) all at one time!

Your scalp lives in protein, therefore having protein at every meal is essential for healthy hair as well as your muscles. Keep in mind that there are sources other than having red meat at ever meal, for example Vega is a natural vegetarian source. This superior clean product uses pea, hemp, brown rice and other vegan sources. Also you can get your protein from, a whey protein, lean chicken breast or even your legumes.

Next we will move onto stress. Most of us are dealing with stresses, some positive and some negative. Regardless of what kind, your body can feel it and ultimately show it through hair loss and other more serious conditions or diseases. So first and foremost try to eliminate negative stress where ever you can and then supplement your diet with a B-Complex. Above the liquid B-Complex was suggested by Prairie Naturals. For those of you who are not fond of liquids, Alive has an excellent B-Complex that comes in either capsule, or tablet.

The other deficiency that is apparent with people who experience hair loss is silica. Alive has excellent silica that is in capsule form. When I was in University I experienced a lot of hair loss and the silica was a huge part of my daily supplement intake. I took two capsules after my breakfast and two capsules after my dinner. I did this for 4 months. Now I take two after my breakfast and one after my dinner.

Lastly, how long until you will see results? Remember supplements are not magic pills, they definitely help you but they take time and it is different for each individual. They also depend on your diet and exercise. On average people see a difference in about three months. This gives you time to see the new hair growth. You will see that the new hair grows in is thicker and that the amount of hair strands will increase.

Remember, if you have any further questions you can always come into the Oakridge Alive where myself or other Alive  associates  can give you more information to suite your individual needs.

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