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Sizzling Summer Sale On NOW until August 2nd 2016

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Alive, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus annual Sizzling Summer Sale is on NOW until August 2nd 2016!  Enjoy your summer and enjoy the SAVINGS!! Coupon in flyer!

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Over 120 Supplements for Our FALL Flyer Sale – Starts September 24th!

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Don’t miss it the Alive, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus FALL Flyer Sale…

Starts September 24th and goes until October 21st 2014. 

You  have been asking what are the items in the flyer so here it is!  Click on the right link for your location; below you will see 3 locations.. The 1st is for BC locations, 2nd for Alberta Morning Sun locations and lastly Toronto Supplements Plus locations.

BC Locations

Alberta Locations

Toronto Location

Our flyer is unique and has been around for decades.  We are not only advertising great savings, but it is also all about education, why do YOU need certain vitamins over others.  Our flyer is also about selection, NEW quality products such as HFE Hot Flash Eliminator, but also the products that are absolute musts and favourites such as Floradix Iron by Flora.

Each flyer we improve and our goal is to put you first by bringing you the best!


  • We have over a dozen COUPONS for your favourite vendors – Genuine Health, Alive Brand, Natural Factors, Renew Life and more…
  • We have a back to school section,
  • Of course a favourite is the skin care and women’s section,
  • We have NEW products at wonderful savings such as Nature’s Aid an absolute essential for every home – acne, moisturizer, rashes, irritations, eczema and more… and it is just over 10 dollars depending on the size.
  • Ask Alice is all about getting ready for the fall, putting your best foot forward as well as sharing Alive Magazines article on Bullying.
  • Of course weight loss programs.  WE have 4 sections to help you with what ever you weight goals are.  Remember there is no magic pill, but we have PROGRAMS to help you along the way.

If there is not a location near you we would love to help you with a mail order. MAIL ORDER: Toll free 1-866-499-9546

We hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.


ASK Alice Chung Featuring Bryce Wylde – MyStatus Testing Kits: Canada’s Natural Health Leaders!

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ASK Alice Explanation Featuring Bryce Wylde 2013 Spring FLYER – My Status™ Testing

There is only so much room for the ASK Alice Column.  Here is more explanation as well as answers to questions you may have.  For example:

116_1268922183_WyldeWho is Bryce Wylde?

What are MY Status Test Kits?

How do I purchase test kits so I know my vitamin levels?

WHO is Bryce Wylde

Bryce Wylde is a worldwide expert in complementary alternative medicine, respected natural healthcare clinician, and regular guest expert and contributor on the Dr. Oz show as well as the Marilyn Denis show in Canada. His company, Wylde on Health Inc, was established to educate and empower consumers to make appropriate educated choices in the realm of natural and alternative therapies.

The alternative health and supplement world is riddled with junk science which fuels Worldwide Alternative Health Expert Bryce Wylde’s top priority: to ‘debunk the junk’.

After joining forces with world class CLIA certified laboratories, Wylde About Health has created a line of test kits called MyStatus™. These test kits provide consumers the power to discover personal levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, hormones, toxins, brain neurotransmitters, and much more. In a multi-billion dollar supplement product industry, its time consumers knew whether a natural health product was really working while discerning safety, effectiveness, and of course whether to spend hard earned dollars.

WHAT Are “My Status” Kits?

The MyStatus™ test kits gives the consumer, the power to learn more about their personal health status. The MyStatus™ test kit results generate suggested custom supplement plans which detail only those things you require in order to help prevent the onset of disease and better manage your individual health concerns. The MyStatus™ line of test kits cannot diagnose a disease, but do diagnose deficiencies to help prevent disease.  The kits collect your levels through testing your saliva and urine.

Price Ranges for My Status Testing Kits BELOW

NOTE: If you wish to purchase kits you can find them on Bryce’s website:

Steps for purchasing My Status Kits:

  1. Go to Bryce Wylde’s Website,
  2. Resister for an account,
  3. Purchase your desired kit and enter PROMO Code: CXVAU
  4. Follow the collection instructions i.e. urine or saliva,
  5. Lab results will be posted in your personal account online,
  6. You now have the knowledge of what you are deficient in and what supplements you need; come see us at a location near you!

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to use the PROMO code when purchasing your kits. Enter Promo Code CXVAU to receive an additional 10% discount and for your chance to win a year’s supply of your choice of any Ascenta Product.


Cortisol $61.00   CAD
DHEA $61.00   CAD
Estradiol (E2) $61.00   CAD
Estriol (E3) $61.00   CAD
Estrone (E1) $61.00   CAD
Melatonin $61.00   CAD
Progesterone $61.00   CAD
Testosterone $61.00   CAD


5-Hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-HIAA) $64.00   CAD
Beta-phenylethylamine (PEA) $64.00   CAD
DOPAC $64.00   CAD
Dopamine $64.00   CAD
Epinephrine $64.00   CAD
GABA $64.00   CAD
Glutamate $64.00   CAD
Glycine $64.00   CAD
Histamine $64.00   CAD
Norepinephrine $64.00   CAD
Serotonin $64.00   CAD
Taurine $64.00   CAD
Tryptamine $64.00   CAD
Tyramine (4-hydroxy-phenethylamine) $64.00   CAD


Omega-3 $80.00   CAD


Adrenal   Health (#7001) $177.00   CAD
Female   Cycle Map (#7011) $381.00   CAD
Melatonin   Rythm (#7033) $112.00   CAD
NeuroAdrenal-Basic   (#9028) $371.00   CAD
NeuroSLP   (#9127) $340.00   CAD
NeuroEndocrine   Comprehensive (#9606)


WHERE To Purchase My Status Kits

As mentioned above, we DO NOT sell the kits in our stores.  We are here to inform you about the kits and to tell you they are available on Bryce’s website.  You can learn more about MyStatus ™ testing at

WHY Are My Status Kits Necessary?

Message from Bryce Wylde: Some experts say “there is only one major disease and that is malnutrition”. In fact, all ailments and afflictions to which we may be genetically predisposed, can be directly correlated to this disease. And, I’m not talking about third world country deficiencies. Indeed, nutrient deficiencies are epidemic the land of plenty.

When we don’t get enough B12, we can’t assimilate iron properly or make strong red blood cells and we become aneimic. When anemic, we get weak, depressed, and vulnerable to disease.

75% of North Americans take more than one supplement every day. You’re probably one of them. But, have you ever wondered what your vitamin or mineral status is?

Appreciating how important these levels are to your health and the prevention of disease, perhaps you’ve asked your family doctor to check them for you. In our often cumbersome medical system you may have already been rejected. But to no real fault of your GP! Often, a medical doctor won’t know what to do with the results. In some cases they won’t know how to interpret them. That’s because being slightly or very low – or HIGH – for a given nutrient or toxin isn’t considered a disease unless of course its an outright deficiency. What we DO know however, is that an imbalanced nutrient status can LEAD to disease.

The only REAL way to know what you need more or less of, is to get tested yourself using the latest available assessment technology.

My company, Wylde About Health, Inc., has, however, made testing your vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, amino acid, hormones, neurotransmitters, and even toxins accessible, easy and convenient so that anyone can understand with real accuracy what their current health status is related to their nutrient status.


This is an exciting new venture and we will continue to inform you of the developments.  We will eventually be doing a website with Bryce Wylde where we will offter UNIQUE products.  Bryce ALSO has his NEW show coming soon!!  There is lots to look forward to.  Stay tuned for more developments.  If you have more questions, go to Bryce’s Website.  You can resister for an account it is free.

You can learn more about MyStatus ™ testing at

We hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.


Angela Sasso: Vancouver Personal Fitness and Wellness Trainer!

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Angela Sasso is one of Vancouvers finest personal fitness trainers.  I have shared her interview with Dr. Likey, her background and experience in the fitness world as well as her Weight Loss Cook book and now I want to let you know about her latest promotion as it is so important to get active.  A lot of times we do not exercise because we think it isn’t fun or because we feel silly doing it and do not know how.  Angela Sasso makes it fun and helps you find the motivation you  have been looking for.  Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus feel that having a tailored healthy lifestyle program set up for just you is the key to success.  Dr. Oz also is always talking about this approach.  In order to succeed it is about the whole picture, eating healthy, active lifestyle, fitness and supplementation to fill in the deficiencies.  Hope you enjoy the read!


As summer is fast approaching, feeling our best in fitness & health becomes a priority. This summer, I am offering an

Intro to Personal Training Special for $125 which includes 3 hour long sessions. (value $210)

This offer is valid until until June 22nd

Hope you all have a great summer!


Angela Sasso


“Helping people Lose Weight & Feel Great!”

As always, we hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.

Also, if there is not a location near you, we do MAIL ORDERS call us toll free at 1 866 499 9546


Dr Oz Recommends: White Kidney Bean as your Carb Blocker (Phase 2)

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Alive Brand Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer! White Kidney Bean

Are you trying to lose weight, but instead find yourself losing the battle against carbohydrates?  Carbohydrates are loved by many of us especially in North America!  We love pizza’s, breads, pasta’s, potatoes and pretty much anything starchy!  It is almost impossible for someone to cut them out completely because life has to be somewhat enjoyable and let’s face it, a freshly baked Italian loaf of bread with some butter on it is to die for.  There is a healthy way to sneak some of your favourite meals in, such as a beautiful pasta dinner without feeling guilty.  Dr. Oz has been talking about the miracle’s of the White Kidney Bean recently and this is the same thing as Phase 2.  Phase 2 is the trademark name for the White Kidney Bean and essentially it is a starch neutralizerAlive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus have been helping people manage their weight with the safe and effective Phase 2 for years!  We have many testimonials, many success stories and a lot of happy campers because they have been able to find that balance.



Main Points/Benefits of Phase 2:

  • Starch makes up most of the diet 25-33% in most cases and taking Phase 2 will neutralize 375-495 calories a day even if you do not make any other changes to your diet or physical activity (however, we always recommend a balance in life, always find something active to do that you will enjoy)
  • When you neutralize 375-495 calories a day that is enough to lose a pound every 7 to 9 days!  That is without changing anything!  Imagine if you through in some exercise!
  • Phase 2 will not help you against sugars in cakes or cookies (basically sweets).  Phase 2 will only neutralize the starches, this is important to note.  If you also have trouble with sweets and you are on the verge of becoming diabetic or you are diabetic you may want to consider PGX or Go 4 Trim which has the Konjac Root fibre  will help you with those sugar craving.  Dr. Oz also speaks very highly of Glucomannan (Konjac Root).  For more information on Go 4 Trim and PGX come in and see us at a location near youI have also written a previous article on Go 4 Trim.
  • Phase 2 contains NO stimulants, it is safe, effective and INSTANT!
  • Many Asians find Phase 2 helpful!  If you love noodles, dumplings and other starchy Dim Sum foods this is a must for you!

What is Phase 2? And HOW does it Work?

Phase 2 contains (Phaseolamin 2250) this is an exclusive all natural compound extracted from a portion of the white kidney bean.  Through numerous studies, Phase 2 has been found effective in neutralizing carbohydrates safely!  Therefore, Phase 2 prevents starch from being converted into sugar and eventually into fat!  When Phase 2 is consumed before a starchy meal, it later excretes a solid waste of starch (carbohydrates)!  Phase 2 works by binding itself to the enzyme Amylase which is produced by the pancreas and thus does not convert starch into sugar.  Diabetics may also benefit from Phase 2.  This makes sense because diabetics have trouble controlling their sugar and insulin.  When taking Phase 2 starch will not convert into sugar and then a diabetic doesn’t need extra insulin to deal with the starch. 

Why Does Eating STARCH (Carbohydrates) make us gain weight?

After we eat starch an enzyme called Amylase converts starch into simple sugar.  If we have a fast metabolism or we are engaged in enough physical activity/exercise some of these sugars will burn, otherwise it is stored as fat in your body.  Everyone is always worried about consuming too much fat, but many people still are not aware that you must watch your starch intake!  They sneak up on you.  Just remember, if you are sitting all day at work and you consume 2500 hundred calories throughout the day with most of it being carbs, you will be gaining weight if there is no exercise to burn off those calories you are not using.  Phase 2 will neutralize 75% of those,  then you need some to give you energy and lastly with a little bit of exercise you will take care of the rest! 

As always we thank you for reading!  We hope you enjoyed the article.  While supplements are here to help you, remember that making healthy changes to your diet as well as incorporating physical activity into your life are always a good habit to get into.  No matter what, you are what you eat and do.  If you sit around too much your blood vessels and arteries will sit around too getting hard and stiff.  Weight management is tough and Phase 2 is here to help you get some results safely and effectively.  At Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus we are dedicated to helping you with your whole health; we strive to create a healthy balanced lifestyle.  We look forward to helping you with what ever your health care needs are at a location near you! 

We also are happy to do mail orders.  Call toll free at: 1866-499-9546


Dr Oz Tips on Preventing Heart Disease

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A recumbent bike is easy on your joints, easy on your back, but gets your heart pumping!

We are always trying to help our customers achieve the best possible health they can.  Genetics play a factor, but what is even more powerful, is what we can do with our genetics by how we live, the choices we make, and of course the more knowledge we have on how to look after ourselves, the better off we will be.  Dr. Oz is all about prevention, and this has been our goal as well at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus.  There is lots of support on how to take charge of your health, but ultimately it is up to you to make the change

There is no better way to start then to start with your heart!  Heart disease is one of the most preventable diseases, but it is also the most common.  This article is a summary of Dr. Oz’s proposal to get a healthy heart in just 28 days.  Then of course there will be added tips along the way.



Something to think about:

  • Every 30 sec someone has a heart attack
  • Every minute someone dies
  • Every day 1300 people die
  • BUT it doesn’t have to be this way, so get rid of your fear and get excited about the changes you can make that will reduce your chances of heart disease by 90%!

5 Major Factors of Heart Disease:

  • Blood pressure
  • Smoke
  • Cholesterol 
  • Gender
  • Age

Remember that if you look at the 5 factors, you can change 3 out of the five, so it’s time to work on: Blood Pressure, Quitting Smoking, and Reducing Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

Other Major Points on Dr. Oz’s Show:

  • How to keep your arteries clean
    • Do this by: clean eating lots of vegetables 7 servings day, moving and stretching, doing activities, finding simple exercises you enjoy ( for me it is playing badminton, but when there is no time, I use the stairs in my house, or use my recumbent bike)
    • Reduce inflammation in the blood vessels, by stretching everyday before work and when you get home, also reduce your stress, because stress causes damage in blood vessels. Stress makes the blood vessel constrict and this is even more prevalent in woman

Dr Oz’s 28 Day Heart Challenge Broken Down into 4 Weeks:

Week One (Improving your arteries)

  • Artery maintenance
  • 2 Tablespoons of flax seed oil prevents blood from clumping
  • Oatmeal for breakfast holds your blood sugar, and keeps you from over eating
  • Stretch every morning and after work

Week Two (Incorporating Physical Activity)

  • Try to get moving, get your blood flowing
  • Challenge your heart: climb your stairs for 7 minutes a day
  • You can reduce your chance of heart disease by one third with regular physical activity!

Week three (Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol)

  • Eat 3 fruits a day
  • Vegetables are now your entree!
  • Meats are the side dish

Week four (Lessen Your  Stress – The Silent Killer)

  • Reduce stress: call someone for a social engagement once a week, pick up the phone and make a positive phone call when their is time, this all helps to reduce stress
  • People stressed and depressed are more prone to have heart attacks
  • Have sex more!

Dr Oz recommends the Mediterranean Diet!

  • Below is the Mediterranean Pyramid
  • 7 servings of veges beans, nuts oils red wine
  • Fish twice a week
  • Poultry eggs dairy
  • Meats small portions
  • Sweets

Other Tips and Interesting Things to Know

  • People living in the Mediterranean tend to live longer
  • They have 22% Less breast cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dr. Oz is from Turkey
  • Hidden health secret from the Greeks… they eat their meals together with people and this reduces stress, they walk everyday and this contributes to less stress and they take time to power nap for 15 min a day
  • People in the Mediterranean rarely eat saturated fats
  • In Turkey people know their nuts and seeds: Nuts are filled with the good fats and they help the cholesterol to go down.  Nuts also regulate heart rhythm, they contain fibre and you don’t digest them all the way, which keeps you fuller longer
  • Lastly, love your heart, but also love your liver.  By choosing the healthier foods for your Heart, you will also be doing your liver a favour.  The liver has over 500 functions, one of them is that it detoxifies you!
  • Ways to help your liver is to eat: curry, garlic and broccoli

Some of Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun, and Supplements Plus top products to help you prevent Heart Disease:

  1. Strauss Heart Drops: Uncloggs Arteries, lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol!
  2. Fish oil!  We now have a one-a-day in the Alive Brand, called Ultimate Omega
  3. Platinum Multivitamins and the 45+ has Co-enzyme Q-1o which is a fabulous antioxidant for the heart!  If this Multi is too expensive we also have many others to choose from like Alive Brand Super One Plus, or Alive Brand Vital Plex!

As always thank you for reading, and we truly look forward to helping you with your health goals!  We look forward to seeing you at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus!



Guest on the Beat 94.5 Kid Carson Show: Dr Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.

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This morning on The Beat 94.5, the Kid Carson Show had a wonderful guest, Dr Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.  She is

Dr. Tasreen Alabhai N.D. guest on The Beat shares some easy steps to change your life in a big way.

a well known Naturopathic Doctor in the Vancouver area and she was on the morning show to discuss the small changes we can make that will make a big difference.  Part of the problem with New Year resolutions is we make them too large and we become overwhelmed and often times we cannot follow through. 

This is what Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, N.D. had to say about:

  • Key Nutrients, supplements
  • A suggestion for a detox
  • Easy exercise
  • Smoking
  • Getting rid of Belly Fat
  • The importance of Routine
  • Lastly, her most important tip!

If you have never taken any supplement before and you have no idea where to start these were her suggestions, (Note she was not brand specific, because Naturopaths will often have their own lines, if you are not ready to see a Naturopath yet I put a few different brands.  They are excellent quality.

  1. Good quality Multivitamin.  This is your foundation and it will help you with your energy levels, and your exercise program. If you want a one a day try Alive Super One Plus, or if you need a smaller pill try Platinum Multivitamins.
  2. Good quality fish oil with no toxins, they should have IFOS testing.  Alive Wild Salmon Fish Oil with the small fish i.e. sardines is excellent, if you need a higher concentration of EPA and DHA the omega 3 essential fatty acids then you can try Renew Lifes Fish Oils, or Nutrasea.
  3. B-Complex will help you combat stress.  B vitamins are good for so many functions in the body and a good one to try is the Alive B-Complex 100.  There is also a B-50 available in capsule if you have trouble swallowing.  Lastly, Prairie Naturals has an excellenet B-Complex in liquid form.

Next she talked about DETOXING:

She suggested to try letting your organs naturally detoxify themselves.  How do you do this?  This is where you need to truly cutt out sugar, cutt out coffee, fatty foods, alcohol etc.  This gives your body a rest particularily your liver.  This is common sense, but of course you need to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in dark colours.  She also recommended that you eat veges that are root veges, such as: yams.  Also it is great to consume onions and garlic.  Lastly, rather than drinking juice, coffee and caffinated teas, try having water with lemon.  It is recommended to have the water at room temperature.

Exercise you can handle:

Most of us cannot fit in an intense exercise and if we can we can never stick to it unless we were born to do it and absolutely love it.  Therefore, like many other Doctors and Naturopaths, include moderate exercise of 30 minutes a day.  A brisk walk even counts and it is something that everyone can afford.  Also little lifestyle changes that can make a big difference: park further away from the door, walk to places if possible, take the stairs etc.  All of these things can really add up.

Quitting Smoking?

If you are trying to quit, you need all the help you can get.  Her two suggestions were: load up on antioxidants to help you detox, secondly, you can use the herb Avena Sativa to help reduce nicotene cravings.  She does note that with herbs you should always check with a health care professional to make sure you can take it.

Belly Fat?

Are you doing everything you can to loose stubborn belly fat?  This is nothing new and we have been helping customers with this at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus for years and there has been lots of success.  However there are still people who do not know about the correlation between stress and belly fat.  Everytime we get stressed, Cortisol is a hormone that releases and when we have too much circulating around in our system, belly fat gets produced.  We have a great supplement called Relora that balances Cortisol and reduces your belly fat.  People often combine Relora with CLA which is Conjugated, Linoleic Acid and this is a natural fat burner. 

Her last two important tips were stressing how important routine is for your body and drinking water.  Most of us walk around dehydrated and our bodies are 60 to 70% water.  Also routine gets your body in balance.  When you sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time Melatonin releases properly.  This hormone is not only what allows you to sleep but it also replenishes your body.

As always thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at Alive Health Centre, Supplements Plus, and Morning Sun to help you reach your health potential!  Make 2010 your best year yet!


The Natural Viagra: Male Enhancer Extra LHT

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Sometimes age and health obsticles can get in the way of your sex life.  Many of us are aware of Viagra, but there are alternatives to Viagra and the natural way that works is with the product called Extra LHT.  Many men are affected by erectile dysfunction, even young men who are in their 30’s.  Erectile dysfunction happens when there is a decrease in testosterone production.  Testosterone is a very important hormone that creates energy, maintains muscle mass and keeps a healthy sex drive. DSC04718

What to expect from EXTRA LHT

  • Extra LHT enhances orgasm intensity and duration
  • Extra LHT will increase energy
  • Extra LHT maintains a larger erection

What is in EXTRA LHT

  • Asian Panax Ginseng – treats fatigue, impotence and frigidity
  • Tongkat Ali Extract – is known as the sexual treasure of S.E. Asia it’s known for Testosterone enhancing properties
  • Horny Goat Weed – its active ingredient is Icarin and Icarin increases Nitric Oxide which helps increase the blood flow to the penis and this is the key to firmer and stronger erections.
  • Maca Root – enhances strength, endurance, reduces enlarged prostate glands, heigtens libido and improves semen quality, improves erectile function and supports healthy orgasms

For more information on this fantastic safe male enhancement supplement, come visit us where you can only get Extra LHT which is at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus.


PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome

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Trying to get through your day, but PMS symptoms are in the way

Trying to get through your day, but PMS symptoms are in the way

Does this sound familiar?

  • Bloating of the abdomen
  • Breast tenderness
  • Cramps
  • Cravings for certain foods
  • Depression
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Tension and irritability
  • Acne breakouts

The above are some of the symptoms that most women experience every month.  Some women do not experience everything listed above, but even having one of the symptoms can create havoc.   Women often wonder why all of these terrible symptoms happen to us each and every month?  There are reasons for them, but there are also ways that you can help yourself deal with these symptoms.  Having your period does not have to be a painful experience.

The reason women have these symptoms is as a result of the different hormones being secreted during the woman’s menstrual cycle which usually consists of 28 days.  When a woman’s hormones get out of balance it is referred to as, “Hormone Havoc.”  Lorna Vanderhaeghe, who is one of the leaders in women’s natural health, wrote one of the most thorough books on women’s hormone health along with the well respected Dr. Pettle and it is entitled, “Sexy Hormones.”  She explains that one of the reasons why many women become estrogen dominant stems from our environment.  Things like our detergents, medications, and stress can create estrogen dominance.  Some of the symptoms of estrogen dominance are: acne, depression, irritability, loss of sex drive, period irregularity, weight gain and basically PMS.  Along with a proper diet and exercise, one of the solutions is to take a supplement called EstroSmart put out by Lorna.  It is extremely safe with no side effects.  Many women are thrilled to have their skin back and no PMS symptoms after waiting a few cycles while taking the product.  Her formula consists of the following: I3C, D-Glucarate, decaffeinated green tea extract, curcumin, milk thistle, sulforaphane, rosemary and lycopene.  The recommended dosage is two capsules twice daily.

The other extremely important supplements to consider are your healthy omega-6 oils such as evening primrose, and borage oil.  These oils help reduce cramps, mood, as well as breast tenderness.  Another supplement is calcium magnesium.  It is not only important for your bone health and heart health, but they also help prevent cramping.  A safe herb called vitex is also extremely helpful for easing cramping.

What about your diet?  Cut down on the caffeine for starters.  Coffee lovers will be disappointed to know that caffeine triggers a rise in estrogen which greatly contributes to your symptoms of PMS.  Lorna among other health experts discuss that a thickened uterine lining is caused by too much estrogen with low levels of progesterone and this is often the root of heavy periods.  One way to cut down on coffee is to drink green tea.  It is filled with antioxidants and will enhance your mental acuity for the whole day.  Also, be wary of cold drinks roughly one week before you menstruate.  Traditional Chinese Herbalists are always instructing their patients to eat warm foods and drinks to prevent severe cramping.

PMS is never going to be a breeze, and there is much more to it than I have discussed.  Again if you have any more questions, feel free to contact me or visit me at Alive Health Centre in Oakridge mall.


Natural Breast Enhancement: Firm N’ Gro

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"Don't go under the knife, try the natural way"

"Don't go under the knife, try the natural way"

Firm N’ Gro is the natural and safe way to go if you wish to have larger and firmer breasts.  According to the American Surgens of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) in 2008 more than 350,000 thousand woman had breast implants.  Many people feel we should be happy with what we have, but people always want what they do not have or what is thought to be what the opposite sex desires.   Since this is the nature of people, woman should know about Firm N’ Gro, which is one of the natural ways to firm and enlarge their breasts.

After women give birth the common complaint is that their breasts have never been the same and they are looking for something to help.  Firm N’ Gro can help women achieve this wothout having to go under the knife.

How does Firm N’ Gro work?

Firm N’ Gro works with the glandular system.  Not only will it make your breasts larger it has also helped many women with their PMS symptoms.  The dosage is very important in order to achieve results.  While women have seen results with one box, it is crucial that women follow the while program in order to maintain all the work you have put into this. 

Why use a naural method and what could be the potential risks of breast Surgery?

  • All surgery involves risks, so if it is not absolutely necassary such as having a breast reduction which can create health problems, then avoid it.
  • After the surgery you cannot go back.
  • You always have to be under general anesthesia when having breast augmentation.
  • After breast implants you run the risk of not being able to breast feed.
  • You run the risk of one or more of the following: infection, pain, bleeding, implant rupture and/or tissue breakdown.
  • Transplanted tissue can form lumps called “fat necrosis.” Lumps in the breast causes anxiety and uneeded stress.  Stress is the cause of other diseases such as cardiovasculae disease.  We need to lessen stress as much as possible. If the lumps do not go away, more surgery will be required down the road to ensure it is not cancerous.
  • You will have scarring. Some may be less obvious than another.
  • You run the risk of not liking to style of your breast augmentation.  Remember there are many different shapes a breast can take on and not all surgeons will do it they way you were expecting it to look like.
  • Let’s face it, it just doesn’t look natural.

Of course many women are perfectly fine after they have undergone breast surgery even some of my friends have done it, but they admit that they feel very fortunate that nothing went wrong and wish that they had taken a natural approach.

Firm N’ Gro is one of the more complicated products that needs further explanation.  If you are considering altering your breast remember to  look out for your breast health.  You can do this by using a natural approach such as Firm N’ Gro, with the added benefit of larger and firmer breasts.   Come and visit us at Alive Health Centre and we will explain the dosaging, how long it takes to see results, and what the ingreedients are!