We all have heard a lot about Vitamin D and how important it is to have adequate amounts especially during the winter.   This article is a reminder to take your Vitamin D this winter.   Most  of you know about Vitamin D, but sometimes it sits on the counter and we forget to take it.   Below will remind you of the reasons you shouldn’t forget.

Research states that  Vitamin D deficiency in adults can lead to osteopenia, osteoporosis, depressed moods, sleeping problems, muscle weakness, fractures, cancers, autoimmune diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. There is also some evidence that Vitamin D may reduce several types of cancer and type-1 diabetes.   Many of us especially women walk around with tiny little fractures and silcea is a mineral that is very important to combat against osteopenia (the precursor of osteoporosis) but Vitamin D also plays a vital role in preventing fractures.   Vitamin D helps absorb your calcium so it is not not just sitting there doing nothing.   Reality is calcium is useless if it doesn’t get absorbed so make sure you take a good form of  calcium, such as a calcium citrate with Vitamin D and magnesium.   Keep in mind there are even better calciums such as Coral Calcium and if you are older, already have osteoporosis, or there is osteoporosis in your family the AOR Brand Bone Basics is top notch.    At Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus we can take the time to explain all the differences and we can find you what suites your needs based on gender, age, family history etc.    

So how much Vitamin D should you take?

There are many answers.   The recommended daily value still remains at 1000iu for adults.   Then there are other factors such as: age, your current health condition (for example if you have osteoporosis), and where you live.   Basically at the moment somewhere between 1000iu and 2000iu is good.   However, there are many studies where people have reversed osteoporosis with very high levels of vitamin D, and if you wish to do this see your doctor or your naturopath.     Another point about Vitamin D is many people say   “the sun gives you Vitamin D.” Remember that your body produces the Vitamin D, but when the sun is absent, your body cannot produce it.  

Good Brands?

There are many: Natural Factors, AOR Drops, Sisu Sublingual, those are some suggestions.

So keep things simple this winter, elevate your mood and keep yourself healthy by remembering to take your Vitamin D.   Vitamin D3 is what you will be looking for in the health store.   As always we look forward to helping you with your health care needs at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus! Take care and thanks for reading.

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