At Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus we are having a MINI SALE so you can keep you and your loved ones healthy over the holidays. 

We have all the essentials on sale for you:

1). Multi Vitamins

2). Fish Oils

3). Joint formulas

4). Antioxidants

and much, much more….

One of Alive’s NEWEST products is a one a day Super Critical Fish Oil!  If you or someone you know is tired of taking 6 or more fish oil softgels a day, the new Alive Brand Super Critical one a day is a fantastic choice.  Just one capsule provides 790mg of EPA!  This is great for the heart, high cholesterol (LDL), skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

Come on in to a location near you and get some healthy goodies for your family and friends.  Vitamins are a great way to add to your stocking stuffers and we have some fantistic deals.  Antioxidants starting as low as $9.99!  Look forward to seeing you and as always, thanks for reading.

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