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 *Due to popular demand! Information on Aqualin*

It is extremely difficult to find a moisturizer that is free from chemicals, fragrances, and doesn’t clog your pores.  Aqualin is a fantastic moisturizer that works for our customers because it is 100% pure with no chemicals, it is non-clogging and it has only two natural ingredients which are: electrolyte-free water and vegetable glycerin.  Aqualin is superior to other moisturizers because it actually keeps the water from evaporating allowing your skin to never feel the thirst.  Even if you have oily skin remember that Aqualin is greaseless and water soluble.  Often times with acne, or oily skin the infected area becomes very dry once it starts the healing process.  Aqualin will help replenish and renew the skin protecting it from redness and scaring.  Therefore, Aqualin is a fabulous moisturizer for all!

The reason our skin becomes flakey, is due to the extreme temperature changes, as well as the commercial soaps and harsh detergents our skin encounters.  Aqualin uses the key ingredient glycerin to provide continuous moisture to the skin.  If we do not hydrate our bodies or moisturize ourselves, we loose water in our skin and this is how we start to “age” and wrinkle.  Therefore, it is no secret, but it is absolutely vital that we replenish our skin with moisture.  Aqualin is truly amazing when it comes to dealing with wrinkles, but it also repairs the skin from extreme cases such as, burns of flakey itchy skin.

How to use Aqualin is simple.  Wash your face with a chemical free cleanser such as Robert Urists Mild Cleansing Gel.  Then while the face is still wet, squeeze out a small drop (the size of a green pea) onto the palm of your hand.  Mix it with a touch of water and apply all over your face and neck or where ever desired.  Lastly, do NOT pat your face dry, let the water be absorbed by your skin along with the Aqualin.  Your skin is like a plant it is thirsty and it will thank you for the moisture you have provided.

The cost of the Aqualin is $35.99 for the original formula 4 oz tube.  The 4 oz goes a long way.  This is not a product that you are constantly running out of and it is worth every penny to ensure that you are not dosing your skin with harmful agents.

Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus have been selling Aqualin for a number of years, and Alice Chung the owner of Alive is often described as a young 71 year old and her secret is Aqualin!  Everyday people complement her on her soft youthful skin.  She does not use any creams or skin products outside of the natural health industry and her favourite is Aqualin.

Key Points on Aqualin:

  • Pure skin relieving moisturizer,
  • It is greaseless and non-clogging,
  • Hypoallergenic,
  • It is non-irritating to the skin and eyes,
  • It is non-staining,
  • It is great for soothing burns, from the wind sun or kitchen,
  • There are only two ingreedients: electrolyte-free water and glycerin,
  • It renews from head to toe: flaky scalp, dry lines even around the eyes, hands, cuticles, nails, elbows, knees, legs, and feet.

As always thanks for your support!  Look forward to seeing you in the stores!

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Pure and Greaseless Aqualin Skin Reviving Moisturizer (Original Formula)

  1. I’ve used Aqualin for years and swear by it. I had been buying it at a health food store in Owen Sound, Ont., but they’ve run out and I can’t seem to find it anymore. One Canadian website says it’s “discontinued”. Is it still being manufactured? Where can I buy it?
    Thanks for your help.

  2. Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun, and Supplements Plus chains are the only health stores left in Canada where you can buy Aqualin. You can call 604-263-3235 (Alive Health Centre in Oakridge Mall Vancouver BC) and do a mail order with Alive Health Centre. This is where the owner works 3 days a week (Alice Chung). She works Thursday Friday and Saturday from 11:00am until 5:00pm. You can phone anytime of course, all the staff can help you. Well, I hope this helps. Take care.

  3. Where can I buy aqualin skin reviving moisturizer. My mom used this product and gave it to my sister and I before she died. Im trying to find any tubes of the original formula. Can you help me?
    Joy Omlid

  4. Hi Joy, I am so sorry but the original product has been discontinued. Alive is close to manufacturing our own version of this product to serve our customers, but it will not be the original tube you are looking for.

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