Lorna Vanderhaeghe - Master of Health Studies and a degree in Biochemistry
Lorna Vanderhaeghe - Master of Health Studies and a degree in Biochemistry

As always Lorna Vanderhaeghe never disappoints! A few weeks ago,  she conducted a free seminar on her new product called Sytrinol that  is proven to lower your lousy cholesterol (LDL) and keep your healthy cholesterol (HDL) at the optimal level.   Lousy and healthy are just key words to help you remember which is your good and bad cholesterol.   The proper name for LDL  is  (low density lipoproteins) and for HDL  (high density lipoproteins).

What is all the fuss about cholesterol?

Cholesterol is not that hard to understand, and it is one of those things that is easier to control than most people think.   All you need is a simple blood test and your doctor can tell you where you are.   Cholesterol is definately needed and it is not all bad otherwise we would not have it in the first place.    However,  it is our lifestyles that get our Cholesterol out of balance, which ultimately puts us at risk for heart disease.   According to Lorna, Over 40% of North Americans have high cholesterol, but the good news is that nine out of 10 people can lower their LDL and improve their HDL with dietary changes and nutritional supplements alone!

More Reasons To Try Sytrinol, The Natural Approach Before Statin Drugs

Sometimes we are too quick to succomb to Statin Drugs.   While their are times that they are necassary, their are times when we should look at a natural approach that does not have any side effects like Sytrinol.   Here are the side effects of Cholesterol lowering Statin Drugs:

  1. An increase in breast cancer.
  2. An increse in Estrodile (bad estrogen, too much can lead to cnacers).
  3. A decrease in CO-Q-10, which is a phenominal antioxident that your liver produces naturally. Statin drugs stop the liver from producing this antioxident.   CO-Q-10 keep your arteries healthy, and prevents hardening of the arteries.

What is a normal reading for cholesterol?

According to Lorna, your total cholesterol should be less than 5.2 mmol/L, your HDL should be greater than 1.3 mmol/L for women and greater than 1.0 mmol/L for men.   Lastly, your LDL should be less than 2.6 mmmol/L.

What is the Next Step

If you know that you have high cholesterol, it is not too late to do something about it.   Lorna Vanderhaeghe has been in the industry for over 25 years.   She has a Master in Health Studies and a degree in Biochemistry.   Lorna is the author of nine books.   Her newest one is entitled: Your 30 Day Heart Smart Solution.   You can visit her on her interactive website http://healthyimmunity.com/  If you want to make a change regarding your high cholesteral, high blood pressure and your heart health in general, here is Lorna’s advice along with Alive Health Centre Supplements Plus and Morning Sun:

  1. Fish Oil or Lorna’s Vegetarian Essential Fatty Acids (DHA & EPA)
  2. Sytrinol
  3. Magnesium Glycinate
  4. Pomergranate Extract
  5. CO-Q-10
  6. Pycnoginal 200mg
  7. Non Flushin Niacin
  8. Vit C
  9. Green Tea
  10. Curcummin
  11. Vitamin E

Remember, if you are already on Statin Drugs, then you should NOT stop your medications on your own.   You should also consult your doctor before taking anything else especially of you are on blood pressure medications.   If you want to make a change you should:

  1. Stay on your medications until you talk to your doctor.
  2. Talk to your doctor about a different approach, or find one that will help you with  a natural  approach.   They will monitor you.
  3. It is possible to take Sytrinol with Statin Drugs, but you must be under the suprovision of your Doctor.
  4. Eventually you can go off the Statin Drugs.
  5. Then get tested in one month to make sure everything is heading in the right direction.

As always, we hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus.   Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can to better your health!   Get excited and take charge of your health.   Let’s work together,  along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life.   Look forward to seeing you!

* Readers please note that Lorna Vanderhaeghe now has her own product line the “Smart Series”. For example EstroSmart, VeinSmart etc.   She is no longer with the company Preferred Nutrition.   At the time when this article was written she represented Sytrinol.   She no longer does; again she has her own lone now.   Sorry for the confusion or any inconvenience.

4 thoughts on “What Happened At Lorna Vanderhaeghe’s Sytrinol Seminar

  1. When will you be having a seminar in Lethbridge or Calgary Alberta?

  2. Is the recommended dose 300mg/day? What other components are best combined with Sytrinol.

  3. Yes the recommended dose is 300mg which is one capsule per day. An example of some of the other supplements that you combine with Sytrinol to help your heart health are: Garlic, and fish oil.

  4. We do not hold public seminars (meaning Alive Health Centre). I went to one of Lorna’s seminars and blogged about what she was discussing. Just wanted to share her knowledge and interesting talk. Therefore, I do not know when she will be having another public seminar. Sorry for the confusion, have a great weekend!

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