Systemic Enzymes
Systemic Enzymes

Most people know that there are digestive enzymes, which are primarily used for breaking down our food.   Wobenzyme uses systemic enzymes.    The purpose of systemic enzymes is  they assist the body’s various regulatory and communication systems.     Enzymes are extremely valuable to us because they are involved in balancing our immune systems, as well as many metabolic processes.     Systemic enzymes  make it possible for us to: breath, grow, produce energy, conduct nerve impulses, help us recover after exercise, and much more.   In fact scientist believe that our body uses over 15,000 enzymes on a daily basis.  

Wobenzyme is a German product and  has recently been bought by a Canadian company called Atrium Innovations.   This is why it  is becoming more well known in  North America.    In Germany Asprin is the  number one  OTC with Wobenzyme coming in second!   It is helping people all over Europe with many autoimmune disorders, pain, cancer, heart health, inflammation, skin conditions  and more.   It is very exciting to have this product become more well known in North America to enrich the health of Canadians!  

Wobenzyme has a tremendous amount of history in fact it has been around for over 50 years.   It also has an extensive amount of  scientific research supporting its effectiveness.   In fact today there are over 800 medical experts at hospitals across the world studying and publishing the positive health effects of Wobenzym.

Inflammation is the root of  many diseases and  Wobenzyme balances  inflammation.   Remember that 90% of the inflammation our body experiences we cannot feel.   We are a super inflammed society and Wobenzyme regulates this problem.  

Alive Health Centre, Supplements Plus and Morning Sun are very proud to be carrying this product.   Come in and see us, we would love to be able to help you.  

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