We are all very aware of the trends in the supplement world.   After Christmas

Loose weight or even just manage your weight now before the holidays!  Look after yourself first!
Loose weight or even just manage your weight now before the holidays! Look after yourself first!

comes weightloss time!   We always see, shed the pounds, melt away the fat and burn those empty calories!   Don’t wait until a specific time of the year to eat healthier and incorporate exercise?   Start early this year and look after yourself during the holidays and in the end your will be much happier and you will enjoy yourself much more over the holidays.

Quick tips and ideas:

1.   Are you frustrated by the mall parking lots?   Avoid the parking madness and walk to the nearest mall or shopping centre in your area.   Not everyone has this luxury, but if you do try it!   You end up getting a great work out from walking a good  distance and you do not encounter as much stress trying to battle for a parking spot.   The cool fresh air is fantastic and your circulation improves dramitically with a long walk.   You will feel more energy, less irratible and you will notice that it does not really take that much time out of your day.   Also make sure you choose small gifts so you can manage carrying them home.     By walking you can keep your cortisol hormone down during the holidays; everytime you are stressed cortisol rises and this creates belly fat.  

2.   Stress leads to point number two.   A supplement that is very safe and completely natural is called Relora.   If you suffer from stress and you find the holidays to be even more overwhelming, Relora helps to decrease cortisol and increase your happy hormone called DHEA.   Therefore, Relora helps you with both weight loss, especially that stubborn belly fat  and stress management.   It is a great idea to take Relora with the safe and natural fat burner CLA.  

3.   Stumped for stocking stuffers for your kids?   This year instead of chocolate, or candies, do your kids a favour and give them some supplements.   Some tasty ideas are Emergen C powder drinks!   They come in awesome flavours that will get your kids drinking water with the added benefit of minerals and vitamins!  

4.   Do a cleanse now!   If you have never done one before,  try Renew Life (Brand Name)  First cleanse.   This cleanse is only 15 days and it is very easy to follow.   You can do it while working because it is mild enough.   This is a great cleanse for first timers because it is quite gentle on your body.   You still eat while doing it, but the cleanse shows you healthy and tasty subsitutes.   When you eat healthy your cravings will go down for bad food choices.   If you are a regular cleanser meaning a few times a year try Wild Rose Detox.   This cleanse is more intense,  but again it is fairly short 12 days, and you still eat while doing it! Again it teaches you to choose  healthy foods.    Before you choose a  cleanse make sure you talk  to someone at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus  to make sure you find the right cleanse for you!

These are just a few suggestions.   Stay tuned for more.   Remember not to overwhelm yourself with trying to do everything right.   Progress not perfection.    Even if you try one of the suggestions, you are further ahead than you were yesterday.   As always we look forward to helping you at either  Alive health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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