PGX is a product that is here to stay because it works!   It has been around for years now and has worked for millions of people.   Overeating, high blood sugar and type II diabetes are surging throughout North America and this is WHY PGX works so well as it gets you weight loss results by balancing your blood sugar and by curbing your appetite.   When you can control your insulin, you can control overeating and sugar spikes.

Say good bye to the irritable you when you didn’t eat enough carbohydrates and say hello to the NEW you who will now be in control of  your life!

What have people had to say about PGX:

I have been taking your PGX for about a month now and have dropped 7 pounds. Very easy to do if you pay attention. Keep up the good work. I’m telling everyone about it.

Thanks Very Much

A.H. – Kitchener, ON

Hi. This is not a question but a comment. I just want to say that I thank God for this supplement. It has been life changing since I have struggled most of life with sugar cravings and also the last 8 years dealing with crashing after almost every meal on a regular basis. This supplement has helped me to deal with those two problems and I notice the difference when I ran out recently and I’m waiting for 2 bottles to arrive in the mail. Believe me I’m checking my mailbox every day waiting for it. So I wanted to say thank you so much for your research and everything you have done to put this product together, I’m sure pounds drop after not being hungry all the time and controlling myself from eating sweets with PGX’s help. THANK YOU!!!!!
P.H. Wesley Chapel, FL
Update: My mood is better becasue I don’t have blood sugar levels going up and down.


PGX ® (PolyGlycopleX ®), is a novel complex of water-soluble polysaccharides (plant fibres). It was developed after many years of research, most of it focused on the link between blood sugar imbalance, appetite, and weight gain. PGX safely and effectively restores proper blood sugar levels, reduces appetite, and inhibits weight gain.

To understand how one product can do so much you need to understand the link between blood sugar, appetite and weight gain. Many overweight people do not realize that they are on a blood sugar roller coaster:their blood sugar levels rapidly rise and fall throughout the day. The brain pays close attention to this cycle. Minute by minute it monitors blood sugar levels, because a rapid drop is as threatening to the body as a loss of oxygen. When blood sugar falls, the brain sends out powerful messages designed to bring blood sugar back to appropriate levels. “Eat!” the brain demands. These messages that we recognize as food cravings are almost impossible to ignore.


To lose weight effectively, appetite needs to be corrected. To many this involves trying to suppress appetite, but this is a short-term, ineffective solution. For long term success, appetite needs to be corrected through blood sugar balance. PGX ® has been

clinically proven  to correct appetite – helping you lose weight,control and balance blood sugar levels,and even lower cholesterol.    


PGX ® is taken with meals and is available as a softgel capsule or in granular form. PGX ® is sold through grocery stores and pharmacies, health food stores, and through health care professionals and natural dispensaries.   You can feel confident in using PGX ®, because it has been

proven to be safe  in two independent clinical trials.

For More information on PGX: PGX Information

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