Vitamin B 12  is often  over looked as a treatment  of  feeling tired and sometimes to get to the route of being tired it requires a complicated approach, but sometimes it is simple as a B 12 deficiency.   Below is the beginning of Dr. Rona’s Healthwise Gigest article on Vitamin B12.   I hope you find the information useful.

You complain about digestive disturbances and chronic fatigue. After your workout you are far from energized – you are even more tired. You feel like you are just not getting enough air, feel weak and experience numbness and tingling in your hands and feet. The worst part, however, is not being able to remember anything and you feel an ongoing anxiety – worrying about the least little thing. Often you even feel depressed, lethargic. You have ruled out all possible pathology as well as hidden food sensitivities, which can mimic many diseases. Your doctor cannot find a thing wrong with you, is recommending anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs, and has neglected to check for B12 deficiency.

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