Yesterday Dr Oz on had a show on how to  CHEAT your age and it was pretty interesting. Here is a quick summary…

He had a segment on keeping your brain 10 yrs younger:

1. Weight gain starves your brain. Research shows that people who are pair shaped vs apple shaped are more at risk for dementia. Its particularly important to lose weight in your thighs and butt. SOY ISOFLAVONES he recommended for losing weight in your thighs.

2. SAGE amazing for the brain. Protects your memory.

3. Celery eat it! Its an anti-inflammatory. The celery heart which is  the stuff in the middle is the best part for you! Not just the outside ribs.

4. One cup of coffee with 1 teaspoon of RAW cane sugar helps your brain as well.

Then he moved onto Supermarket secrets:

1. Milk at the front is not the right temperature and doesn’t last as long.   Dr. Oz said take your milk from the back.

2. Vegetables that are sprayed with water have mold in the sprinkler systems and  some systems re circulate old water. Wash your veges really well for 30 seconds when you get home, pat them dry and then put them in the fridge so bacteria doesn’t keep spreading. Its good because them you are more likely to grab them for a snack! I tell my customers this all the time especially students. So many people waste their produce because it looks so fresh in the store but then they take it home don’t wash it and then are to busy to prepare a healthy meal.

3. Checkout conveyor belt has soo much bacteria on it. The most deadly is enteroccocus faecalis which causes Menengitis. Bacterial menengitis is  very aggressive and most of the time it is not caught in time. So the obvious solution is never put anything on the belt that doesn’t have a bag.

These were the interesting highlights. Basically be careful in the grocery store. The shopping carts are filled with bacteria they even found fecal matter on it. They say on average 20 people will touch your produce that you buy. Its not to be a germaphobe but just to be aware and take preventative measures. Just wanted to share with you guys!

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