Every day women come in with complaints of frequent yeast infections.   While eating yogart, refraining from hot pantihose, reducing simple carbohydrates and sugars are all important steps  in preventing yeast infections, sometimes this is not enough.   Once Candida is in control, you have to outsmart it with the appropriate strains of bacteria which will overthrow the imbalance.

Candida is fierce once out of control.   Sometimes it shows up in the skin.   When people complain of eczema (itchy red skin)  it can be related to too much sugar or a poor diet which feeds  the overgrowth of yeast.

What to do?

When your yeast infections won’t go away try Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support.   Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support  is a  50 Billion culture formula which contains therapeutic amounts of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. The 9 strains in Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support were chosen for their prevalence in a healthy vagina and urinary tract.  

It is safe, no side effects; this is your good bacteria keeping you in balance! The convenient ONE A DAY dose will eliminate yeast infections and prevent reoccurrence.   You do not have to put  up with yeast infections, you can do something about it with  Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support.    

Right now there are $2.00 coupons off the sale price.   Hurry while the coupons last.   They are in the store already, and are used at the check out.   As always thank you for reading and  we look forward to helping you at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun, or Supplements Plus.   Have a great weekend everyone!

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