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Progressive HCP Symbiotic Kit (Pre& Probiotic) has been referred to as the  Rolls Royce of Probiotics!   When you have tried just about everything and you are in desperate need of controlling your IBS, eczema and other health problems, it may be time to try Progressive’s HCP Symbiotic Kit with 70 billion good bacteria ready to protect your kingdom.   This wonderful probiotic is here to protect your gut and to  host of over 400 Bodily Functions!

 HCP ®70 (Human Colonizing Probiotic, 70 Billion Cells) is a full spectrum dairy free probiotic supplement featuring 6 human strains that implant healthy flora throughout the digestive tract. Prebiotics are FOOD for the good bacteria which allow colonization.   This kit addresses: eczema, vitamin production, immune function, weight management, bloating, IBS, poor complexion, flatulence, food allergies, oral and vaginal health.  



Why is HCP different from other probiotics?  

It is  100% human strains and according to research only human strains will colonize within the GI tract  where plant source strains have failed.

How to use the Kit for BEST Results?

In order to prepare the intestinal terrain and establish proper probiotic implantation, the HCP ®Synbiotic Kit is designed to be taken for an initial 3 month period. Once a proper intestinal environment has been established HCP ®70 can then be taken on its own for ongoing probiotic maintenance. Contains a 30 day supply (60 caps) of both HCP ®Supportand HCP ®70.

Many of us are well informed about PRO-Biotics, so why Are PRE-Biotics sooo important?  

In order to maximize the impact of a probiotic supplement, you need to begin by preparing the intestinal terrain for proper implantation, colonization and proliferation. HCP ®Support contains a family of prebiotics, vegetable concentrates and berry extracts that support probiotic viability while reducing the existing unfriendly bacteria. One of the most helpful analogies  is to think of the probiotics as seeds that are ready to be planted, all they need is a  proper terrain that is prepared for healthhy growth.   Probiotics (seeds) need water and fertilizers (prebiotics)  before hand to ensure that those seeds have a place to grow.

Features of Progressives Prebiotics:

• Multiple Oligosaccharides nourish the intestinal flora
• Cranberry, Elderberry Extracts & Red Wine reduce the adhesion of unfriendly bacteria
• Jerusalem Artichoke protects against yeast
• Colostrum & Lactoferrin inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria
• Full colonizing supportHCP

As always, thank you for reading!   This product is in our flyer until October 21st 2010.   If you have more questions regarding the product come on into a location near you, we look forward to helping you with what ever questions you may have. To find a location near you click on the link: http://www.alivehealthblog.com/stores-location/   Have a fabulous weekend!

4 thoughts on “Progressive HCP Symbiotic Kit (Pre& Probiotic)

  1. I did purchase progresive HCP Synbiotic Kit in Canada,I am going to bring it to my mother in Colombia for her treatment. I am tryn to find the treatment instructions in the web in spanish,but to no avail.
    Please,could you help me or lead me to a web site where I can obtain the instructions in spanish.
    Thank you for yuor help,
    Carlota Jimenez

  2. i used antiputic for long time 4 monts and i had stomech pain i ask a friend to buy me HCP®70
    probiotic i am only in the first weak do u think using it without the HCP®Synbiotic Kit will work

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