Are you looking for not just a good prenatal vitamin, but a fantastic prenatal vitamin? The Platinum Easy Multi Prenatal is what you’ve been in search of.  

Quick Overview Of Platinum Naturals EasyMulti Prenatal

  • Gentle on the stomach.
  • It is a softgel and therefore easy to swallow.
  • Its ONE A DAY!
  • It has been carefully formulated to include a comprehensive range of essential vitamins, minerals and DHA (an important omega 3 oil for the babies brain development).
  • There are no excipients used such as binders, lubricants, fillers, preservatives, or  artificial dyes.
  • Easily absorbed by using Platinums award winning OST (Omega Suspension Technology)  delivery system

How to Take Easy Multi Prenatal

The vitamins and minerals contained in your Easy Multi prenatal are most effective in the first few weeks of pregnancy.   Ideally you should start taking your prenatal as soon as you start trying to conceive.   You should always take your Prenatal with food.   Your prenatal will be better absorbed and better tolerated by the stomach.

The 5 Must Have Nutrients During Pregnancy

While the following nutrients are already in your Platinum Prenatal Multi, it does not hurt to have a little extra of the following:

  1. DHA Fish Oil, Fish Oil, Fish Oil, I cannot stress this enough take extra.   DHA essential fatty acid is very important for the babies brain development and the EPA essential fatty acid is important for healthy skin amoung other things.
  2. Iron will prevent anemia, a condition where there are not enough red blood cells in circulation to meet the body’s oxygen requirements.
  3. Folic Acid which is required for protein synthesis, the formation of new cells, develops the babies brain and spinal cord, prevents birth defects and more.
  4. Vitamin D enhances the absorbtion of calcium and it is a safe way to help the mothers mood.
  5. Calcium an important note: easy multi does not contain any calcium because calcium should be taken separately.   Calcium inhibits the absorption of iron.   You should take your calcium at least 2 hours apart from your prenatal.   Remember that the baby will need a lot of calcium and if you do not have enough, the baby will take the calcium from your bones!   Therefore, calsium is vital and when women do not take 1000 -1500mg the chances for osteo go up significantly.

There will be many more articles to come on the topic of pregnancy.   As always we look forward to seeing you at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus!  

3 thoughts on “Platinum Easy Multi Prenatal

  1. It’s definitely crucial to stay healthy these days. With all the bad food people eat, it’s not surprising why the number of heart related deaths have been rising.

  2. I am about to make baby with my hubby soon. I went to the store to buy Platinum Easy Multi Prenatal. The store sales person told me that there is beeswax in it to make it softgel. The said people might be allergic to beeswax, maybe me or the baby. I am not allergic to bees products.

    So, he guested Progressive Multi Prenatal Formula – 120 Vegetable Capsules. Is this good? Thanks.

  3. Hello Julia,

    If you have never been allergic to any bee product, I wouldn’t see a problem with the Platinum Easy Multi Prenatal. I am now 7 months pregnant and this is the one that I use. However, the Progressive Prenatal is also great quality and it is n a vegetarian capsule. Both are excellent choices. Make sure you take lots of fish oil, or an oil with lots of DHA and take your calicum/magnesium and of course your folic acid. Those are your basics and good luck!

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