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Stress doesn’t have to be common and chronic.   Most of us want to know how to handle stress better, so we join yoga classes, we meditate, we go for a walk amoung other things, but sometimes this is not enough.   If you have a racing mind, poor sleep and many other complaints such as  joint pain and gutt problems perhaps caused by stress, there is a fantastic multivitamin by  Platinum Naturals  called Stressentials!   Platinum Naturals is all about quality and delivering the best formula with the latest research.   While they believe it is important to have a complete, as well as  safe formula, half the battle is absorption and they thought about this 100% with their patented (OST) Omega Suspension Technology.   Its time to stop putting off stress and deal with it!  

How Serious is Stress?  

Everytime we are stressed, we think: “Stress is normal, everyone has stress, it’s no big deal.”   Eventually stress catches up with us.   Health stores, doctors, pharmacy’s, and psychologists are overwhelmed with the common complaint of stress.   Some of us are not even aware that we are stressed, but it will show up later down the line.   Even when the stress is low, it is continuous and this is the kind of stress that is the most dangerous.   Ultimately our body spends so much time dealing with constant little stressers such as: doing your taxes, preparing for a trip, driving during rush our, talking to your boss, or having to prove yourself.   In these cases if you are not a pro at dealing with stress (which most of us can improve on) your body is constantly working at full speed.   In order to survive the body will: constrict the muscles, speed up with heart rate, use up unnecassary energy storage and more.   When the body is just fighting to get through the day, the body quicklybecomes out of balance.   Your immune system is the first to go, digestive disorders arise, and even pain from arthritis can be linked to as something as simple as stress.   So what are we waiting for?   We know stress is not healthy, but most of us don’t have time to think about it and we hope it will just dissappear on its own.    

So when your doctor tells you that you need to look at your stress levels and that it may be the culprit of your IBS or Rheumatoid Arthritis, give it some real consideration.   Blaming diseases on stress is not a cop out; its serious.   In fact stress is often referred to as the silent killer.   We all have a story  about the classic story of a perfectly healthy young man or woman that suddenly  dropped dead?   They exercised regularily, ate well, had a nice family and a steady well respected job, but one day you heard the news and were totally shocked they passed away.   A lot of times it is due to continuous small stressors.   A person may seem  healthy on  the outside, but on inside their stress is eating away at them.  

The GOOD News and What You Can Do  

Well, the good news is that is not all doom and gloom from here.   The first step is to RECOGNIZE that you have stress and to do something about it.   The second step is to LEARN how you can cope with your stress.   Coping with stress is different for each person whether it is going for walks, exercising, playing a board game etc.   We all need to learn how to relax and take time out.   Unfortunately I cannot give out the magic recipe that works for all.   However, one thing we can all benefit from a good quality Multivitamin like Platinum Naturals Stressentials.   This is not just your regular multivitamin with the B-Complex incorporated, there is GABA, Siberian Ginseng and other key ingreedients to help you not just get through your day, but SOAR through your day.   For additional information on Stressentials and for the COUPON click on the link below.  

Platinums Multi Stressentials COUPON! Only Available at Alive Health Centre, Supplements Plus and Morning Sun  

As always, Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus look forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are!   Remember we are only a phone call away.    We hope you enjoy and make use of the $2.50 coupon that goes towards  your Stressentials Multivitamin by Platinum.    Hope to see you soon!

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