Nordic Naturals DHA for: Brain Development, Focus and Concentration. Teenagers, Adults and Pregnant woman can use this excellent high quality source of DHA.

I get many emails from parents who are concerned about their childrens lack of focus.   Below are the tips that you can use to help improve your childs concentration.   Hope you enjoy the read!

Concentration problems are extremely common these days, but there are many things we can do to help them along the way.    First we will  discuss the  safe supplements you can give  them: 1. A  good quality fish oil  2.A B-Complex. 3. A good multivitamin.  This is simple but a good start.  

1. Fish Oil:  They can take either liquid or capsules.   Also if your family is vegetarian or allergic to fish they can use Flax oil instead, but Fish Oil is the best choice because it is more concentrated in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s).    Just a reminder that there  are two EFA’s: EPA and DHA.   EPA is good for inflammation, skin conditions such as eczema, heart and joints.   DHA is what children need for concentration, focus, and development of a healthy brain.  
Good Brands: Nordic Naturals, Nutra Sea or Norweigian Gold Fish oils.
2. B-Complex.    Royal Jelly comes in softgels and it is rich in B vitamins, Amino Acids, and it is great for the immune system.   I took  Royal Jelly all throughout University and I never had to have coffee.   It provided me  with stamina, focus, and concentration instead of false energy which is typically what students use to get through the day.   It also helps you with stress. Royal Jelly is more expensive than a plain B Complex, but it has the added benefits for the immune system.   If  cost is a concern a B-Complex  is a great start.    B-Complex comes in capsules, tablets, as well as liquid.   Liquid is not the best taste, but it is possible hide the taste in a shake or juice.   Capsules  are the easiest to swallow and are definately convenient.
Good Brands For Royal Jelly: Honeslty, Royal Jelly by Alive Brand is  fantastic.   I take this  one still everyday.   I never travel without it.
Good Brands for B Complex: Alive, or Sisu are great choices.
NOTE: for dosages and specifics it is best to go over this in the store.   Dosages depend on the size of the child, not necessarily the age.   I am always at the Oakridge Mall  Alive Health Centre in Vancouver BC.   If this is no where near you we have lots of stores in BC, Alberta and Ontario.   If this is not close to you  feel free to call the Oakridge location @ 604 263 3235 and we can do mail orders.
3. Lastly, a multi vitamin would be a great addition.   Depending on your childs size you can give  them an adult one.   If  they are  a smaller frame,  not putting on weight, then definately give  them a teenager multi.  

Extra Tips

  • Extra Vitamin D  is also safe, helpful,  and it is very inexpensive.   This is fabulous for mood (happiness).    
  • I know this is obvious, but make sure  they are drinking water.   Sometimes a lack of focus is as simple  as dehydration.    
  • In terms of diet, make sure they are not getting too many sweets and sugar, try to balance this.    Pop is the worst which you probably already know.    Sugar can make kids tire so fast.   They drop like a rock.  
  • If  your child  has a hard time concentrating after lunch  they may  need to adjust  their diet, eat  smaller meals, but more  frequently throughout the day to balance  their blood sugar.    
  • Lastly, but probably MOST IMPORTANTLY, keep them active!   Even if you feel your child is not into sports,  expose them to lifestyle activities, like hiking,  skiing, or swimming.   Also, encourage them to play and get outside.   When they learn to sit inside all day on the weekends and  after school it is hard to break the habit.   When there is time for play, they can complete their homework faster, but of the same quality and their concentration increases dramatically.

Our kids are our future, let’s help them be the best they can be.   As always, we look forward to helping you in the stores at which ever location is nearsest you!   See you soon!

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