Did you know that whales feeding on phytoplankton are known to live up to 150 years?   This is remarkable and is often what we as humans  try to achieve.   It is one thing to   live a long life, but more importantly a long life with quality years!   The key is to do the best you can in all areas of your life: eating raw and organic when possible, exercising, keeping active, removing  unnecessary stress from your life, and lastly, taking a supplement packed with phytonutrients like  UMAC CORE  to ensure optimal health!

Umac Core comes in liquid and capsules.

The  most microscopic nutrients are often the most powerful and this is the case with UMAC CORE; tiny in size, but mighty in strength and sustaining life!   If you are from British Columbia it is interesting to know that the  phytonutrients  in UMAC CORE  are right outside your back door!   They come from the ocean  surrounding Vancouver Island.    So what is UMAC CORE exactly?    UMAC CORE is a nutrient dense whole food providing a wide spectrum of essential  vitamins, minerals, amino acids (protein) and rare trace minerals  and it  is the foundation of nutrition for all marine plants and animals! It is amazing  to think that the  oceans of our world have sustained life right from the beginning of time through photosynthesis.    

While UMAC CORE  is useful for improving everyday life, it is capable of doing much more than this.   It is so powerful that it helps to support cellular health.   This means that quality nutrients at the celluar level can help communication and guard us against diseases and toxins.   With excellent cellular communication comes optimal metabolic function.   UMAC CORE  has been so powerful that is has helped many fight cancer.   Remember that one thing alone cannot stop cancer, but working with a combination of approaches can be most beneficial.   Therefore, adding UMAC CORE which has no side effects means you have nothing to loose.   Below is a fabulous testimonial:

Tom Harper did research to extract and harvest the  phytoplankton (marine algae) naturally from the ocean.   He  recreated the phytoplanktons bloom in large tanks.   He noticed that the  clams  feeding on the phytoplankton were doing extremely well and he decided to start  consuming the rich  nutrients from the marine algae.   Harper had nothing to loose as he knew he had a rare form of lung cancer, which was both inoperable and incurable.   He was given just 9 months to live.   Today his cancer is benign and all eleven sites for biopsy were done and  ALL were clear!   Also, by  making lifestyle changes, healthy eating habits and continuing to eat the marine algae Harper  had been a diabetic and no longer needs insulin.  

We  cannot control fate, but we can do everything we can to live a prosperous and  healthy life.   Ultimately, we have the choice to eat a diet rich in deep coloured vegetables, or full of preservatives and empty nutrition.   Let’s get going and help each   other reach our potential with regards to our individual health!    As always we look forward to seeing you soon.

15 thoughts on “UMAC-CORE Marine Phytoplankton: Concentrated Marine Phytonutrients

  1. An even better choice is still Lutein and Bilberry. They have been traditionally used for macular degeneration and have studies on these antioxidants showing their effectiveness. Umac Core, if a phytoplankton that is great for cell regeneration and it may help, but there are not any studies proving it will help macular degeneration. However, it will not hurt to try and it is extrememly beneficial for your whole body. Hope this helps!

  2. i have purchased a bottle of marine phytoplankton for my 83 yr old father who hs cancer of the colon, liver and lungs, i just hope this helps. i am wondering if you can tell me how you feel about some other sites calling your product a scam because of fillers and not filtering water. i just like you to confim how you feel about this. ty

  3. just purchased your product of marine phytoplankton. but i saw also some of your competitors has called it a scam because of the fillers and filtration of the water. not sure i need to take it seriously but could you confirm your produst is safe.

  4. Goodmorning! Umac Core is definetely safe and is a very clean product. I actually take this product myself. I gave it to my grandfather a few years back when he had kidney cnacer. He was supposed to go in for radiation but after taking umac core and Red Reishi for 3 months he no longer needed to it had shrunk. So he kept on with the umac core and eating raw food with lots of leafy greens such as kale. Umac core actually comes from Vancouver island. The owner Alice Chung went to see the facility and it is absolutely pristine. Truly an amazing product that goes through rigorous testing for any impurities.

  5. hello wayne, sorry I missed this comment, but I have replied to the second one. I wish your father well and I hope the story of y grandfather helps.

  6. is it ok to keep taking marine phytoplankton during chemo?. my dad might have to have chemo-radiation and just curious if its still important to keep using the phytoplankton?. ty wayne

  7. Generally yes, however it is always advised to ask your health care practitioner. Sorry I can not be of more assistance. Have a great rest of your weekend.

  8. thanks shannon, i really appreciate your advice.just one more question, should i be concerned that marine phytoplankton has never been approved by health canada or the fda orshould i not be surprised its not, lol.

  9. Hi Wayne, you are right, do not worry about Umac Core not getting its NPN(natural product number) from health Canada yet. Hopefully they will be able to get one in the future. There are thousands of products just waiting, but not enough man power to get them approved!

  10. just curious, my dad has been taking the phytoplankton for one month now but honestly cant say he feels any better, not to say the phytoplankton isnt helping somewhat. my queston is since my dad has stage 4 liver and colon cancer would it take longer perhaps than a month using phytoplankton for him to feel better.[ only if of course the stage of cancer he is in might be too late for anything to help him. could you tell me what effect phtyoplankton might have on helping the liver cancer. ty

  11. Hello, My friend has inflamatory breast cancer and I have purchased Umac for her but I don’t know how much she should take. I read one person took four bottles a month and others on this site haven’t said how much they took. Any suggestions?

  12. Hello,

    My dog may have a tumour, so I purchased some UMAC core yesterday. It’s not certain yet that he has cancer. He is 50 lbs. How much should I give him?

  13. Hello Chelsea,
    Take one full dropper of the Umac Core liguid in the morning. If you purchased the capsules, then 1 capsule daily. I hope all goes well for your dog, as our pets are a big part of the family.

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