Taking a multivitamin has never been so enjoyable! DECOâ„¢ Adult Dark Chocolate combines the benefits of natural cocoa with vitamins anduntitled minerals in an easy to absorb formula. Now adults can look forward to taking their daily multivitamin in a healthy, dark chocolate treat.

DECOâ„¢ Adult Dark Chocolate:

  • Can minimize risk the risk of health conditions associated with poor diet or inadequate nutrition.
  • Supports traditional, sustainable farming methods and fair trade through the Sustainable Cocoa Initiative.
  • Is gluten free and formulated without yeast, corn, artificial colours or preservatives.

The information below is from Platinum Naturals explaining why their DECOâ„¢ technology is something to pay attention to…

DECO â„¢

Life by Chocolate

For centuries, cocoa-rich chocolate has been touted for its great taste and health benefits. The ancient Aztecs revered the healing powers of the cocoa bean. For many years chocolate was considered divine nourishment, which may explain how this plant acquired its botanical name – Theobroma cacao. In Latin the name for the cacao tree Theobroma cacao means “Food of the Gods.” Throughout history, cocoa offered several health benefits including improved heart function, stimulation of the nervous system, facilitated digestion as well as improved kidney and bowel function. In the 19th century, chocolate became a luxury item and its consumption was considered a sin rather than a remedy. Chocolate was an indulgence that was synonymous with being a rich treat, which in the 20th century then in turn became known as death by chocolate.  But over the past decade numerous human scientific studies have examined the benefits of cocoa and chocolate consumption as part of a heart healthy diet. It has proven what many through history already seemed to have known, there is life by chocolate.

Today, science has revealed that cocoa contains potent phytonutrients and antioxidants, called flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants found primarily in plant-derived foods. The main flavonoid found in cocoa is flavanol, which contributes to the bitter flavour of cocoa. These abundant and biologically active phenolic plant compounds have marked antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They are also thought to be responsible for the health benefits ascribed to chocolate. Research shows that cocoa contains more antioxidants than red wine and green tea. The discovery of flavanol-rich cocoa and the multiple health benefits associated with this antioxidant has changed the perception of chocolate from sinful to healthful.

Platinum Naturals has developed a way to deliver nutrients through cocoa. Easy to absorb, DECO™ is an innovative line of supplements that combine vital nutrition with the health benefits and great taste of natural cocoa. It’s chocolate for you. It’s chocolate for life.

Vitamins Solved

For some people, taking a daily supplement can be a challenge. Large pills may be difficult to swallow. At Platinum Naturals, we want everyone (regardless of age) to benefit from daily multivitamin and mineral support. DECO™ combines natural, premium Italian chocolate with our innovative approach to supplements.  There are no tablets or capsules to swallow, which is good news for a lot of people.

For others, remembering to take a daily vitamin can be a chore. DECO™ makes supplementation a pleasurable experience. Our convenient chocolate square tablets can be taken in the morning, after lunch, on an afternoon break or after dinner. It’s a vitamin tailored for your schedule or lifestyle.

A Better Way To Absorb Your Vitamins. We put nature to work for your life.

From the aroma of the chocolate, the digestion process begins with salivation, it then continues as the square tablet is chewed and digestive enzymes are activated releasing the nutrients just as nature intended. The potent phytonutrient and rich antioxidant chocolate in DECO is the ideal medium for vitamins and minerals. Natural chocolate contains high quality fats that promote absorption. When placed in natural fats or oils, active ingredients are absorbed far more readily by cell walls using Platinum Naturals’ proprietary, award-winning process. Platinum Naturals selects the highest quality ingredients and suspends them in oil to ensure each and every nutrient is preserved and delivered to where it’s needed most. Best of all, our superior level of absorption means you’ll feel the difference Platinum Naturals’ products make.

Not only is natural chocolate a conduit for absorption, but it also enhances the stability of the square tablet due to the low water activity and barrier to oxygen.

Our Cocoa

At Platinum Naturals, we take pride in sourcing our ingredients based on quality, sustainability and fair trade practices. We have made it our mission to help preserve the finest, most flavourful cocoa plants in the world by supporting traditional, sustainable farming methods and fair trade through the Sustainable Cocoa Initiative.  As demand for cocoa increases, quality cocoa beans are often replaced with cheaper, faster-growing alternatives. The Sustainable Cocoa Initiative supports the lives of the indigenous farmers, their communities and the succession of the world’s supply of cocoa. This program facilitates native cocoa biodiversity support, income diversity through multi-cropping and investments to support farming communities that produce premium quality cocoa beans. Furthermore, this initiative also helps preserve the genealogy of traditional cocoa plants.

Due to the traditional farming methods used by the indigenous farmers to continue the cultivation of native cocoa beans, our cocoa used is traditionally farmed organically with certification fees invested to support the farmers, not towards certification logos.

Ingredient and Allergen Info

The ingredients used in DECO™ are naturally sourced. Additional information regarding our ingredients and manufacturing facility are found below:

  • Gluten free
  • Formulated without yeast, corn, artificial colour or preservatives
  • Soy lecithin is GMO free
  • Milk used in milk chocolate is hormone free
  • Whey powder is from Europe due to the highest standards of milk processing
  • Cocoa is GMO and peanut free
  • Cocoa manufacturing occurs in a facility where hazelnuts are processed
  • DECO™ is manufactured and packaged in a peanut free facility
  • DECO™ products are manufactured and packaged in a facility where milk ingredients are processed

Hope you enjoyed the article and the above information from Platinum Naturals…

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