If you have tried everything for your joints and the pain always seems to linger, Leaf Source is for you.   If you have tried everything for energy and nothing quite hits the spot, Leaf Source is for you.   If your immune system seems to be down no matter what and you are worried about the HINI virus, then definately give Leaf Source a try.

Leaf SourceIn a nutshell, Leaf Source helps with:

  • Arthritic pain, joint problems
  • Inhibiting viral activity
  • Inflammation
  • Bone loss
  • Immune balancing
  • Fatigue
  • Nutrient absorption
  • Increased alkalinity

It can be overwhelming trying to dicipher which products to use.   Leaf Source is honestly one of those products that is truly amazing and really works.   It is 100% organic, vegetarian  and it can be taken with any  supplements that you are already using.   If you are on any medications, you just need to take it two hours apart.   Leaf Source  has over 10 years of scientific research to show its usefullness in conquering pain, balancing your immune system as well as increasing your energy!

What is Leaf Source?   It is derived from a sea bed deposit dated at over 100 million years.    It is  found in New Mexico where there is organic mineral composite from fossilized tropical vegetation.   This means that it contains  humic and fulvic acids, proteins, macro and micronutrients, organic carbon compounds, plant hormones, and enzymes.

You may have noticed that the  wording above says, (Leaf Source balances the immune system).    The word balance is extremely key.   While many people  need to boost the immune system there are many people with auto immune disorders such as arthritis and they want exactly the opposite.   Their immune systems are over active and they need to be very  wary before taking supplements that could boost their immune system.   Therefore, it is important to note that Leaf Source is auto immune friendly because it balances the immune system only.

Leaf Source also enhances the absorption of the nutrients you are consuming.   For example, if you suffer from joint pain you can take your glucosamine with Leaf Source.   People are taking Leaf Source with their calcium,  multivitamin, silica  as well as  other supplements and they are really noticing  the difference.

I would encourage everyone to take Leaf Source because there are no side effects, there are no complications when taking it with other  supplements.    If you are taking prescriptions or over the counter medications it is always advised that you take natural supplements at least two hours apart from medications, but other than this Leaf Source is for everyone.  There has been such positive results, for example, one lady had been suffering with shingles and could not find anything that would help, and she found Leaf Source to be the difference.   I also take this product with my hair loss supplements and my multi vitamin.   I have noticed my hair and nails getting stronger as well.   I know others have seen this as well, but it is really encouraging when you see the results for yourself.    I have also seen my energy increase, and this has helped me wake up a little earlier to do the things I need to do like, exercise and make my lunch in the morning.

Leaf Source is always at Alive Health Centre and when you buy 2 you get 5% off, or when you buy 6 bottles you get 1 FREE.   As always feel free to come into Alive at the Oakrdige location for more information I am always happy to help you with your health.

76 thoughts on “Leaf Source – Nature’s Health Enhancer

  1. Yes, but take it 2 hours apart. Leaf Source is meant to be taken with any Natural Supplement because it actually enhances the absorption of your nutrients. But when taking prescriptions and serious medications like warfarin, you must take it 2 hours aapart.

  2. would this product alleviate sciatic pain … nothing to this point is giving any relief to the excrutiating back pain I am feeling – lower back, buttocks, down the leg into the calf and foot. I am also on Parkinson’s meds and heart medication, having had a double by-pass several year ago.

  3. Hello Jason,

    I have had customers use Leaf Source for all kinds of pain including sciatic pain. Leaf Source would be an excellent choice for you because there are absolutely no side affects and you can take Leaf Source even though you have Parkinsons medication. Just take Leaf Source with your vitamins because Leaf Source helps enhance the absorption of your multi and other vitamins.

  4. I am VERY interested in purchasing Leaf Source. Where can I buy these supplements. My Mother, my brother and myself are suffering from arthritis, back pain and other ailments. I am getting desperate. If it is through a distributor, is there one in Ottawa, ON. Thank you. Diane.

  5. Hello Diane, Thank you for phoning yesterday. Just so you know I got your order sent out yesterday within an hour of you phoning. So your Leaf Source is on its way! Hope you have a great long weekend. Thanks again, Shannon

  6. Sorry Elaine, I missed your comment somehow. In your situation, I would ask your doctor first before taking Leaf Source. While Leaf Source is extremely safe, your doctor will know exactly what you can and cannot take. Thanks Shannon

  7. I wondering about leafsource for my Dad he’s 84 years old and is suffering with a lot of pain in his knees he’s on celebrex and 8 hr. tylenol but it’s not helping the Dr. says he can’t take any more celebrex he’s also on drops for glacoma would this be safe for him to take and would it help him. He’s getting so all he does is sit all day.

  8. Leaf Source is one natural supplement that can be taken even when people have other medications. Since your father is older and does take many medications, it is still best to check with your doctor. If he does take Leaf Source it needs to be taken 2 hours apart from other meds, but Leaf Source can be taken with other natural supplements such as a multivitamin because it actually enhances the absorption.

  9. Anytime there is an issue with low functioning kidney or liver, it is always best to talk to your doctor before using any supplements. Have a great weekend!

  10. Has anybody had head aches while taking leaf source. Although I have experianced other benifits with this I keep getting head aches

  11. I haven’t had anyone experience headaches when using Leaf Source. People usually get head aches when a product has a cleansing or detoc effect, but Leaf Source doesn’t. Try taking Leaf Source with your other vitamins and perhaps with food. Remember Leaf Source enhances the absorption of your other vitamins. Hope this helps.

  12. It depends on the product. Most if not all Alive Brand supplements are gluten free. But they will state it on the label, if it doesn’t say gluten free or contains NO… then it isn’t.

  13. Has this product been tested on humans during this 10 year period and also how has it been determined that this product does in fact contain a million year old ingredient from the ocean floor?

  14. There is a contact for Brad King, MS, MFS (an authority in the Natural Health Industry and he is extremely knowledgable about Leaf Source). Here is where you can find his contact: http://www.fatwars.com/team.html He would be the best person I can think of when it comes to where the studies were conducted, as well as the technical aspects regarding the Humic Acid ingredient in Leaf Source.

  15. I don’t see any stores even remotely close to where I live in Memphis TN. Is there any way to order online or the phone for shipping to the U.S. ?

  16. We do mail orders all the time to the US. You can call us toll free at 1 866 499 9546. This is the Oakridge Store located in Vancouver BC Canada. We do a lot of mail orders from this location. Hope this helps and I am sorry that I do not know what health stores are close to you. Have a great weekend!

  17. My husband and I began taking Leaf Source 4 days ago and have had a headache every day. We take it with food and other vitamins. Any suggestions?

  18. I am so sorry to hear that you and your husband have been experiencing headaches. You are doing all the right things, by taking Leaf Source with food and vitamins because Leaf Source enhances the absorbtion of your nutrients. We have not had any complaints of headaches before with Leaf Source, but if it continues, you should stop. Everyone is different. Take care and I hope you have a great weekend.

  19. I suffrering long years of INSOMIA. w/o taking sleeping pills natural oraganic i cant sleep. and i suffred head ache everyday, Do i need to take Leaf source ,

  20. Its been 2 days since I started LeafSource, and I’ve already seen a difference. I have arthitis in both knees, left ankle and left wrist. I usually hold onto the walls to get out of bed and this morning had no problems standing up ! Hoping it continues to relieve my pain….

  21. The majority of the Alive Brand products have their NPN numbers, Genuine Health is another brand that has their NPN numbers. A lot of companies are pending because of the over flow of applications to Health Canada. The government has extended the dead line a few times due to the volume of applicants. I believe Leaf Source is one product that is pending as well. Their official website where you can get more information is http://www.leafsource.com/ hope this helps! Cheers.

  22. I just started taking 2 caps LeafSource 3
    days ago for sore muscles, joint pains from taking high doses of Lipitor and high blood pressure meds since having a clogged artery opened & cleaned out, 3 years ago Is LeafSource safe for me – I have not really noticed any relief yet.

  23. My 84-year old mother has developed swelling and arthritis in her knees in the past few months. The specialist says there is nothing he can do. She is presently taking Glucosamine w/Chrondroitin (I believe 2 pills x 4 times daily). Someone has referred her to Leaf Source. Should she take this along with the Glucosamine or instead of it?

  24. It is recommended to continue to take her Glucosamine w/Chondroitin and take the Leaf Source at the same time. She can take 4/day of the Leaf Source, and it is recommended to take Leaf Source at the same time as Glucosamine and Chondriotin because it helps to enhance the absorption of those nutrients. Leafe Source is complimentary to any Natural Supplement: i.e. calcium, multivitamins etc. It is even one of those wonderful supplements that people can take if they are diabetic, high blood pressure, on blood thinners etc. Hope this helps and I hope your mother feels better with the pain. Remember that it can take months and months to see a big difference, and some people never recover completely, but Glucosamine/Chondroitin do help to try and keep up with the wear and tear of further break down of the joints. At 84 it can be tough, but we have seen many people find relief with adding Leaf Source and also sometimes it is a matter of tweaking the dosage of the Gluc/Chon. (Taking more, if you want to do this see your nearest health store) Also you may want to add other things if your mother is willing to take more healthy natural supplements that will cause no harm such as Fish Oil/or Flax oil if she is allergic to fish. Have a great day and all the best.

  25. Hang in there, Leaf Source is wonderful, but it does not work right away. It takes time for the body to actually build up the joints again. It is not only great for joints, but also immune, energy, and over all well being. When usuing natural supplements it can take months. If you are in a lot of pain another safe natural supplement that will help with pain faster is Curamin by Terry Naturally. We do carry this product at Alive Health Centre. We have had countless customers use this for severe debillitating pain. Hope this helps. Lastly, Leaf Source is safe for you, just make sure you always take Leaf Source or Curamin 2 hours separate from any prescription drugs.

  26. This product is extremly questionable, and seems like a scam.
    The label does not list any “specific” ingrediants besides Brown Rice.
    Which on it’s own is not a full protein.


    Interesting how the only ingrediant posted on the bottle is Brown Rice Powder.
    Which ancient, fossilized tropical vegetation does it contain?
    “They are not listed on the container”
    Which proteins does it contain?
    “They are not listed on the container”
    Which macro and micro nutrients does this contain?
    “They are not mentioned on the container”
    Which organic compunds and enzymes does this contain?

    In the end don’t be a victim, ALWAYS READ THE LABEL BEFORE BUYING!

    I will not be buying this product.

  27. Hello Brock! Goodmorning, hope you are having a nice day.

    First of all I understand what you are getting at. Leaf Source is apparently in the process of finding space on the label to list all the amino acids, enzymes, but for now they are putting it on their website which should be up soon.

    This is from the “Leaf Source Team”. I just wanted to share this with you. I cut out the more important part of their response seeing as I already have mentioned that it is backed by over 10 years of research along with countless testimonials.

    “The LeafSource label does state that it is a 100% organic sea bed deposit containing ancient fossilized tropical vegetation (humic and fulvic acids, protein, macro and micronutrients—over 70 trace minerals, organic carbon compounds and enzymes). The non-medicinal ingredient is organic brown rice powder. A full list of trace minerals is being added to our website as this email is being written.

    I would further suggest that if anyone requires more information to simply visit the LeafSource website @ http://www.LeafSource.com, as there is detailed information as well as tones of research available here.” (From the Leaf Source Team)

    Again thank you Brock for your comment. Have a wonderful day!


  28. Hi I wanted to know if taking leafsource when I have Macular Degeeneration will do my eyes more harm. I wanted to take it for I also have arthiritis in both knees.

  29. Hello Audrey,

    There have been no reports on Leaf Source having any negative effects on the eyes. Leaf Source is a wonderful product where many of our customers have had fabulous results for arthritis.

  30. Hi, just wondering if leaf source will help disolve kidney stones or prevent them?

  31. I have fybromyalgia as well as abulging disc in my neck and pinched nerve in my arm – it’s all too much
    my energy is low and all the meds I have tried dont’t work. I am on narcotic pain meds and sleeping meds.
    I am my wits end!! A friend of mine got me started on leafsource, it is really working for her fybromyalgia and insomnia – she is taking 2 a day, morning and night. The lady at the health food store that i bought mine from suggested I take 6 leafsource a day to start – 2morn/2lunch/2bedtime and then she said I could
    taper down after a while. I am just wandering how long should I stay on 6 a day – I don’t want to take too much.

  32. Hello Rhonda,

    Sorry for the late reply! I am still getting used to being a mom. While it is an exciting time it sets me back with work.

    I have had a few customers use Leaf Source for Fybromyalgia and they have found that it helped significantly. You can take 6 a day for as long as you want. There are no problems with this at all. When you start to feel the difference this is when you can taper down. For some customers they notice a difference after 3 or 4 months, and for others it is sooner than that.

    I wish you all the best.

  33. It has definitely helped many of our customers. It also enhances the absorption of other vitamins you take. For example your multi or fish oil or other joint formulas with glucosamine in them. It is worth a try.

  34. It doesn’t matter. I usually reccomend that people take it along with their other vitamins i.e. their multivitamin because Leaf Source helps to absorb other vitamins.

  35. Just wondering if there is anything in this product that causes intense dreams? since taking it I have fallen asleep quicker but do have more dreams, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

  36. Hi, Iam going to try taking Leaf Source for my neck and back. I take a blood pressure pill, and zoloft. Is it ok to take this product Thanks, Elaine

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