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Ask Alice Fall 2014 Flyer – Mental Illness & Bullying

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ASK Alice Fall 2014

Mental Illness & Bullying

Breaking the Code of Silence

We see all the ads of going back to school everywhere we look…  Did you get your pencil crayons and new cloths?? At Alive Health

Alice Chung Founder and Owner of Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus

Alice Chung Founder and Owner of Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus

Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus, going back to school, means more than just buying new things. We want to let our kids know that going back to school means being ready to face challenges, face fears, stand up to bullies by asking for help and to do these things by being respectful.  As many others before me have said, our children are our future.  Therefore, we need to give them all the opportunities we possibly can; such as the opportunity of optimal health. PAGE 3 is dedicated to: Brain power, Energy and Healthy Immune.  Throughout the whole flyer we are thinking about Moms, Dads and ALL families.  Too busy to eat quality nutrients try PG 2 VegEssentials or PG 4 Garden of Life Raw, Organic, Vegan Protein Meals.  Stressed out? PG 4 Alive GABA, it’s Natural and works quickly to help those suffering from insomnia and anxiety.

Lastly, despite the sad news in the world lately, I thought we should continue to raise awareness on issues such as bullying whenever possible.  So even if one person gets something out of this article, it will be worth it.  As you know it is our Mission: To change the world through healthy living by putting you first. So I will share this article written by Alive Magazine, Ellen Niemer.  Some people feel that kids shouldn’t tell anyone about being bullied, because it only makes it worse. I think they should. Bullies operate best under a code of silence – a lot of people may know about the bullying, but if they all keep it to themselves, they are aiding and abetting the bully. A new study released shows that kids who are exposed to bullying run an increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders as adults. And that’s whether they’re the victim or the perpetrator. The study also revealed that kids who are both bullies and victims run the highest risk of suicide. Whether we deal with bullies as kids, or as adults, in our homes, our schools, our playgrounds, or our workplaces, let’s break the code of silence. Have you been bullied? Let us know how you dealt with it.” or

Call me old fashioned, but I will leave you with this…“Nothing is impossible. The word says, I’m Possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

If there is not a location near you we would love to help you with a mail order. MAIL ORDER: Toll free 1-866-499-9546

We hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.


Teething Tips for Your Baby: Relief with Boiron Camilia

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My daughter Danica is almost one years old!  It has been a blast, but I think any parent will agree that teething is not the best part of watching them grow.  It is so hard to watch our little ones go through the pain of teething and we cannot remember what it felt like, but we can only imagine that it is uncomfortable.  The discomfort from teething happens when the tooth is trying to break through the gum which may be weeks before it actually appears.  This article will hopefully find you well when it comes to the battle of teething.

One of my favourite products is by Boiron Camilia:

Camilia by Boiron for Your Teething Little Baby

Teething: Painful gums, restlessness and irritability

Camilia® relieves symptoms of teething.

Developed specifically for babies and toddlers aged 1 to 30 months, Camilia® is made with sterile water and contains no sugar, no colouring and no preservatives.

Camilia® is neutral-tasting and comes packaged in sterile, drinkable and unbreakable unit-doses, making it an easy-to-administer, and fast-acting way of soothing teething woes. With Camilia®, your baby will be smiling again in no time – and so will you!

Symptoms of Teething:

Your baby tells you they are teething by drooling more than usual.  If you are changing their bips more than their diapers you know they are teething!  Another sign is when they frantically chew on their hands, toys and even feet!  Teething often leads to crankiness, fussiness, a runny nose, trouble feeding, trouble sleeping and often they just want to be held.


Administer one drinkable unit-dose. If symptoms persist, repeat at 15-minute intervals for up to 2 additional doses. Generally symptoms resolve with 1 to 3 doses. To administer a unit dose, twist cap to open and squeeze entire contents into mouth. Repeat dosing regimen as required with subsequent episodes of symptoms. Maximum 12 doses per day.

Other TIPS To Help Your Baby Get Through Teething:

  • Give your baby a clean wash cloth that is dipped in cold water to chew on.
  • Put their teething ring in the fridge, but make sure it is not too cold before giving it to them.  Never put it in the freezer.
  • Be careful with teething biscuits because they often contain sugar and they do not sooth as well as we think because they dissolve so quickly.

As always, we hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.

Also, if there is not a location near you, we do MAIL ORDERS call us toll free at 1 866 499 9546


Renew Life Life Flora Baby

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Just wanted to share with you a fabulous product for your little ones.  Probiotics are not just for you, but even your baby…

FloraBABY is a blend of probiotics (good bacteria) that is specifically formulated for the intestinal tract and colon of children. It is a no flavour powder which can easily be mixed into warm or cool drinks such as infant formula, water, juice and milk, or soft foods such as yogurt and apple sauce. This allows parents to provide probiotics to children who do not like or have a difficult time taking supplements. Please note that it should not be mixed with hot liquids or hot foods.

FloraBABY is a blend of 5 strains of probiotics normally found in children: Bifidobacterium Breve, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium Infantis and Bifidobacterium Longum. These 5 probiotics work synergistically to help ensure a healthy microbacterial environment in the intestinal tract of children.

The term ‘probiotic’ means supporting life. Probiotics are friendly, beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are normal inhabitants of the large and small intestines and are an important part of a healthy digestive system. Recent research shows that probiotics help improve gastrointestinal function, respiratory and allergy response, as well as help to counter the negative effects of antibiotic use. Further, these beneficial bacteria help the body to 1) produce vitamins, 2) absorb nutrients, and 3) control overgrowth of bad bacteria and fungus.

As always, we hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.

Also, if there is not a location near you, we do MAIL ORDERS call us toll free at 1 866 499 9546


Canadian Children Reaching ALL Time High Obesity Rates

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According to Vancouver Sun: “Obesity among children and adolescents is tracking at an even faster pace than  obesity among adults, and obesity-related health complications are now occurring  in ever-younger children”

Why is being obese such a problem? Well because it is not just being overweight that is the concern it is everything that comes along with it such as cardiac problems, joints problems and just not feeling good period.  Vancouver Sun also looked into numerous studies.  This one looked at Canadians in Ontario: “One study, based on nearly 29,000 Ontario adults — half of whom were either  overweight or obese — found that the obese were twice as likely to have three or  more medical conditions than the normal-weight. They were more likely to be  taking cardiac drugs and other medications and to be hospitalized.”

We hear all the time that obesity rates are on the rise in Canada, but when our children are climbing faster than the adults in this country it becomes an even bigger concern.  When a child is obese right from the start, it takes a huge toll on their little bodies putting much strain on their organs and getting their hormones all out of balance.  If all they know is how to eat processed foods, they are more likely to continue unhealthy eating habbits as they get older.  Breaking these habbits are so difficult and studies show it is much more unlikely for habbits to change if they grow up only knowing boxed food.

Rather than just talking about how scary this epidemic is, let’s talk about some solutions to create some CHANGE.  First of all build a childs confidence is number one!  Body image issues are also a problem.  So while they are learning about what obesity is and there is no doubt that a child who is obese knows it.  They hear it from the other kids and even nasty comments can come from the extending family.  Knowing this is the first step to creating a change.

Steps to Creating Awareness and Change in Childhood Obesity:

  1. Create confidence in your child.  This is the most important step!  Make them feel good about making the change.  Empower your child rather than scare tactics.
  2. Make a family health action plan.  Check out the resources that are available to you.  The Government of Canada’s Health page is a great place to start.
  3. Ask your child what physical fun activites they would like to explore? Getting your child on a treadmill may not be the best approach, find a family activity that all can enjoy.  An example would be badminton.  It is a sport that you only need 2 players to start but can have up to 4, also it is a sport that almost anyone can play right from the start, but there is lots of room for improvement if you child ends up wanting to do it more competitively.  Also, badminton is a sport that is inexpensive.  You can play it outside in a park or even your backyard, but on rainy days you can go to a rec centre in your community.
  4. Talk to your school and find out what is available for lifestyle activities.  If it is still only offering traditional sports such as basketball, floor hockey, volleyball etc, see if there is a way to create some awareness in other activities that are more lifestyle friendly.
  5. Talk openly with your child about what the family health action plan is and get their opinion and ideas.  Make it a positive experience to eat healthy and getting active.  Make sure they know you love them no matter what, but this is an exciting healthy change for the whole family!
  6. If you know your child is very sedentary and tends to watch a lot of TV or spends way too much time playing video games, try to change this pattern by replacing this activity with something else.  This may be a chance to spend time with your child and they may not end up missing their video games if they get attention from you.

These are just a few steps to get the ball rolling.  It is so important to reach out and ask for help.  Do not pretend that there is not a problem.  People are willing to help.

As always, we hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.


Exercising After Pregnancy

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Being a mother is a wonderful experience, but finding the time for yourself can be challenging.  It is so much fun looking after your little one, watching them reach all the milestones and discovering their personality.  BUT, don’t forget to take time for yourself!  You will both will be better for it.  A happy mom makes for a well adjusted happy baby.

Moms are very eager to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight, but remember to not be too hard on yourself.  The most important thing for the first month after pregnancy is to recover from giving birth.  Whether you have had a caesarian or natural birth you have to give your body time to recover.  Make sure you work with your health practitioner to find out what types of movements are best for you.  Just because your friend is jogging doesn’t mean that you are ready to put on your Lu Lu Lemon’s.  That being said it is generalyl a good start for most women to give walking a try.  It is something that both you and your baby can handle.  It is excellent to get fresh air and if your baby had Jaundice, Physicians often recommend to take your baby outside for small bouts of sunshine.  Of course be wary of how long and what time of day you are putting your baby in the sun.

Tips to Getting Started:

  • Start with walking, some women start after 2 weeks and some women need more time such as a month.
  • Caesarian takes roughly 6 weeks to heal and this means there should be no heavy lifting.  Rule of thumb is to lift nothing heavier than your baby.  As for tender muscles this can take much longer and then in terms of the numbness around the incision can take 6 months.  Again this is varies from woman to woman.
  • Be careful when introducing weights and resistant type exercises.  Sit ups, push ups and planks are definetly out until your core muscles are ready for strengthening.
  • Having trouble fitting in exercise? Try exercising when your baby is most self soothing.  For me my baby is almost 8 months old and she is the most easy going after her morning feed.  She likes to play on her Bright Start Albert Einstein mat.  She will basically practice her yoga while mommy does her work out!  I really like the “10 Minute Trainer” videos with Tony Horton.  Then I place the baby in a spot where she cannot see the TV, but she can still see me moving around working up a swet!
  • Also, there is local personal trainer that I have used, her name is Angela Sasso.  She is located in Vancouver BC. She is amazing, extremely positive, motivating, knows the fitness industry inside and out.  You can check her out as she has her own youtube channel.  She helped me get into shape before I got pregnant.  I had excellent core strength going into pregnancy and this greatly helped me maintain a work out plan during pregnancy and it also helped me during labour.
  • If time is a problem and you do not have any help raising your baby, try to find ten minutes to exercise when while your baby sleeps.
  • Keep in mind the first couple of months is all about sleeping when your baby sleeps, so again take your time introducing exercise into your routine.  Also, if you are able to breast feed this is a great way to get your weight down.
  • Eat healthier than ever before!  Seems like a logical thing to do, but sometimes women see the weight coming off due to breast feeding so they cheat.  This is not a good idea as your metbolism will slow right down and your energy will become sluggish; before you know it weight will be packing on.  Also, you want to be feeding your baby healthy nutrients.

Lastly, if you are breast feeding, you must continue to air on the side of caution when taking supplements.  Doctors and health practioners agree that a prenatal multi-vitamin, fish oil and calcum/magnesium is pretty much it while breast feeding.  These means no cleansing, no weight loss supplements with caffeine etc.  However, there are some things that you can sneak into your diet that are good for both your metabolism and your babies health.  Things like coconut oil are safe.  This is one of the best cooking oils to use as it is not carcinogenic when heated.  It is an excellent oil for the heart and metabolism!

As always thank you for reading.  If you have any more questions concerning exercises as well as what supplements are safe during breast feeding we would be happy to answer your questions at a location near you.  Or you can feel free to call us toll free at 1 866 499 9546


Easy Multi Prenatal by Platinum Naturals

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Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting moments in life.  Once you know, then come all the decisions of what doctor to go with, what hospital to deliver in, or perhaps you want to have a midwife.  Will you formula feed or breast feed… and the list goes on.  One of the most common comments from expecting mothers is that during pregnancy is the healthiest they have ever been!  When it comes to choosing your prenatal multi, there are many out there on the market and it is hard to know which one is the best.  For myself, co-workers, friends and family, the favourite seems to be Easy Multi Prenatal by Platinum Naturals.

Why Easy Multi Prenatal by Platinum Naturals?

It is extremely convenient.  All you need is one a day!  It also has fish oil (DHA) in the multi.  Just a refresher of why you want fish oil in your prenatal… fish oil has the essential acid DHA which is shown to be crucial for the babies brain development.  It is also good for the mood of a child.  When kids are too excitable or have an attention deficit disorder, doctors as well as the natural health care professionals agree that a fish oil with a high concentration of DHA is key!

Also Platinum Naturals entire Easy Multi line is known for being one of the most absorbable.  You know the expression, “You are what you eat.”  Platinum’s slogan is, “You are what you absorb.”  They believe in making clean supplements with no binders or fillers.  The Easy Multi Prenatal is absorbable because it is in a liquid capsule.  What I absolutely love about this multi, is during the time period where I experienced morning sickness I was still able to get in my multi-vitamin because it was only one a day and the capsule is small.  Also there was no fishy after taste.

When to take Easy Multi Prenatal?

EasyMulti® Prenatal is a comprehensive multivitamin for pregnant, nursing mothers and those trying to conceive.
Supplementing with a high quality multivitamin with DHA during pregnancy is important to you and your baby’s health.  DHA is important for your baby’s brain and eye development, as well as their hand-eye coordination.  Unfortunately, if you are like most women, you’re probably not getting enough DHA from your diet alone.

Benefits for you and your Baby!

For Mother

•    Replenishes stores of vitamins and minerals depleted by the added demands on the body of a growing fetus
•    Corrects nutritional deficiencies resulting from dietary restrictions, food intolerance’s and complications of pregnancy like nausea, vomiting and poor   absorption
•    Reinforces the mother’s immune system at a critical time when she cannot afford to become ill
•    Enhances the mother’s vitality and combats feelings of exhaustion, low energy and  weakness often experienced in pregnancy
•    Helps prevent iron-deficiency anemia
•    Reduces the risk of developing preeclampsia

For Baby

•    Makes up for nutritional shortfalls in the mother’s diet and ensures that the baby has an adequate supply of nutrients
•    Increases the odds of carrying the baby to term
•    Reduces the risk of low birth weight
•    Improves the quality of breast milk
•    Contributes to the development of healthy bones and higher bone density
•    Potentially increases the child’s visual acuity
•    Helps to prevent common birth defects of the spinal cord (spina bifida) and of the brain (anencephaly)

As always, thank you for reading.  We look forward to helping you at a location near you with whatever your health concerns are.

Also we do mail orders, and you can call us toll free at 1866 499 9546



Shannon’s Labour Experience: True Story…

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This article is much different from what you have been used to here with the Alive, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus Blog.  I tend to stick with articles telling you about different products, specific health concerns and how to treat them or I put recipes up on the blog to share with everyone.  I try not to get too personal I guess you could say.  BUT over the last nine months of pregnancy I have had a blast.  I really enjoyed my first experience of being pregnant and now I am absolutely amazed at how wonderful motherhood can be.  I want to share with you my labour experience.  I would like to tell you right away that this is a positive article!  Not an article telling you how awful the pain was, or about everything that went wrong, but instead an article to help women as well as men who may be anticipating a baby some things they can expect.  Therefore, I should mention this is not a scientific article, it is merely my experience of what happened and the things that I am soo glad that I thought of and did as well as looking back some things I would have done differently OR better yet will do for next time!  Honestly, the whole experience has been so wonderful I am very excited to have more then one if its meant to be!  Hope you enjoy the article…


My Little Girl Danica!

June 30th 2011 I go in for my weekly Dr. appointment.  I notice that I have had clear discharge, but very little.  However, just to be safe I asked my doctor if it is possible that my water broke.  (In prenatal classes you learn that to go into labour your water doesn’t have to be the first sign.  Also you learn that when your water breaks it is not like the movies! It is not necessary a huge water fall.)  Mr Dr. suggested we air on the side of caution and so she sent me to the hospital to run some tests on the fluid and to check if the cervix was open.  So at around 11am we went to the hospital and long story short, no sign of baby and the fluid was not from the water breaking.  They said I probably will not deliver early most likely late.  My due date was July 6th, roughly a week away.  So I went home with my husband.  We made plans for the weekend to see some friends since we figured this will be our last chance to hang out without a little one around.  We had a relaxing day and we were ready to go to bed at 11pm, just turning off my side table lamp and then gush… (this time my water definitely broke!)  I was laughing and ran to the bathroom trying to prevent the water from getting on the bed.  I was fairly successful.  Right away I had very weak contractions; the early phase of labour had began!!  Remember there is no rush to go to the hospital when your early phase starts (this is assuming you have had a normal pregnancy throughout and that you are not delivering twins.  Most times it is best to stay home in the beginning because you are more relaxed to get labour going and you have your own food, comforts of home and a shower which is a huge help by the way!)  The next step is to call the hospital and your Dr. to let them know your status.  This way they can be expecting you in the next little while…

So the night goes by and it is now July1st! Happy Canada Day!! I have had contractions all night at this point, but they have been irregular and they have been mild.  Slightly stronger but nothing to really get this party started!  However, I still call the doctor at 8:30am because in this situation my water has broken.  What this means is usually they need the baby to come out within 24 hours of the water breaking.  If my water had not broke and I was just having contractions, sometimes they will let this part go on much longer.  The goal is to try to get your body to go into labour by itself.  BUT if there is one thing I can pass on it is: “At the end of the day all that matters is HEALTHY BABY HEALTHY MOM, it doesn’t matter how the baby gets in your arms, all that matters is the family is united at the end of it all.”  So many women have an idealized plan in the mind of how their labour will be perfect or just the way they planned it.  The sooner you let your stubbornness go the easier your labour will be.  Know your options before you deliver.  Meaning: know the pain meds, know the methods of delivery etc, but don’t write a script if you can help it.

Ok where was I…. so my water had broke and it was 8:30am and I called the Dr. and she said that if I do not go into labour on my own, with 411 which mean 4 contractions 1 min apart within 10 minutes of each other with some hefty pain, then they will have to induce me around 7:00pm….

Waited all day, and somewhat regular contractions started in the evening and I ended up going to the hospital at 6:00pm.  They looked at me, heart, blood pressure, position of baby which was head down, cervix open and I am ready to go!  Induction started at 8:00pm!

What is being induced?

Induced is when you need to go into labour faster than your body is doing it.  So they hook you up to an IV and start pumping in Oxytocin a hormone that induces (starts) labour.  Oxytocin is safe, it is literally a hormone you produce.  The interesting thing about being induced is that your contractions become like clock work.  It is a much faster process and labour doesn’t take as long, however it is intense! My Dr. warned me that I may need an epidural because the pain becomes so intense, rapid and strong quickly.  When you go into labour on your own it is more gradual.

What I personally did to cope with the PAIN and make labour easier!

  • I had a private room, lights were dim…
  • I had a exercise ball that I sat on and bounced around in (helps relieve the pressure down below)
  • Remembered to sit tall, but sit relaxed, don’t tense up, let your body relax… makes labour easier and shorter!
  • I did not sit on the table except when the nurse needed to put my IV in etc, the rest of the time I wanted to be free to walk around
  • I did visualization, tried to think of positive thoughts… trust me it is very easy to slip into “Why am I doing this, the pain is too strong, I want to give up, never again…” use the power of your mind and just keep repeating POSITIVE thoughts.  I am a strong women, I am meant to do this, I am going to be a mother soon, my baby is counting on me, I have the power to bring this little one in the world, the pain will pass and the baby will last my lifetime…”
  • I had the support of my husband.  Make sure you have some sort of coach or support in your room.  There are Doulas or you can have a friend but make sure they know what they can do to help support YOU!  They must be strong, not freak out and remember they can’t fix anything i.e. your pain, but they should be positive reinforcement that you are strong and amazing!
  • I had music!  Such a help, I got lost in the positive motivational words!
  • DEEP Breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a help!
  • Low tones……. instead of high tones I made low tones.  Some studies show that the baby feels more calm when the mother has low moaning verses screaming. It also calms you and reduces the perception of pain.
  • SHAVE ahead of time… this is a weird tip I know, but one of my girlfriends told me, shave before you go to the hospital otherwise they will do it for you.  I know personally I would rather do that myself down there.  It is one less thing for them to have to do and it is one less reason that they have to go poking around down there.
  • I kept telling myself that the contraction only last 1 minute!  I can do this, then I will have a break.  (Remember the contraction will not last forever! AND remember the contraction is helping you it is getting that baby out!)
  • DO NOT watch the clock or the minutes going by! It makes the labour seem much longer.  I watched the level of the contraction.  That number on the monitor helped me know when the contraction was coming on and it allowed me to time my breathing better.

Story continued…….

Close to the end I needed something to help me with the pain.  I knew I was very, very close, so I went with the laughing gas.  Benefits are: it is safe for the baby, it helps you focus on breathing.  Downside: it can make you throw up!  BUT I discovered how to make it not do that.  At first I was afraid of the laughing gas and I wasn’t taking a deep enough breath and I was stopping half way through the contraction etc.  Then I would throw up because I had the after taste of the laughing gas.  The nurse said sit tall, relax and fill those lungs, take a deep breath and also remember to blow out completely afterwards.  Once I started concentrating I was off to the races!!

At about 1:00am I turned to Nelson and said: “I am not sure how much more I can take…” I may need the epidural.  This is where I had to be realistic.  I didn’t want to have the epidural because you can’t feel when to push and sometimes it slows down the labour, but I was prepared to change my plan.  We decided to page the nurse.  The nurse came in and said: “Do you feel like you want to push, do you feel like you want to take the biggest bowel movement ever?!  I actually laughed and was like YES!!!!  She said well then get on this table she checked and I made it I was 10cm ready to get this baby OUT!! I was so happy no epidural for me!

BUT you know how I said she was head down… well somewhere during labour she turned and feet were coming out.  This means she has breached.  This is not good, but not life and death either.  These days it is completely easy to get that baby out so that the baby and mother are safe, but it just means a rapid change in plans.  Head always first, you can never deliver safely with feet first, so the nurse said: “Hun, good news you made it with out meds, but we have to do an emergency c-section.  Therefore we need to do a spinal (full epidural) and get the baby out, so STOP pushing and BREATH.”  They are very efficient and I felt completely looked after and safe.  I was very scared of a c-section, but I knew that the best thing to do was to surrender, healthy baby, health mom and trust the professionals.  They were so amazing.  I delivered at BC Women’s Hospital and honestly I am very thankful to the whole staff there.

10 minutes later…. baby is in my arms.  We made it!! Danica was born at 1:30am! Healthy as ever!  Again it was different than I had imagined my delivery to be.  Instead of soft lighting and having my husband beside me, I went to bright lights, people in surgical masks, a curtain in front of me, 10 people in the room and my husband coming in after.  So yes the mood changed and it wasn’t intimate, BUT it was still beautiful to see our little baby girl enter this world!!  Now that almost two weeks have gone by I couldn’t be more happy, she is amazing…

Also remember how I said to shave down there!  Well I am sooo happy I did.  In the frantic moments of… “Hurry we need to do a c-section, let’s shave her!” They looked and were like, never mind, she’s good to go.  Trust me at this point you just want the baby out so any little thing you can do to speed up the process is good.

Lastly some things I would do Differently for NEXT time:

  • Have the nurse check more often to see if the babies head is still facing down
  • Have my water ready and my puke bowl ready for when I throw up
  • Prevent throwing up by using the the laughing gas correctly
  • Bring photos that make me happy, maybe a baby picture of myself with my father holding me and maybe my favourite picture of my husband I and a picture of my family dog since he is soo cute and lovable
  • Start putting nipple cream on weeks before the pregnancy so that they don’t get so irritated.  Try to stick with it, mine did crack and even bleed a little bit the first week, but it does go away once you and your baby figure things out, (Also buy a BREAST PUMP!! Great way to get your milk out if your nipples are sore.  Gives you a fighting chance to breast feed.  BUT don’t beat yourself up if you can’t breast feed)

Well sorry it was a long article for a blog post.  Hopefully you got something out of it.  I realize that this pertains to a small audience, but hopefully it helps someone you may know.  As always I truly love helping people as well as the staff at Alive health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at and if you have questions there is a toll free number 1866 499 9546.  I will not be there because I am working from home now looking after the little one.  However our staff are all pretty well mothers, so if you have questions find a location near you.  Our caring staff would love to be of help!


AOR Children’s Vitamin D3 Drops 400iu

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What is AOR’s Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is derived from sheepskin oil collected during shearing. AOR’s  Vitamin D3 for Children is rapidly converted in the body to the active hormone  1,25 dihydrocholecalciferol, and helps in the development and maintenance of  bones, the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, and is a factor in the  maintenance of good health. It is also important for mood as well!  Calcium is always talked about, but we often forget to take extra vitamin D3 to make sure that our calcium is actually absorbed into the bone.


I am recently a new mother! First time!  I did not post about being pregnant because I wanted to wait until the baby was born.  She is healthy and happy and so am I.  She was born July 2nd at 1:30am!  I just wanted to share this with you and now you can expect many articles to come regarding tips for your little ones.  So the tip here is AOR Vitamin D3 liquid drops!  Yes even NEWBORNS are recommended to have 400 iu per day of Vitamin D3.  The hospitals now inform you to supplement with Vitamin D3 if you are breast feeding.  If you formula feed most of them already include this.  The best way to get your newborn or child to take Vitamin D3 is through a liquid.  All you have to do is place your drop of Vitamin D3 liquid from AOR onto your breast once a day and voila!  It is sooo easy and the baby cannot taste it.


AOR Vitamin D3 for Kids and even NEWBORNS

1 Drop per day (0.2 ml) is 400 iu

Vitamin D3 from AOR, Source:

Vitamin D3 – lanolin; Medium chain
triglycerides – coconut; α-tocopherol – soy


Vitamin D for Children: Research on Vitamin D3 by AOR:

The most well known role  of vitamin D is its involvement in maintaining healthy bones. In children,  vitamin D is essential for the proper growth and development of bones, and  deficiency can result in rickets. Vitamin D is critical for bone health because  it is required for the efficient utilization of dietary calcium. If vitamin D  levels are too low, the body will begin to break down the bones to access  calcium stores. Research has shown that vitamin D supplementation early in life  leads to higher bone mineral density (BMD) at 7-9 years of age, and that  adolescents with low vitamin D levels have lower BMD.

Vitamin D is also important in the function of muscles. Research has shown that young girls (12-14 years old) with higher vitamin D levels demonstrate greater muscle power than those with lower levels.

Vitamin D supplementation is also important during pregnancy and at very young ages, as inadequate vitamin D levels early in life have been associated with an increased risk of autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, breathing disorders and type 1 diabetes later in life. For example, infants receiving 2000IU of vitamin D in the first year of life were 80% less likely to develop type 1 diabetes. There may also be a link between vitamin D and autism, as autism is much more prevalent in areas of low sunlight. Vitamin D has also been shown to play a role in immunity, and may help to prevent placental infections during pregnancy.

As always thank you soo much for reading!  I will do my best to keep up with the posts despite having my hands full with Danica our newborn.  We look forward to helping you at any location: Alive Health Centre Morning Sun or Supplements Plus.  Also if you are planning to start a family, or you are currently pregnant and have any questions in general about pregnancy, labour or post labour, ask away.  I may not have all the answers, but it is always nice to have someone to reach out to, identify with and share experiences with.  Have an excellent week everyone!


Lorna Vanderhaeghe Mag Smart: For Heart Health, Depression and Children Behavioural Problems ADHD

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Lorna Vanderhaeghe’s Mag Smart is in the form of Magnesium Bisglycinate which does not causeAvailable at: Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus! diarrhea.  Sometimes the issue with taking Magnesium in Citrate form is that when taken in higher dosages, it causes a loose stool.  For some people a loose stool is good news, but for those that need to take a higher amount of Magnesium, the Bisglycinate form is the way to go!

There is a lot of buzz about taking Vitamin D and Calcium, but Magnesium is one of the minerals that many people are deficient in.  Magnesium plays a vital role in allowing our body to function properly.  Magnesium is needed for our enzymes, for blood vessels, for nerves, for heart health, for the brain and much much more!

While Lorna’s Mag Smart is great for: depression, muscle spasms, cardiovascular health, diabetes as well as chronic fatigue, one of the most intriguing benefits is for children’s behavioural issues.  There is an epidemic going on where many parents are concerned about Autism, ADHD and even depression with their children

 According to Dr. Oz in 1980 Autistic children were diagnosed 1-5000 and currently Autistic children are being diagnosed at 1-110!

Unfortunately, there are not concrete answers as to what the true cause of Autism is.  The answer is not simple, there are just too many factors these days due to our complex environment.  The GOOD news is that there are things you can do that are in no way harmful to your children… like taking Fish Oil, balanced diet and Mag Smart.  Lorna says it best, here is what she has said:

Behavioural Problems
“Magnesium deficiency occurs more frequently in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than in healthy children. Studies have shown that magnesium supplementation reduces the symptoms of ADHD in children.

In one such study, a combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 was shown to reduce symptoms such as physical aggressiveness, instability, and poor attention at school in all study participants (52 children) after 1-6 months of treatment.

Magnesium, together with vitamin B6, may also be beneficial for autistic patients. While no cure for autism is known, magnesium and B6 supplementation has led to remarkable improvement in many cases”. (Lorna Vanderhaeghe,

I have seen the most attentive and dedicated parents do whatever they can for their children.  Special learning techniques, motor development classes, memory pattern routines, Fish Oil supplements among other supplements.  My heart goes out to those parents who only want the best for their children.  At Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus we truly care about this issue.  Majority of us are mothers with 20 + years experience, some of us are new mothers with all the latest information and some of us are expecting!   Where ever you are in life, we look forward to helping you with whatever your health care needs are.  Come see us at a location near you.


How to Improve Your Childs Concentration

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Nordic Naturals DHA for: Brain Development, Focus and Concentration. Teenagers, Adults and Pregnant woman can use this excellent high quality source of DHA.

I get many emails from parents who are concerned about their childrens lack of focus.  Below are the tips that you can use to help improve your childs concentration.  Hope you enjoy the read!

Concentration problems are extremely common these days, but there are many things we can do to help them along the way.  First we will discuss the safe supplements you can give them: 1. A good quality fish oil 2.A B-Complex. 3. A good multivitamin. This is simple but a good start. 

1. Fish Oil: They can take either liquid or capsules.  Also if your family is vegetarian or allergic to fish they can use Flax oil instead, but Fish Oil is the best choice because it is more concentrated in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s).  Just a reminder that there are two EFA’s: EPA and DHA.  EPA is good for inflammation, skin conditions such as eczema, heart and joints.  DHA is what children need for concentration, focus, and development of a healthy brain. 
Good Brands: Nordic Naturals, Nutra Sea or Norweigian Gold Fish oils.
2. B-Complex.  Royal Jelly comes in softgels and it is rich in B vitamins, Amino Acids, and it is great for the immune system.  I took Royal Jelly all throughout University and I never had to have coffee.  It provided me with stamina, focus, and concentration instead of false energy which is typically what students use to get through the day.  It also helps you with stress. Royal Jelly is more expensive than a plain B Complex, but it has the added benefits for the immune system.  If cost is a concern a B-Complex is a great start.  B-Complex comes in capsules, tablets, as well as liquid.  Liquid is not the best taste, but it is possible hide the taste in a shake or juice.  Capsules are the easiest to swallow and are definately convenient.
Good Brands For Royal Jelly: Honeslty, Royal Jelly by Alive Brand is fantastic.  I take this one still everyday.  I never travel without it.
Good Brands for B Complex: Alive, or Sisu are great choices.
NOTE: for dosages and specifics it is best to go over this in the store.  Dosages depend on the size of the child, not necessarily the age.  I am always at the Oakridge Mall Alive Health Centre in Vancouver BC.  If this is no where near you we have lots of stores in BC, Alberta and Ontario.  If this is not close to you feel free to call the Oakridge location @ 604 263 3235 and we can do mail orders.
3. Lastly, a multi vitamin would be a great addition.  Depending on your childs size you can give them an adult one.  If they are a smaller frame, not putting on weight, then definately give them a teenager multi. 

Extra Tips

  • Extra Vitamin D is also safe, helpful, and it is very inexpensive.  This is fabulous for mood (happiness).  
  • I know this is obvious, but make sure they are drinking water.  Sometimes a lack of focus is as simple as dehydration.  
  • In terms of diet, make sure they are not getting too many sweets and sugar, try to balance this.  Pop is the worst which you probably already know.  Sugar can make kids tire so fast.  They drop like a rock. 
  • If your child has a hard time concentrating after lunch they may need to adjust their diet, eat smaller meals, but more frequently throughout the day to balance their blood sugar.  
  • Lastly, but probably MOST IMPORTANTLY, keep them active!  Even if you feel your child is not into sports, expose them to lifestyle activities, like hiking, skiing, or swimming.  Also, encourage them to play and get outside.  When they learn to sit inside all day on the weekends and after school it is hard to break the habit.  When there is time for play, they can complete their homework faster, but of the same quality and their concentration increases dramatically.

Our kids are our future, let’s help them be the best they can be.  As always, we look forward to helping you in the stores at which ever location is nearsest you!  See you soon!