Lorna Vanderhaeghe’s Mag Smart is in the form of Magnesium Bisglycinate which does not causeAvailable at: Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus!  diarrhea.   Sometimes the issue with taking Magnesium in Citrate form is that when taken in higher dosages, it causes a loose stool.   For some people a loose stool is good news, but for those that need to take a higher amount of Magnesium, the Bisglycinate form is the way to go!

There is a lot of buzz about taking Vitamin D and Calcium, but Magnesium is one of the minerals that many people are deficient in.   Magnesium plays a vital role in allowing our body to function properly.   Magnesium is needed for our enzymes, for blood vessels, for nerves, for heart health, for the brain and much much more!

While Lorna’s Mag Smart is great for: depression, muscle spasms, cardiovascular health, diabetes as well as chronic fatigue, one of the most intriguing benefits is for children’s behavioural issues.   There is an epidemic going on where many parents are concerned about Autism, ADHD and even depression with their children.  

 According to Dr. Oz in 1980 Autistic children were diagnosed 1-5000 and currently Autistic children are being diagnosed at 1-110!

Unfortunately, there are not concrete answers as to what the true cause  of Autism is.   The answer is not simple, there are just too many factors these days due to our complex environment.   The GOOD news is that there are things you can do that are in no way harmful to your children… like taking Fish Oil, balanced diet and Mag Smart.   Lorna says it best, here is what she has said:

Behavioural Problems
“Magnesium deficiency occurs more frequently in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than in healthy children. Studies have shown that magnesium supplementation reduces the symptoms of ADHD in children.

In one such study, a combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 was shown to reduce symptoms such as physical aggressiveness, instability, and poor attention at school in all study participants (52 children) after 1-6 months of treatment.

Magnesium, together with vitamin B6, may also be beneficial for autistic patients. While no cure for autism is known, magnesium and B6 supplementation has led to remarkable improvement in many cases”. (Lorna Vanderhaeghe, www.hormonehelp.com)

I have seen the most attentive and dedicated parents do whatever they can for their children.    Special learning techniques, motor development classes, memory pattern routines, Fish Oil supplements among other supplements.   My heart goes out to those parents who only want the best for their children.   At Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus we truly care about this issue.   Majority of  us are mothers with 20 +  years experience, some of us are new mothers with all the latest information and some of us are expecting!      Where ever you are in life, we look forward to helping you with whatever your health care needs are.   Come see us at a location near you.

10 thoughts on “Lorna Vanderhaeghe Mag Smart: For Heart Health, Depression and Children Behavioural Problems ADHD

  1. Hello I am thinking about buying your product magsmart but not sure if it will help me with my axiety and panic. What do you suggest. I have taken inositol and found that it did not do so much. How does your product compare. I am a 43 year female and need some help other than prescription meds

    Looking forward to your rely

  2. I would definitely suggest taking one of the magnesium powders. The Mag Smart is an excellent choice, it is more of a formula, meaning it is not just magnesium, there is also b vitamins and l-tyrosine (amino acids) to help with anxiety. The other one that is excellent is Mag Calms (also a powder form). This is only magnesium. Both products are excellent and I have customers who love both. One big difference is that magnesium can make the stool loose. For some people this is a really good thing! But for some people they may have a runny stool already or already have problems with digestion. If this is the case I would recommend the Mag Smart because the form of magnesium that is used does NOT make the stool runny. It is in what is called a glycinate form. SO yes, I would definitely recommend a magnesium powder. THere are no side effects other than a loose stool if you were to take a lot! My mother takes this, I also use this because I have a new born and getting quality sleep is a problem and I tend to worry. Also my good friend who is a fire fighter obviously has a stressful job along with a difficult sleeping schedule and he swears by magnesium. Hopefully this helps! If you have more questions do not hesistate to email me at shannon@alivehealthblog.com we do mail orders as well.

  3. I have been using Mag Smart for two months It has been most benificial. I live in Medicine Hat Ab Green Tree Wellness seems to be the only place here that handles it thet are out Is there anywhere I can order it online? Or any other retailers in my area that handle it Thank You

  4. Hello Bev, I am so happy to hear that you are finding Mag Smart helpful. We do mail orders all the time. If you would like to place an order you can either call toll free 1 866 499 9546, or you can email me directly at shannon@alivehealthblog.com Also, please note that we offer volume discounts. When you buy 6 units you get one free, or buy 2 and you get 5% off.

  5. Hi there. My son is 6 years old and has really been agressive. He does not have ADHD or Autism but he is really struggling about going to school to be specific. He can be really sweet and then the next thing you know he is angry and does not know what to do about it. Would this product Magsmart help?

  6. Hello Angie,
    Definitely have a chat with your health care practitioner so that they can actually see your child and talk to the both of you. But I would definitely like to comment the best I can without having met the both of you. As you know it is common for this type of behaviour to occur when they are going to school due to all the healthy challenges they have to face and therefore this can be somewhat over whelming. MagSmart would be something that your son could benefit from as it helps to calm and relax. Things like change, going to school, interacting with others, perhaps seeing some people he does not necessarily feel comfortable with all can create a mild feeling of anxiety, which comes out in anger. I am sure you already do, but talk to him about his day. Ask him to tell you about what he liked about the day, what he struggled with, what was fun, what was boring, who he talked to etc… but of course make it fun and light. But yes to answer your question we have many customers who have found great results with the magsmart and this is specifically with children. I wish you and your son all the best! Cheers!

  7. Hey my son takes the magsmart powder and it is just impossible for him to take cuz everything I try mixing it with I can’t hide the taste I have tried water juice and Gatorade but I am also trying to cut out sugars out so this is a catch 22 for me please give me tips

  8. Hi Kerry, how about mixing the powder into a small amount of smoothie? That always does the trick for me. The thicker the better, it goes down in 1 glob!

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