As you all know, the Spring Flyer is on NOW until April 21st 2012!   The theme of the flyer is that it is still not too late to lose the weight before the summer.   It’s time to lose the weight and gain the confidence.   Sometimes it can be hard to do it on exercise and diet alone, so here is a flyer designed just for you with some “crutches” as Dr. Oz likes to call them, so you can reach your weight loss goals and sustain them for life!

Alive Spring Flyer April 2012 (BC Locations)

Morning Sun Spring Flyer April 2012 (Alberta Locations)

Supplements Plus Spring Flyer April 2012 ( Ontario Locations)

Every flyer Alice Chung the owner of Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus always writes an ASK Alice column.   Here it is for all to enjoy:

Alice Chung Owner of Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus! Spring Flyer 2012

Lose the Pounds GAIN the Confidence!!

Calling ALL busy people who want to lose WEIGHT!! There are a variety of crutches to help you get on the right path. It may be overwhelming this flyer as we have: Relora,African Mango, hCG 1234, Red Raspberry, L-Caritine, PGX and White Kidney Bean Extract (Phase 2) to name a few. BUT not to worry, we are here to assist you on your goals and here to help devise a program that is tailored to YOUR specific concerns. I love to spend three days out of the week working in the stores to keep in touch with my customers and what I have noticed and it is no secret, weight loss is always on our minds whether we are young, old, male or female. January winter resolutions may have passed you by, you now have made it through the February blues, rainy March has come and gone and now its April and you still have that stubborn weight to lose before summer YIKES!!… well I propose it is NEVER too late to lose the weight!! Half the battle is gaining the confidence in order to lose the weight. STOP being hard on yourself by sending little negative messages, instead send yourself love notes! “I can do this, I am worthy of losing weight and taking care of MYSELF!!” So I say Spring into action by using some crutches to get you going. There is no doubt that you have heard of the much talked about White Kidney Bean (Phase 2)on the Dr. OZ show which will help you block carbohydrates.Relora to get rid of belly fat due to stress. Raspberry Ketones may be the key to help you SHRINK your fat cells, or perhaps African Mango Extractis the right one for YOU as it helps to BURN stored FAT and curb your appetite. Please don’t sit in silence, it is my mission to get Canadian’s moving losing weight and feeling great!! Do not let yourself be a statistic such as…Approximately 25% or a quarter of Canadians are obese! According to Statistics Canada “Obesity has been described as a global epidemic,” Instead I encourage you to look through the possibilities of what can help you in this flyer, or give us a call or a visit, we are happy to help!!

As always we look forward to helping you at a location near you!   If there is not a location near you we would love to help you with a mail order.

MAIL ORDER: Toll free 1-866-499-9546

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