Coconut oil has many uses such as lowering cholesterol,  helping damaged hair,    repairing skin and you can even cook  with coconut oil.    There is some confusion with coconut oil, some people often think coconut oil is  not good for them, but actually it is fantastic for the heart and essentially the whole body!

Quick Tips on the Benefits of Coconut Oil:

  • Coconut oil nourishes your bodies cells from the inside out!  Cook with it, or eat a tablespoon a day.
  • Coconut oil repairs your skin, helps heal wounds, and prevents scaring.
  • Coconut oil also helps boost collagen therefore helping the structure of your skin or the elasticity of your skin.
  • Coconut oil  works extremely well as a natural make-up remover!   Especially great for the eyes.
  • Coconut oil  has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Coconut oil helps to hydrate the skin and because it increases the skins lipid levels, this helps to plump up the skin therefore reducing lines and aging skin naturally with out any parabens.
  • Lastly, if you love the sun, Coconut oil helps to sooth the skin when you have had too much exposure to the sun.

Coconut Oil Brands:

There are many out there to choose from.   One of the best and the one that I like to use personally is Nutiva Coconut oil.   It is a good price and excellent quality.   It is nothing but coconut oil.   I love cooking with it because it is one of the oils that can be cooked with at a high heat and will not become carcinogenic.

As always thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you at an Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements plus location near you!   Have a great week!

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