Alive DHA for Kids!

Parents are always coming in looking for a good quality fish oil to help their kids brains develop the best they can.  Half the battle is finding that balance of a good quality fish oil with lots of the essential fatty acid DHA, but one that tastes good!  There is a solution!  The Alive Kids DHA is extremely clean and therefore is free from any chemicals/toxins.  All Alive fish oils go through rigorous testing and since the beginning, we have received the highest standard of quality there is when it comes to fish oil.  The source of fish is from the cold pristine Norwegian waters. 

The break down is 250mg total omega 3 per capsule, then you have EPA and DHA.  These are the essential fatty acids from the omega 3.  EPA is for skin and things like inflammation, therefore wonderful for kids who have dry itchy skin.  DHA is what parents are always concerned about and want to give their kids lots of so that they have healthy brains! DHA helps with mental focus, intelligence, and even attention deficit disorder.  The break down is as follows:

Total omega 3: 250mg
DHA: 100mg
EPA: 25mg
Note this is per soft gel. 

Generally, take 3 soft gels daily, however the size of the child is more important than the age when it comes to dosage.  Also fish oil is one of those things where more is good!  Typically little ones like 3 years old will take 2 or 3 and then we always recommend higher than what the bottle says for kids that are older like 8 or 9 but still want to take the yummy fish oil, but are not ready to take on a liquid form.  An 8 year old can easily take 6 soft gels a day, especially for a child who is having trouble focussing, distrupting the class, or is struggling with school work. 

The soft gel is the size of a green pea.  It is meant to be chewed.  There is liquid inside the gel and it is the flavour of an orange burst! Kids love it.  It is sweetened with Stevia.  Stevia is a good natural sweetener with NO calories, but it is from a plant source all safe and 100% natural.  Stevia sweetener is what is sold in Health Stores and has been helping diabetics for years.  Please do not confuse Stevia with sucrolose or splenda.  These are the less desirable sweeteners. As for the material of the soft gel, there is no pork in the soft gel.  All Alive Gelatin is bovine source or vegetarian.  The Alive Kids DHA is bovine.  There are no fillers in the fish oil and there is NO wheat, soy, gluten, dairy or corn.  This makes the product easy for kids who have sensitivies. 

Also, just another note: I am about 7 months pregnant and as you may know, fish oil is extremely important for pregnant women to take so that the development of the babies brain is the best it can be!  In the first trimester I did have morning sickness, and I found that  the Alive Kids DHA was one of the only fish oils I could keep down!  So there is a little tip if you know any other pregnant women having trouble finding a fish oil….
Size: it comes in a 90’s and 180’s. 

As always, thank you you for reading!  Hopefully you enjoyed the article.  We look forward to answering any further questions you may have at either an Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus location near you!  Also, please feel free to call us toll free at 1866 499 9546 for additional information or if you wish to do a MAIL ORDER.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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