greens_bonebuilder_491g_300px_2When people think of Greens + (Brand Genuine Health), the original Greens formula comes to mind, as well as their fish oils and multi vitamins, but the Greens + Bone Builder is sometimes overlooked.   Both the Vancouver Sun and the National Post feature  interesting findings on Osteoporosis and bone health in general.   Some of the research is from the University of Toronto.   When it comes to bone health we are finding more and more that calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are a great start but there is much more we can do for our bones.

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Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus  carries Greens + Bone Builder.   We look forward to seeing you soon!

2 thoughts on “Greens + For Your Bones

  1. Unfortunately, the company discontinued this product. One of my favourite Greens now is either the Genuine Health Greens formulas or the Progressive Greens. Called VegeGreens While it does not have the calcium in the formula there are some new calciums on the market that are fantastic with excellent absorption. When it comes to calcium, it is difficult to recommend one particular product, and therefore I highly recommend either calling our store in Richmond 604-278-2788, or we also have a toll free number at our Oakridge location 1866 499 9546. Our owner and President of the company works there Thurs Fri and Sat and she would be happy to answer any questions and get a mail order to you, or visit our website to see all the calcium we have to offer. Hope this helps.


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