"Two capsules os Resveratrol is equivalent to 42 bottles of red wines antioxidants!"
"Two capsules os Resveratrol is equivalent to 42 bottles of red wines antioxidants!"

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that is found in the skin of red grapes and is a constituent of red wine.   There are many antioxidants out there, but they all specialize in different things.   It is most recommended to take a few of them and not limit yourself.   For example, if you are already using Grape Seed extract you can take Resveratrol too!   Think of a school and all of its parts.   There are many people that make things happen.   There is the guidance counsellor, the principal and teachers.   Imagine if we thought, I already  have a  Mathematics teacher  so I do not need an English teacher.     While they are both teachers they do completely different things; this is the same thinking when it comes to  antioxidants.  

What does Resveratrol do?

Life Extension: Resveratrol is about life extension while still maintaining the quality of life.   No one wants to live until 100 if it means they are still falling apart.   Therefore, the benefit of Resveratrol is to improve the quality of life as well as the longevity.   Dr. Sinclair from Harvard found that Resveratrol tops the list to slow down the aging process.   He found that mice fed with Resveratrol along with a healthy fat diet (coconut oil) far better than the control group which had the same diet, but minus the Resveratrol.   The experimental group were: skinnier, younger looking, had healthier skin, and they could run twice as fast.  

Neuodegenerative Disease: In 2008 researchers at Weill Medical College of Cornell University reported that dietary supplementation with Resveratrol reduced plaque formation in animal brains.   Plaque formation leads to Alzeimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.  

Where to get Resveratrol?

There are many to choose from on the market and it is hard to know which one to pick.   If you are having trouble deciding, you can rely on the Alive Resveratrol; it  is of excellent quality.   The Alive Brand is extracted from the polyphenols of 100% red grapes from France.  

As always you can come to Alive Health Centre or if you are in Alberta there is Morning Sun, and if you are in Toronto you can find Supplements Plus!   Hope to see you soon!

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