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Exercising After Pregnancy

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Being a mother is a wonderful experience, but finding the time for yourself can be challenging.  It is so much fun looking after your little one, watching them reach all the milestones and discovering their personality.  BUT, don’t forget to take time for yourself!  You will both will be better for it.  A happy mom makes for a well adjusted happy baby.

Moms are very eager to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight, but remember to not be too hard on yourself.  The most important thing for the first month after pregnancy is to recover from giving birth.  Whether you have had a caesarian or natural birth you have to give your body time to recover.  Make sure you work with your health practitioner to find out what types of movements are best for you.  Just because your friend is jogging doesn’t mean that you are ready to put on your Lu Lu Lemon’s.  That being said it is generalyl a good start for most women to give walking a try.  It is something that both you and your baby can handle.  It is excellent to get fresh air and if your baby had Jaundice, Physicians often recommend to take your baby outside for small bouts of sunshine.  Of course be wary of how long and what time of day you are putting your baby in the sun.

Tips to Getting Started:

  • Start with walking, some women start after 2 weeks and some women need more time such as a month.
  • Caesarian takes roughly 6 weeks to heal and this means there should be no heavy lifting.  Rule of thumb is to lift nothing heavier than your baby.  As for tender muscles this can take much longer and then in terms of the numbness around the incision can take 6 months.  Again this is varies from woman to woman.
  • Be careful when introducing weights and resistant type exercises.  Sit ups, push ups and planks are definetly out until your core muscles are ready for strengthening.
  • Having trouble fitting in exercise? Try exercising when your baby is most self soothing.  For me my baby is almost 8 months old and she is the most easy going after her morning feed.  She likes to play on her Bright Start Albert Einstein mat.  She will basically practice her yoga while mommy does her work out!  I really like the “10 Minute Trainer” videos with Tony Horton.  Then I place the baby in a spot where she cannot see the TV, but she can still see me moving around working up a swet!
  • Also, there is local personal trainer that I have used, her name is Angela Sasso.  She is located in Vancouver BC. She is amazing, extremely positive, motivating, knows the fitness industry inside and out.  You can check her out as she has her own youtube channel.  She helped me get into shape before I got pregnant.  I had excellent core strength going into pregnancy and this greatly helped me maintain a work out plan during pregnancy and it also helped me during labour.
  • If time is a problem and you do not have any help raising your baby, try to find ten minutes to exercise when while your baby sleeps.
  • Keep in mind the first couple of months is all about sleeping when your baby sleeps, so again take your time introducing exercise into your routine.  Also, if you are able to breast feed this is a great way to get your weight down.
  • Eat healthier than ever before!  Seems like a logical thing to do, but sometimes women see the weight coming off due to breast feeding so they cheat.  This is not a good idea as your metbolism will slow right down and your energy will become sluggish; before you know it weight will be packing on.  Also, you want to be feeding your baby healthy nutrients.

Lastly, if you are breast feeding, you must continue to air on the side of caution when taking supplements.  Doctors and health practioners agree that a prenatal multi-vitamin, fish oil and calcum/magnesium is pretty much it while breast feeding.  These means no cleansing, no weight loss supplements with caffeine etc.  However, there are some things that you can sneak into your diet that are good for both your metabolism and your babies health.  Things like coconut oil are safe.  This is one of the best cooking oils to use as it is not carcinogenic when heated.  It is an excellent oil for the heart and metabolism!

As always thank you for reading.  If you have any more questions concerning exercises as well as what supplements are safe during breast feeding we would be happy to answer your questions at a location near you.  Or you can feel free to call us toll free at 1 866 499 9546


Take a “Time Out” This Summer: Mental Well Being

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We tend to focus on eating right as well as our physical well-being.  While these are most definitely important we cannot neglect our mental well-being.  People often do not know how to slow down or how to take a moment to be in the moment. Some people have never heard of mental well-being and perhaps npw is the time to give it a try!  Summer is an excellent time to get on the right track for your mental well being journey.  Most of us claim to be too busy to take “time out” for ourselves and that it is just another thing to remember to do! BUT to be mindful of your mental well-being is no joke.  Without peace, calmness and serenity people quickly become stress balls, which as we all know stress is the cause of a lot of our diseases today.

Why try starting a mental well-being regime in the summer?

  • The days are longer, therefore you will feel like you have more hours in the day to incorporate time for yourself.
  • More day light hours usually translates into happier people because you are able to get more Vitamin D, if you are feeling happier you are more likely to have the desire to try something new as well as stick with it.
  • In a lot of cases people tend to be on holidays in the summer therefore you will feel more relaxed to start a new regime, once you get a good hold of what works for you, you will be more likely to follow through in the the fall and winter with your mental well-being routine

What can you do to help your mental state?

  • You can always try yoga which will focus on mental and still your physical well-being.
  • Meditation can be simple.  Don’t start with high expectations.  Start small and work your way up.  It can be something as simple as thinking about positive thoughts for 5 minutes a day.  This can greatly put things in perspective for you.  Repeating positive thoughts for 5 minutes in the morning sets you up for a productive day.  When people say they do not have time for this, I say try setting your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier.
  • Try to lay down flat on your back while listening to relaxing music.  Start by relaxing your eyes, your nose, your checks, your ears and basically you work from head all the way to your toes, by really focusing on your body and nothing else.
  • Be mindful all day long.  What does this mean?  This means look after yourself and your mental state all day long.  Stress that you can cut out right away is stop “people pleasing”.  People pleasing really messes with your mental state and can actually become quite dangerous to your body.  Stay true to yourself! When we think of toxins, we often think of doing a cleanse to clean out all of the bad foods we have been eating, but never underestimate the power of toxic relationships!  Get rid of them!  We must always respect one another, but you do not have to make it your mission to love everyone and spend time with everyone that walks into your life.  Set boundaries and learn how to say “no”.  You can say things politely and with respect.  Just remember, if you do not take care of yourself, no one else will… this especially rings true for your mental well-being.  No one can read your mind and make all your stresses go away, only YOU can.
  • You can try finding solace in spirituality.  It does not have to be religious based.  Find what ever works for you.
  • Take a bath! Soak your feet or just take a walk.
  • If you really truly feel bummed out there are safe and natural supplements that can definitely help.  Fish oil with a high concentration of DHA essential fatty acid, vitamin D, a good quality multi can also do wonders!

Lastly, taking time to smell the flowers is never a waste of time.  Repeat this over in your head three times. Life is a beautiful thing and while working hard is a wonderful trait to have there has to be a balance.  It may not seem like it right now, but it catches up with us.  I myself love to work and I love seeing the hard work pay off, but I notice how the quality of my work goes up when I take time for myself.  At the end of the day there is no recipe for how to nurture your mental state, so just do what is best for you!  As always we thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you at a location near you!


Tips and Products for Healthy and Sustainable Weight Loss

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I get lots of emails on how to lose weight!  So below is a sample of different tips as well as specific products that I love to recommend for long lasting weight loss.  This is not a crash and burn diet approach, but rather a healthy as well as sustainable way to lose weight for good!!  Remember only you can make the choice to lose weight and it takes determination and the will to do it!  Hope you enjoy…

First of all, just know that it is always extremely difficult to lose the stubborn last couple of pounds.  The results usually come faster (at least in the beginning) for someone who needs to lose a substaintial amount of weight, such as 50 pounds.  Why?  Any slight healthy lifestyle change can make a huge difference compared to someone trying to lose 5 pounds.  For example, even if they just change one of two things they can lose weight FAST (i.e. cutting out coke, and say chips could make a huge difference).
The key to weight loss for anyone is to remember that every single body is different, and you have to figure out what your weaknesses are, what you can handle, what you can maintain for life and to not beat yourself up.  Determination, positivity and sticking with something are key.

When people come into Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus for weight loss, it is never a simple answer.  I always ask people the following things:

1. Write down your typical day(keep a journal).  For example, what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Write down your current activity level.

2. What are your favourite foods, or type of foods?  What are your weaknesses? Foods that you know are not the best for you but you just can’t help it.  For some people it is sweets ALL the way, others it is carbohydrates (bread lovers).  Usually for North Americans, it is consuming too many empty calories like a can of coke or a 1000 calorie fast food meal too often. 

3. From your journal entries, you can kind of narrow down what supplements would be best for you.  People that crave sweets, or an excess in carbs may need something to balance their blood sugar like cinamin extract, or PGX for example.

Below are my favourite products that greatly help with weight loss and healthy living in general:

1. A cleanse.  Brand: Renew Life First Cleanse 15 days.  If you think your digestion sucks a cleanse may be in order.  Poor digestion includes: gas, bloating, and you need to have at least one good bowel movement every day!  It’s even recommended that you have two a day!  The average person only goes every couple of days in North America, this is crazy!  We have a lot of cranky people in this world because they are not eliminating regularily and their body is becoming more and more toxic.  Your regularity/digestion is related to maintaining a healthy weight and the First Cleanse will get the ball rolling.  In addition to the cleanse Renew Life’s Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes are extremely recommended and beneficial to a healthy gutThe cleanse is good for your: liver, kidneys, lungs, lypmphatic system, colon, small intestine, large intestine, cardiovascular system and blood.

2. Protein Shakes!!! This is my favourite thing to recommend to you! A good quality protein shake fills you with nutrients, good calories, and it is something easy and tastey!  Make a shake most mornings and if you are hungry in the afternoon, have one at work.  Protein holds you, it protects your lean muscle mass, lean muscle burns existing fat, muscle is your furnace!  Put berries in it; believe it or not they are typically lower in the glycemic index therefore not making your blood sugar spike.  Also they are the richest in Anti-oxidants.  You can experiment and put so many different things in your protein shakes like coconut milk, almond milk, regular milk, walnuts, etc!  There are sooo many recipes you can find.  Also, get a blender!! A good one.  They can be quite pricey but its worth it!  Protein Brands: Renew Life Fit Smart, PVL Iso Gold, Progressive Harmony Protein, one of the most complete and healthy is… Vega Whole Meal Replacement by Sequel Naturals!!!! Amazingly healthy!  SOOO complete.  If you do try it get Vanilla Chai Flavour, mix with Almond milk unsweetened, banana, flax oil, walnuts, some yogurt if you want it thick.  Oh very important, 1 gram of protein, per 1 pound of body weight each day.  When you buy your protein powder you are looking for Whey Isolate (usually for weight loss).  It is the purest form of protein protecting lean muscle mass.  Great for women, losing weight, and for elderly! Whey concentrate is typically more for body builders or people who use up tones of calories and need the energy for sport.  Whey Concentrate is roughly about 1000 calories per serving whereas Whey Isolate is about 100 to 150 calories per serving depending on the brand. 

3. GREEN TEA! You know this one already, but this will stimulate your metabolism safely and it provides you with antioxidants. 

4.  Always remember that while supplements help, its not really supplements that are going to be the make it or break it, it is consistancy in your “diet for life” and your activity level.  Find an activity that you like.  Or if it is variety you like then go for it.  For me I like to use my recumbant bike at home for convenience.  I love prenatal yoga right now, and before I used to love playing badminton, but I can’t run around at the moment due to the pregnancy.  I also love swimming, but everyone is different.  It really doesn’t matter what you do, but you have to have the desire to go do it so that you will go consistantly!  One of my relatives needs to pay for something because they hate wasting money.  Once they pay they are commited.  
5.  Up your intake of fibre!!! FIBRE, FIBRE, FIBRE!!!  35 grams per day! You hear it a lot, but you need to eat lots of veges.  Learn how you like them.  Use coconut oil to cook.  Its opposite of what you may think, but cocanut oil is soooo good for your heart, your skin and your hair.  It is safe to cook with, so high heat is great!! Also, you can steam your veges too!  Brocoli, Chinese veges, watercress, and also make soups for dinner with lots of veges.  Just boil water, put a healthy noodle in there, add an egg till it is a honey consistancy, put a chicken thigh in there for flavour and then you can put your veges in there at the last so they are not over cooked.  Red peppers are delicious in there.  All you need is a little salt and pepper.  Note: stay away from processed packaged foods and sauces. 

6. Eat 4 to 5 times a day of healthy calories, nutritous calories.  Smaller but more frequent meals is key.  If you do these things you will feel fantastic!

7. Health wise, get Greens in your diet, by Genuine Health, and take fish oil every day.  You will look younger for longer.  Its really great for your skin, inflammation, joints, colon health and your hair.  Also, if you can get a multi in you every day that would be fantastic!! Platinum liquid softgels are the BEST! 


As always, thank you for reading!  There should be something in there for everyone.  It is up to us to look after ourselves.  Take care and put your health first by maintaining a balance!! And if you have any more questions we would be happy to help you at a location near you: Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus.  The main products to start with are: Cleanse, Protein powder, Multi Vitamin, Fish Oil, Probiotics/Enzymes, green tea. 

Also we do mail orders, if there are some products you are interested and there is not a location near you, call toll free: 1 866 499 9546.

Take care and see you soon!


Guest on the Beat 94.5 Kid Carson Show: Dr Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.

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This morning on The Beat 94.5, the Kid Carson Show had a wonderful guest, Dr Tasreen Alibhai, N.D.  She is

Dr. Tasreen Alabhai N.D. guest on The Beat shares some easy steps to change your life in a big way.

a well known Naturopathic Doctor in the Vancouver area and she was on the morning show to discuss the small changes we can make that will make a big difference.  Part of the problem with New Year resolutions is we make them too large and we become overwhelmed and often times we cannot follow through. 

This is what Dr. Tasreen Alibhai, N.D. had to say about:

  • Key Nutrients, supplements
  • A suggestion for a detox
  • Easy exercise
  • Smoking
  • Getting rid of Belly Fat
  • The importance of Routine
  • Lastly, her most important tip!

If you have never taken any supplement before and you have no idea where to start these were her suggestions, (Note she was not brand specific, because Naturopaths will often have their own lines, if you are not ready to see a Naturopath yet I put a few different brands.  They are excellent quality.

  1. Good quality Multivitamin.  This is your foundation and it will help you with your energy levels, and your exercise program. If you want a one a day try Alive Super One Plus, or if you need a smaller pill try Platinum Multivitamins.
  2. Good quality fish oil with no toxins, they should have IFOS testing.  Alive Wild Salmon Fish Oil with the small fish i.e. sardines is excellent, if you need a higher concentration of EPA and DHA the omega 3 essential fatty acids then you can try Renew Lifes Fish Oils, or Nutrasea.
  3. B-Complex will help you combat stress.  B vitamins are good for so many functions in the body and a good one to try is the Alive B-Complex 100.  There is also a B-50 available in capsule if you have trouble swallowing.  Lastly, Prairie Naturals has an excellenet B-Complex in liquid form.

Next she talked about DETOXING:

She suggested to try letting your organs naturally detoxify themselves.  How do you do this?  This is where you need to truly cutt out sugar, cutt out coffee, fatty foods, alcohol etc.  This gives your body a rest particularily your liver.  This is common sense, but of course you need to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in dark colours.  She also recommended that you eat veges that are root veges, such as: yams.  Also it is great to consume onions and garlic.  Lastly, rather than drinking juice, coffee and caffinated teas, try having water with lemon.  It is recommended to have the water at room temperature.

Exercise you can handle:

Most of us cannot fit in an intense exercise and if we can we can never stick to it unless we were born to do it and absolutely love it.  Therefore, like many other Doctors and Naturopaths, include moderate exercise of 30 minutes a day.  A brisk walk even counts and it is something that everyone can afford.  Also little lifestyle changes that can make a big difference: park further away from the door, walk to places if possible, take the stairs etc.  All of these things can really add up.

Quitting Smoking?

If you are trying to quit, you need all the help you can get.  Her two suggestions were: load up on antioxidants to help you detox, secondly, you can use the herb Avena Sativa to help reduce nicotene cravings.  She does note that with herbs you should always check with a health care professional to make sure you can take it.

Belly Fat?

Are you doing everything you can to loose stubborn belly fat?  This is nothing new and we have been helping customers with this at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus for years and there has been lots of success.  However there are still people who do not know about the correlation between stress and belly fat.  Everytime we get stressed, Cortisol is a hormone that releases and when we have too much circulating around in our system, belly fat gets produced.  We have a great supplement called Relora that balances Cortisol and reduces your belly fat.  People often combine Relora with CLA which is Conjugated, Linoleic Acid and this is a natural fat burner. 

Her last two important tips were stressing how important routine is for your body and drinking water.  Most of us walk around dehydrated and our bodies are 60 to 70% water.  Also routine gets your body in balance.  When you sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time Melatonin releases properly.  This hormone is not only what allows you to sleep but it also replenishes your body.

As always thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at Alive Health Centre, Supplements Plus, and Morning Sun to help you reach your health potential!  Make 2010 your best year yet!


Part 2: Conquer Acne with Perfect Skin by Genuine Health

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Perfect Skin 120's is in the flyer sale until Jan 31st 2010 @ $39.99

As mentioned in the previous article on acne, skin problems are not just seen in teenagers, but even more in adults these days.  This is due to factors such as: stress, hormonal changes, excessive sebum, production, oxidative stress, low nutrient levels, and inflammation. 

Hormonal changes can be from puberty, pregnancy and menopause.  Other components that affect hormones are certain medications as well as the foods we eat.  For example, dairy products can cause hormonal fluxes which elevates sebum thus resulting in breakouts.  There is some controversy over whether diet has an impact on your skin and some people say it doesn’t, but it certainly does play a crucial part according to Dr. Alan Logan and Valor Treloar, MD Holistic Dermatologist.  They are writters of a fantastic scientic book on skin and it is entitled, “The Clear Skin Diet”.  It is the most comprehensive way to look at what you should be eating as well as the supplements that will benefit you inside and out.  When your skin is breaking out it means that there is an underlying problem.  Eating well seems easy, but it takes will power in the beginning and gets easier with time.  After awhile cravings for the bad things disappear and you will find yourself litterally craving vegetables and deep coloured fruits such as blueberries.  It just takes a strong mind and organization.

Eating is obviously number one, but Perfect Skin is a fabulous formulation from Genuine Health and leading dermatologists, that will assist you and your skin on a healthy road to recovery.

What is in Perfect Skin?

  • Omega 3 EPA concentrate: Derived from wild fish oils, omega 3 fatty acids are well-documented for their amazing natural anti-inflammatory properties and their ability to inhibit sebum production.
  • EGCG from green tea extract: A natural antioxidant with proven anti-inflammatory properties.  It also decreases oxidative stress and works together with zinc and selenium which are most beneficial for the skin.
  • Zinc: An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient.  People with acne are often deficient in this nutrient.
  • Vitamin E and Selenium: Required for proper glutithione peroxidase activity (antioxidant enzyme). Studies show levels are often low in people who suffer from acne.
  • Chromium: Controls blood sugar levels, which is often a problem in people who suffer from acne.  Research shows improvement in acne with oral chromium supplementation.

When can you see results?

Remember everyone is different, but on average results are seen anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks.  Also remember you are what you eat so stick to a healthy diet, and if you need help grab a copy of the “Clear Skin Diet”.

Other Suggestions:

  1. If you really struggle with hormone imbalances, look at your diet and consider the amount of food that you may be consuming that has hormones in it.  Again you are what you eat, therefore, you may want to cutt down on red meat, or dairy.  Also if you are going to consume those products rememeber to look for non genetically modified or free range beef or chicken for example.  An excellent protein supplement is Harmonized Protein by the company Body Plus Interactive.  They use free range cattle from New Zealand.
  2. Hormone Balancing:  If you need more assitance in balancing your hormones, you can try: Troubled Skin by DermaMed, there is evening primrose oil, zinc, vitamin A and many more excellent nutrients to help your skin.  The evening primrose will assist you in balancing your hormones.  EstroSmart, by Lorna Vanderhaeghe is fantastic for hormone balancing and this means it will also help with PMS.
  3. Balance you PH if you are inflammed with too much acidity, this can show up through acne.  Use a Greens + supplement, or Vega Meal Replacements from Sequal.  Vega is an awesome source of vegatarian protein that also has the added benefit of probiotics, greens, colostrum and more.
  4. Do a cleanse by either Renew Life or Wild Rose that provides a meal plan.  A meal plan is a great idea if you are hopeless with making good food choices.  It is crucial to get rid of you bodies toxins and this can be the result of acne.

Lastly, just breath, relax and don’t worry.  This is a lot of information and remember you do not have to do everything at once.  We can help you at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus to derive a plan that works for you.  It is important to note that Perfect Skin is for both men and women.  There is a blue packaging for men and the contents inside are identical.  Look forward to helping even more people reach their goal of beauty inside and out.  See you soon!


Alive Health Centre in Oakridge Mall is having a Side Walk Sale!

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From January 9th until January 17th 2010, the Alive Health Centre in Oakridge Mall (41st & Cambie Vancouver BC) is having their anual winter side walk sale!  This a great time to buy your vitamins!  We have your favourite deals on right now!! 

Firm 'N Gro Enhance and Firm you Breasts Naturally with no Side Effects only $155.99

Alive Royal Jelly 1200mg any size is Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!

Ester-C BONUS size 150’s is only $18.99

Nutra Sea Fish Oil 120’s is only $22.99

Herbatint Natural Hair Colour $13.99

Alive Wild Salmon Fish Oil 360’s is only $25.99

Firm ‘N Gro is at its LOWEST price of the year for 160’s, now only $155.99!!


These are only just a few items on sale!  We have over 100 products at their lowest prices of the year!  We also have additional ways for you to save $$$ such as:

*Coupons that you can get at the time of purchase for certain brands.

* Alive Health Centre has a $2.00 coupon that applies to any purchase that is$30.00 or more (not including taxes). 

*Bottle recycling: bring in your empty bottle and when you purchase the same thing we deduct $1.00 off your purchase or 50 cents if the product is under $10.00.  This is a 1:1 ratio.

*Lastly, VOLUME discounts!  Such as buy 6 get one Free (Some acceptions apply).

As always we thank you very much for your support.  In appreciation of this we offer you the best prices of the year.    Come and see us and we can show you more ways to stay healthy while saving money.  We look forward to seeing your soon!