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Nature’s Aid – One Product so many Uses!

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What is Nature’s Aid?

Nature’s Aid is the perfect soothing gel for the effective treatment of all skin issues. It is synergistically blended to create an extremely effective, one product…so many uses formula. What makes Nature’s Aid unique is the orchestra of actions that arises from the interplay of the all-natural ingredients: Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, Rosemary and Tea Tree.

Nature’s Aid skin gel has powerful properties to defend skin against the free radicals that promote aging. It restores elasticity, fortifies epidermal layers, fights infections and regulates skin oils. This special blend promotes circulations and increases the rate of collagen production, improving skin tone while hydrating the skin.

This amazing gel has the ability to quickly penetrate all layers of the skin, extending to the underlying muscle tissue, making it effective in relieving pain due to injury and arthritic joints.

Nature’s Aid is in a league of its own!


Never greasy, fast-absorbing formula!

  • Promotes healing
  • Speeds cell regeneration
  • Soothes swelling and itch from insect bites
  • Relieves pain and swelling
  • Stops minor external bleeding
  • Prevents the spread of infection
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Regulates oil secretions
  • Kills acne bacteria
  • Treats fibromyalgia
  • Minimizes fine lines
  • Increases collagen production
  • Dissolves puss and cleans wounds without damage to tissue
  • Stimulates the growth of new tissue


I am one of those people that is prone to getting yeast infections. I sometimes have to apply a treatment from the pharmacy more than once to clear it up. Since finding Nature’s Aid, I can happily say that I know longer need to buy these treatments. How it works, I don’t know, but now I use Nature’s Aid to clear this problem. I simply apply an amount to a pantyliner and re-apply a few times a day. I do this for 2, maybe 3 days. This clears it completely up. I actually do not seem to have the yeast infections occur as often as they use to. This stuff is simply amazing!

Here are some other uses that I have for it:

  • Bug Repellent (Mosquitos and Blackflies don’t seem to like it)

  • Takes redness out of any acne

  • Apply to my face every evening – has evened out my skin tone and
    diminished wrinkles

  • Damaged Hair – Once in awhile, I apply Nature’s Aid to my damp hair
     after I shower – it completely absorbs and leaves my hair shiny and reduces  dryness and frizziness.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful product!
A Very Satisfied Customer
Kim Lacroix

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Now A Mother Of Two

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1004613_10151494302403133_1516362788_nI just wanted to take the time to let all our readers know that there have not been any posts for a month as I gave birth at the end of June.  I am now almost recovered and the baby is doing excellent!  Thank you all for your support and I will start posting more often again. My second was born June 28th 2013 at 4:36am.  Her name is Teagan.  I am very blessed to have two healthy little girls.  We will see how Danica my 2 year old adjusts.  Tips of how to manage two kids are always welcome!  Thank you all and I hope everyone has a wonderful summer.


Shannon Chung


NEW Karlene’s SeaLicious™ Omega 3′s

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sealicious-group-web-218x250LOVE the FLAVOUR, LIVE the BENEFITS

Being healthy never tasted sooo good!!  SeaLicious™ is a MUST for every member of your family as Omega-3′s are HEALTHY fats that are the building blocks of health.  UNHEALTHY fats lead to low energy, dry skin, brittle nails, thinning hair, achy joints and an increase of many common health issues. SeaLicious™ ADVANTAGES: 1). Contains ASTA-GUARD (astaxanthins), one of the most powerful antioxidants available today. It’s over 130x more potent than vitamin C and gives SeaLicious™ its unique red colour. Antioxidant to fish oil are as essential as water is to life! Antioxidants help to protect oil from light, air and heat…providing the freshest most delicious omega’s available! 2). Surpasses IFOS fish oil testing ensuring safety, purity and quality.  3). Pharmaceutical grade triglycerides oil ensures freshness and stability. 4). Contains sunflower phospholipids to increase absorption of omega’s. 5). Just 1 teaspoon is equivalent to 5 softgels! SeaLicious™ Omega 3′s are the key to smart kids, healthy hormones, flexible joints, beautiful skin and healthy hearts!

We hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.


Super Charge Your Babies Rice Cereal With: Sequel Naturals Colostrum, ChlorEssence, Barleans Fish Oil and Renew Life Baby Probiotics Flora Baby

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A healthy and happy baby makes for a super happy and stress free mom.  This post is all about giving your baby the best chance at keeping their health optimal.  Today I want to share with you a way to supercharge your babies rice cereal.  Please note, before using these products consult your health care practitioner first.  Every baby is unique and not one shoe fits all.  Some babies are very sensitive and have allergies.  However, the goal with this rice cereal is that you will be preventing your baby from having to ever deal with allergies in the first place.  This super rice cereal formula helps to prevent inflammation, digestive discomfort, gas and bloating.

Let’s start with the rice cereal first.  I like the Healthy Times Rice cereal.  It is organic and they have many different ones to choose from.  There are many different grains to choose from and there is no sugar.

Once you  have your rice cereal, you can mix your rice cereal with either breast milk, formula, regular milk or just water.

Tip: I get many mothers who ask me what to do about their childs constipation.  There are many causes of constipation, but one small change that often helps significantly is to make the rice cereal as runny as possible.  This way they are getting as much water in as possible.  Water is an excellent natural way to help ease your childs bowel movements with out the harsh benefits of laxitives.  Also keep in mind that the Renew Life Flora Baby probiotics are preventing your child from digestive complaints and constipation and the fish oil from Barlean’s will also be preventing constipation as well.

The rest is easy!  Now that you have your rice cereal mixed, simply add just a pinch of Sequel Naturals ChlorEssence.  This one you want to be very careful.  While chlorella is wonderful and is full of nourishment, a baby just needs a pinch.  Natural is good, but too much natural is not better.  Then you add in a pinch of colostrum.  This will help your baby continue to build a strong immune system, maintain healthy skin avoiding eczema and other annoying skin conditions.  Then add in a pinch of Renew Life Flora Baby probiotics.  Remember PRO Biotics are the opposite of ANTI Biotics.  The antibiotics that doctors give out are the absolute last resort when your body is not able to fight off the bacteria that is creating an illness in your body.  To prevent having to ever take antibiotics in the first place, take the healthy bacteria that helps keep your body in balance and that is the PRO Biotics GOOD bacteria.  This is what is goinh to build your babies foundation.  Probiotics are lining the digestive tract and the stomach making their little bodies strong to fend off invaders that they pick up from other kids at day care or school.  Next you put in the yummy Barlean’s Omega Swirl fish oil.  This is the icing on the cake.  Again there is NO sugar in these fish oils.  Fish oils are so important for health cognitive development, to prevent constipation, for happy moods, to prevent ADHD and to keep healthy soft skin.  Fish oils are all about reducing inflammation.

Rice Cereal Recipe For Your Baby 6months to 1 year:

Generally speaking it is suggested that solids should be introduced at 6 months and there after.  The reason for not introducing earlier is due to the fact that most babies have not developed all of their digestive enzymes to break down solids porperly.  However, you should talk to your health care practitioner.  Sometimes babies are put on solids earlier because they are under weight or for other reasons.

After your baby is one year old you can begin to up the doses.  Follow the instructions on the product.  Also, some of the products are not specifically for babies and therefore there is nothing written on the label for dosages.  This is because  health Canada has not approved the product for infants.  That is why again it is best to talk to your health care practitioner before introducing these sorts of things.  Be an informed parent.  Not all supplements are good.  Not all brands are the best for your baby.  It is important to be informed ask questions and know what you are putting in your babies little body.

As always, we hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.

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Renew Life Life Flora Baby

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Just wanted to share with you a fabulous product for your little ones.  Probiotics are not just for you, but even your baby…

FloraBABY is a blend of probiotics (good bacteria) that is specifically formulated for the intestinal tract and colon of children. It is a no flavour powder which can easily be mixed into warm or cool drinks such as infant formula, water, juice and milk, or soft foods such as yogurt and apple sauce. This allows parents to provide probiotics to children who do not like or have a difficult time taking supplements. Please note that it should not be mixed with hot liquids or hot foods.

FloraBABY is a blend of 5 strains of probiotics normally found in children: Bifidobacterium Breve, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobacterium Infantis and Bifidobacterium Longum. These 5 probiotics work synergistically to help ensure a healthy microbacterial environment in the intestinal tract of children.

The term ‘probiotic’ means supporting life. Probiotics are friendly, beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are normal inhabitants of the large and small intestines and are an important part of a healthy digestive system. Recent research shows that probiotics help improve gastrointestinal function, respiratory and allergy response, as well as help to counter the negative effects of antibiotic use. Further, these beneficial bacteria help the body to 1) produce vitamins, 2) absorb nutrients, and 3) control overgrowth of bad bacteria and fungus.

As always, we hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.

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Lorna Vanderhaeghe – GLA Skin Oil – Imagine PMS Symptoms GONE and the Return of Beautiful Skin!!

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As always Lorna Vanderhaeghe never disappoints.  Right now her GLA Skin Oil is in the Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus Flyer.  This is a must product. 

What to expect from this product:

  • Ensures beautiful, smooth, glowing skin
  • Improves calcium retention in bones
  • Treats eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Stops breast and period pain
  • Stops cradle cap and dermatitis in infants
  • Can also be applied topically along with oral treatment

GLA is a ” Very” Essential Fat! As many of us know, unfortunately the North American diet is made up predominantly of bad fats from red meats and processed foods. To make matters worse when an enzyme in the body is impaired we can’t make the good fats GLA, EPA or DHA. We can overcome this problem by supplementation with L.V. GLA (gamma linolenic acid).  What to expect from this product: Ensures beautiful, smooth, glowing skin, Improves calcium retention in bones, Treats eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, Stops breast and period pain, Stops cradle cap and dermatitis in infants. Women are always looking for something to ease PMS symptoms, GLA can help! In many women with breast pain and terrible PMS their ability to make GLA is often impaired. One trial done at the breast clinic at the University of Hong Kong used GLA for the treatment of cyclical breast pain. Of the 66 women in the study 97% responded to treatment with GLA after 6 months.  Bye bye cramps, hello beautiful healthy skin!

EACH TEASPOON CONTAINS:         GLA ……………………………………………. 500mg
VEGAN-FRIENDLY. GLUTEN-FREE. This product does not contain artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners, dairy, soy, wheat or yeast.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Adults (12 years and older): Take 1 to 2 teaspoons daily with food and/or apply to the skin as needed.       

As always, we hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can do to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.

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Canadian Children Reaching ALL Time High Obesity Rates

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According to Vancouver Sun: “Obesity among children and adolescents is tracking at an even faster pace than  obesity among adults, and obesity-related health complications are now occurring  in ever-younger children”

Why is being obese such a problem? Well because it is not just being overweight that is the concern it is everything that comes along with it such as cardiac problems, joints problems and just not feeling good period.  Vancouver Sun also looked into numerous studies.  This one looked at Canadians in Ontario: “One study, based on nearly 29,000 Ontario adults — half of whom were either  overweight or obese — found that the obese were twice as likely to have three or  more medical conditions than the normal-weight. They were more likely to be  taking cardiac drugs and other medications and to be hospitalized.”

We hear all the time that obesity rates are on the rise in Canada, but when our children are climbing faster than the adults in this country it becomes an even bigger concern.  When a child is obese right from the start, it takes a huge toll on their little bodies putting much strain on their organs and getting their hormones all out of balance.  If all they know is how to eat processed foods, they are more likely to continue unhealthy eating habbits as they get older.  Breaking these habbits are so difficult and studies show it is much more unlikely for habbits to change if they grow up only knowing boxed food.

Rather than just talking about how scary this epidemic is, let’s talk about some solutions to create some CHANGE.  First of all build a childs confidence is number one!  Body image issues are also a problem.  So while they are learning about what obesity is and there is no doubt that a child who is obese knows it.  They hear it from the other kids and even nasty comments can come from the extending family.  Knowing this is the first step to creating a change.

Steps to Creating Awareness and Change in Childhood Obesity:

  1. Create confidence in your child.  This is the most important step!  Make them feel good about making the change.  Empower your child rather than scare tactics.
  2. Make a family health action plan.  Check out the resources that are available to you.  The Government of Canada’s Health page is a great place to start.
  3. Ask your child what physical fun activites they would like to explore? Getting your child on a treadmill may not be the best approach, find a family activity that all can enjoy.  An example would be badminton.  It is a sport that you only need 2 players to start but can have up to 4, also it is a sport that almost anyone can play right from the start, but there is lots of room for improvement if you child ends up wanting to do it more competitively.  Also, badminton is a sport that is inexpensive.  You can play it outside in a park or even your backyard, but on rainy days you can go to a rec centre in your community.
  4. Talk to your school and find out what is available for lifestyle activities.  If it is still only offering traditional sports such as basketball, floor hockey, volleyball etc, see if there is a way to create some awareness in other activities that are more lifestyle friendly.
  5. Talk openly with your child about what the family health action plan is and get their opinion and ideas.  Make it a positive experience to eat healthy and getting active.  Make sure they know you love them no matter what, but this is an exciting healthy change for the whole family!
  6. If you know your child is very sedentary and tends to watch a lot of TV or spends way too much time playing video games, try to change this pattern by replacing this activity with something else.  This may be a chance to spend time with your child and they may not end up missing their video games if they get attention from you.

These are just a few steps to get the ball rolling.  It is so important to reach out and ask for help.  Do not pretend that there is not a problem.  People are willing to help.

As always, we hope that you will come and visit us at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus. Do not sit in silence; there are so many things you can to better your health! Get excited and take charge of your health. Let’s work together, along with your doctor to ensure you are doing all you can to lead a happy and healthy life. Our team looks forward to helping you with what ever your health concerns are.


Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate

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Your body goes through a lot of changes and physical stress when going through labour: tense muscles, bowel movements are difficult because you can’t push, back pain, irregular sleep and much more.  Even when we are not going through labour or a healing process, we are all constantly dealing with stress, sore muscles, injuries, anxiety and sleepless nights.  Lastly, Natural Clams Magnesium is also safe for your kids.  Sometimes parents come in looking for a solution for their kids constipation.  Sometimes kids hold in their bowel movement because they simply don’t like going to the bathroom because their stool has been too hard in the past and has hurt.  This is a natural way to help soften the stool.  The other benefit in using Natural Calms Magnesium for kids is it is excellent for the brain!  Fish oil is always recommended for ADHD, but so is magnesium!  The Natural Calms Magnesium is the way to go since it is in powder form, mixes instantly in water and tastes great!  It is nice to know that there are natural solutions to help you with these kinds of issues and one of the best is Natural Calms Magnesium Citrate.


What Natural Calms Has to Say about the Calcium Magnesium Relationship:
Calcium and magnesium are two different sides of a coin. Calcium excites nerves while magnesium calms them down. Calcium makes muscles contract. Magnesium is necessary for muscles to relax. Calcium is needed for blood clotting but magnesium keeps the blood flowing freely. It is vital to keep these minerals in balance. Too little magnesium to balance calcium can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy.

To ward off the negative effects of a prolonged period of stress or an overreaction to stress, calcium needs to be balanced with adequate amounts of magnesium. Going through a stressful period without sufficient magnesium can set up a deficit which, if not corrected, can linger, causing more stress and further health problems.

Today we have diets dangerously low in magnesium. Factor in the recent addition of nutritional calcium via supplements and food fortifications meant to stave off osteoporosis, and many of us are getting inadequate magnesium plus too much calcium.

Magnesium has an important role in essentially every life function. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve activity, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system and keeps bones strong.

Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure and is involved in energy metabolism. Many researchers believe that no single dietary factor is as critical as magnesium.”

This is just a quick post today!  Hope you enjoyed it.  As always thank you for reading and if you have any questions find an Alive Health Centre, Supplements Plus or Morning Sun location near you!  You can also call us toll free at 1866-499-9546.


Savi Seeds by Sequel Naturals: The Sacha Inchi Seeds Packed with Nutrition!

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Savi Seeds by Sequel are toping the list for being the king of seeds!  Even Dr. Oz is raving about them.  They are filled with Omega’s, proteins and much much more!  They are a perfect way to get a healthy snack in, your kids will love them and there are three different flavours to choose from (coco, salted and caramel)!

While I was pregnant I carried a bag with me in my purse where ever I went.  It was a fantastic way to maintain blood sugar, eat healthy, reduce cravings for sweets and it has 13 times the omega 3 than salmon!  So I am hoping for a very smart daughter!  Remember that omega 3′s are filled with the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA.  EPA is fantastic for inflammation and healing, while DHA is the brain food.  Helps the fetus brain development and reduces chances of ADD and other concentration/mood disorders.

What Are Savi Seeds? Where do They Come From?

When we say SaviSeed, we mean premium, organic sacha inchi seedsthe super food of the ancient Inca peoples. Not just your average seed, sacha inchi seeds are native to the Amazon rainforest and have been cultivated and consumed for centuries in Peru under the name ‘Inca Peanut’. SaviSeeds are the fruit of sacha inchi plants, herbaceous vines that produce star-shaped green pods which yield edible seeds – SaviSeeds. Our premium SaviSeeds are sustainably and organically grown and proudly produced in partnership with indigenous Peruvian farmers.

Details: Nutritional Value

SaviSeeds are rich in nutrients – making them a healthy but indulgent snack. Here’s why they are called a superfood:

Omega 3

Sacha inchi seeds are the richest source of Omega 3 on the planet! At 7000mg of heart-healthy Omega 3 per one ounce serving, they offer 13 times more Omega 3 than an ounce of wild salmon – without having to deal with unpleasant fishy flavors and aftertastes!


SaviSeeds are an exceptional source of plant-based protein with 8 grams of complete protein per ounce – more than most nuts and seeds. This highly digestible protein is very useful in tissue regeneration and muscle development, and it’s easily digestible… no irritation, gas, or acidity.


This ancient food source is also a particularly abundant source of tryptophan, an amino acid that can help promote a positive mood – containing about 29 mg of tryptophan per gram of protein, which is more than 8 times higher than roasted turkey.


Sacha inchi seeds have a high concentration of powerful natural antioxidants like Vitamin E, which helps to ward off cardiovascular disease and cancer by protecting cells from the damaging effects of free radicals.


All those with gluten intolerances and allergies can also enjoy this nutritious and yummy snack! SaviSeeds are tested and approved to meet international guidelines for gluten free status.


A mere one ounce serving of SaviSeed will easily provide you with 5 grams of dietary fiber, which is 20% of recommended daily intake.

Certified Organic

SaviSeeds are organically certified by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), meaning that no chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or herbicides are used during production. Precautions are taken even during transportation and storage to avoid cross contamination between organic sacha inchi and any crops that may not be organic.


So next time you are in the mood for a healthy alternative, pop into an Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements location and think SAVI!  And when you are looking to describe them remember that they may look, smell and taste like nuts, but they are seeds – sacha inchi seeds to be exact and they have 13 times more Omega-3 than wild salmon, they are also packed with complete protein and taste amazing!  As always thank you for reading!

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AOR Children’s Vitamin D3 Drops 400iu

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What is AOR’s Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is derived from sheepskin oil collected during shearing. AOR’s  Vitamin D3 for Children is rapidly converted in the body to the active hormone  1,25 dihydrocholecalciferol, and helps in the development and maintenance of  bones, the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, and is a factor in the  maintenance of good health. It is also important for mood as well!  Calcium is always talked about, but we often forget to take extra vitamin D3 to make sure that our calcium is actually absorbed into the bone.


I am recently a new mother! First time!  I did not post about being pregnant because I wanted to wait until the baby was born.  She is healthy and happy and so am I.  She was born July 2nd at 1:30am!  I just wanted to share this with you and now you can expect many articles to come regarding tips for your little ones.  So the tip here is AOR Vitamin D3 liquid drops!  Yes even NEWBORNS are recommended to have 400 iu per day of Vitamin D3.  The hospitals now inform you to supplement with Vitamin D3 if you are breast feeding.  If you formula feed most of them already include this.  The best way to get your newborn or child to take Vitamin D3 is through a liquid.  All you have to do is place your drop of Vitamin D3 liquid from AOR onto your breast once a day and voila!  It is sooo easy and the baby cannot taste it.


AOR Vitamin D3 for Kids and even NEWBORNS

1 Drop per day (0.2 ml) is 400 iu

Vitamin D3 from AOR, Source:

Vitamin D3 – lanolin; Medium chain
triglycerides – coconut; α-tocopherol – soy


Vitamin D for Children: Research on Vitamin D3 by AOR:

The most well known role  of vitamin D is its involvement in maintaining healthy bones. In children,  vitamin D is essential for the proper growth and development of bones, and  deficiency can result in rickets. Vitamin D is critical for bone health because  it is required for the efficient utilization of dietary calcium. If vitamin D  levels are too low, the body will begin to break down the bones to access  calcium stores. Research has shown that vitamin D supplementation early in life  leads to higher bone mineral density (BMD) at 7-9 years of age, and that  adolescents with low vitamin D levels have lower BMD.

Vitamin D is also important in the function of muscles. Research has shown that young girls (12-14 years old) with higher vitamin D levels demonstrate greater muscle power than those with lower levels.

Vitamin D supplementation is also important during pregnancy and at very young ages, as inadequate vitamin D levels early in life have been associated with an increased risk of autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis, breathing disorders and type 1 diabetes later in life. For example, infants receiving 2000IU of vitamin D in the first year of life were 80% less likely to develop type 1 diabetes. There may also be a link between vitamin D and autism, as autism is much more prevalent in areas of low sunlight. Vitamin D has also been shown to play a role in immunity, and may help to prevent placental infections during pregnancy.

As always thank you soo much for reading!  I will do my best to keep up with the posts despite having my hands full with Danica our newborn.  We look forward to helping you at any location: Alive Health Centre Morning Sun or Supplements Plus.  Also if you are planning to start a family, or you are currently pregnant and have any questions in general about pregnancy, labour or post labour, ask away.  I may not have all the answers, but it is always nice to have someone to reach out to, identify with and share experiences with.  Have an excellent week everyone!