A recumbent bike is easy on your joints, easy on your back, but gets your heart pumping!

We are always trying to help our customers achieve the best possible health they can.   Genetics play a factor, but what is even more powerful, is what we can do with our genetics by  how we live, the choices we make, and of course  the more knowledge we have on how to look after ourselves, the better off we will be.   Dr. Oz is all about prevention, and this has been our goal as well at Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun and Supplements Plus.   There is lots of support on how to take charge of your health, but ultimately it is up to you to make the change.  

There is no better way to start then to start with your heart!   Heart disease is one of the most preventable diseases, but it is also the most common.   This article is a summary of Dr. Oz’s proposal to get a healthy heart in just 28 days.   Then of course there will be added tips along the way.



Something to think about:

  • Every 30 sec someone has a heart attack
  • Every minute someone dies
  • Every day 1300 people die
  • BUT it doesn’t have to be this way, so get rid of your fear and get excited about the changes you can make that will reduce your chances of heart disease by 90%!

5 Major Factors of Heart Disease:

  • Blood pressure
  • Smoke
  • Cholesterol  
  • Gender
  • Age

Remember that if you look at the 5 factors, you can change 3 out of the five, so it’s time to work on: Blood Pressure, Quitting Smoking, and Reducing Bad Cholesterol (LDL)

Other Major Points on Dr. Oz’s Show:

  • How to keep your arteries clean
    • Do this by: clean eating lots of vegetables 7 servings day, moving and stretching, doing activities, finding simple exercises you enjoy ( for me it is playing badminton, but when there is no time, I use the stairs in my house, or use my recumbent bike)
    • Reduce inflammation in the blood vessels, by stretching everyday before work and when you get home, also reduce your stress, because stress causes damage in blood vessels. Stress makes the blood vessel constrict and this is even  more prevalent in woman

Dr Oz’s 28 Day Heart Challenge Broken Down into 4 Weeks:

Week One (Improving your arteries)

  • Artery maintenance
  • 2 Tablespoons of flax seed oil prevents blood from clumping
  • Oatmeal for breakfast holds your blood sugar, and keeps you from over eating
  • Stretch every morning and after work

Week Two (Incorporating Physical Activity)

  • Try to get moving, get your blood flowing
  • Challenge your heart: climb your stairs for 7 minutes a day
  • You can reduce your chance of heart disease by one third with regular physical activity!

Week three (Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol)

  • Eat 3 fruits a day
  • Vegetables are now your entree!
  • Meats are the side dish

Week four (Lessen Your  Stress – The Silent Killer)

  • Reduce stress: call someone for a social engagement once a week, pick up the phone and make a positive phone call when their is time, this all helps to reduce stress
  • People stressed and depressed are more prone to have heart attacks
  • Have sex more!

Dr Oz recommends the Mediterranean Diet!

  • Below is the Mediterranean Pyramid
  • 7 servings of veges beans, nuts oils red wine
  • Fish twice a week
  • Poultry eggs dairy
  • Meats small portions
  • Sweets

Other Tips and Interesting Things to Know

  • People living in the Mediterranean tend to live longer
  • They have 22% Less breast cancer, heart disease and  Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dr. Oz is  from Turkey
  • Hidden health secret from the Greeks… they  eat their meals together with people and this reduces stress, they walk everyday and this contributes to less stress and they take time to power nap for 15 min a day
  • People in  the Mediterranean rarely eat saturated fats
  • In Turkey people know their nuts and seeds: Nuts are filled with the good fats and they help the cholesterol  to go  down.   Nuts also  regulate heart rhythm, they contain fibre and you don’t digest them all the way, which keeps you fuller longer
  • Lastly, love your heart, but also love your liver.   By choosing the healthier foods for your Heart, you will also be doing your liver a favour.   The liver has over 500 functions, one of them is that it detoxifies you!
  • Ways to help your liver is to eat: curry, garlic and  broccoli

Some of Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun, and Supplements Plus top products to help you prevent Heart Disease:

  1. Strauss Heart Drops: Uncloggs Arteries, lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol!
  2. Fish oil!   We now have a one-a-day in the Alive Brand, called Ultimate Omega
  3. Platinum Multivitamins and the 45+ has Co-enzyme Q-1o which is a fabulous antioxidant for the heart!   If this Multi is too expensive we also have many others to choose from like Alive Brand Super One Plus, or Alive Brand Vital Plex!

As always thank you for reading, and we truly look forward to helping you with your health goals!   We look forward to seeing you at either Alive Health Centre, Morning Sun or Supplements Plus!


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  2. I would like to know is it a good idea to take Strauss heart drops because I do have heart burn sometime. But I don’t have any heart issues.

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